Briercliffe 10 – 28 June 2016

Reporter: Paul Riley

The healthy turn outs for the Tuesday evening TT series stumbled to a halt this evening with most riders, presumably, checking what their high spec, carbon framed TT machines would actually now be worth “post Brexit”. It was mooted that the incessant rain may have had an effect on numbers, but we all know that cyclists are hardier than that don’t we? Except perhaps for one James McPherson who had confessed on line, earlier this evening, to being “fair weather”!  [Is that the first time a rider who hasn’t actually attended the event been mentioned in the report?]

Fastest time of the evening went to Lindz Barral (Equipe Velo) with an impressive time not far off those posted on a drier evening.  Fastest Nomad was Leanne Cutler. The rest of the field seemed to be competing in their own “sub-categories”, which resulted in everybody who rode finishing as winners in their event.

Time keeping duties were handled by Frank Turner, with Nigel Wilson pushing off and trading insults with Paul Riley, who was holding the umbrella. Riley latterly used his shins to trim the nettles in the fields around Southill on a CX bike. If he’d have ridden he’d have won his category as well, which I’m sure he’d take at his age.

You can kinda tell it was a slim night can’t you?

Hitchin Nomads CC Event

L Cutler (TT Bike) 28.42, C Corney (Road Bike) 29.21, N Hickman (Fixed medium gear) 30.08, S Smith (TT Bike, non aero wheels) 31.16.

Private Time Trials

L Barral (Equipe Velo) 25.17


Interclub 30 TT – 26 June 2016

Full results and completion series standings after three events:

HNCC IC30 Result sheet 2016

[corrected 29 June – to take into account riders tying in 16th places and 45th places, with same times]

A Midsummer Night’s Dream – Dave Gudgin 25 TT Report – 21 June 2016

In a wood just outside Shefford, on the evening of the longest day of the year, 17 riders gathered to contest the season’s last Dave Gudgin 25.

Warm temperatures free of the high humidity of previous days, were offset by a light wind, but not enough to trouble all but the most ethereal of fairies.

A brief period of confusion occurred when the organiser of our revels, Nick Hickman, found himself inexplicably in another part of the forest, but all was soon mended and we were off, timed by Frank Turner and Leanne Cutler.  The most fleet of foot and pedal was Ryan Witchell, who whilst not putting a girdle round the Earth in 40 minutes, was able to lap Old Warden three times in a magical 57:09.

The next to complete the course was Lindz Barral (1:02:01), nearly 5 minutes behind and narrowly ahead of Steve Robinson (1:02:06). A feature of this event is the rustic timed downing of half a pint in the second lap in memory of Clive Collins and to remind ourselves that we do this for fun. A slick 6.38 second performance by Nigel Wilson assured him of this trophy ahead on his way to a solid 1:09:52, easily beating Paul Riley (8.83/1:14:08) at both disciplines. John Traynor’s stumbling 27.72 hints at a need for further practice… (Ed – Jon should be good at this being a Duathlete type).

Whilst the night was free of mechanicals, (except the Crude Mechanicals in the Hare and Hounds), there were numerous adventures off course. Nick Senechal veered off onto Oberon’s causeway (the 30 course innit) until he realised he had done 25 miles but not finished, and Richard Cooke added his own variations, as did guest Julian Shepherd of the New Forest CC.

But these small matters faded into insignificance as those lucky enough to ride home turned their wheels towards Hitchin. The late evening sun shining over their shoulders turned the landscape to a magical golden world, or as Radu put it “the sun makes everything look more poetic” (Ed – except sun burn).

Times and riders.

  1. Ryan Witchell University of Bristol, 57:06
  2. Lindz Barral Equipe Velo, 1:02:01
  3. Steve Robinson HNCC/TSE, 1:02:06
  4. Peter Gell, BRRT, 1:02:51
  5. Mark Desborough HNCC, 1:03:41
  6. James Gomm HNCC/TSE, 1:04:23
  7. Nick Senechal HNCC, 1:04:46 (off course)
  8. Julian Shepherd New Forest CC, 1:06:46 (off course)
  9. David Ledgerton TSE, 1:08:26 (+ 35 Seconds Late start)
  10. John Gillham Tm Trident, 1:08:58
  11. Richard Cooke HNCC, 1:09:25 (off course)
  12. Nigel Wilson HNCC, 1:09:52
  13. Radu Chirvasuta HNCC, 1:12:29
  14. Dave Summerell HNCC, 1:12:34
  15. Paul Riley HNCC, 1:14:08
  16. Catherine Jones HNCC, 1:18:31

Jon Traynor HNCC, DNF

King of the Forest was Frank Turner, Titania was played by Leanne Cutler. And Simon Doyle was Puck. Well, we think that’s what he said.

As told to Nick Senechal.

Inter Club 30 TT – Start Sheet

The start sheet for the Inter Club 30 event hosted by Hitchin Nomads CC on Sunday 26th June is attached:

IC30 HNCC 2016 Start Sheet

(last amendment 17:21 24 June 2016)

Briercliffe 10 (non aero) – 14 June 2016

Reporter: Nick Hickman

Fourteen riders took to wet roads and attempted to race the sharp showers this evening in the annual non-aero show down.  Conditions were otherwise calm and mild.  Mild enough to sit outside for the post-event debrief at the White Horse in Southill at least.

All machines and kit passing the scrutiniser’s test as being non-aero, although some concerns were expressed afterwards about whether wheel spokes without a circular section might have given an advantage.  The event organiser decided this really wasn’t on and is now rumoured to be rebuilding his wheels in case of a post-event, equipment audit.

Our regular timekeeper Frank Turner took the evening off from his usual duties and rode his once a year time trial as #1.  He took an impressive 20 seconds off his time from last season.  Fastest ride of the evening was from 2nd claim Nomad Nigel Hale with a result that many can only dream of with a full aero set up.  Ric Palmer representing Team Sales Engine recorded an excellent time in his come-back event, this being his first TT in two years.

Special thanks to Leanne Cutler for stepping up to be Time Keeper, to Steve Smith for working as her glamorous  Assistant, to James Cornell for giving a super strong push off to all, and to Simon Doyle for words of encouragement on the course.

Hitchin Nomads non-aero event:

Nigel Hale 25:45; Mark Desborough 26:53; Chris Brabrook 26:48; Jason Dynes 28:19; Nick Hickman 28:21; Nigel Wilson 29:20; Chris Corney 29:44; Paul Riley 30:23; Catherine Jones 30:51; Stephen Oliver 35:43; Frank Turner 36:18

Radu Chirvasuta off-course 29:53

Personal Time Trials (also non-aero):

Lindz Barrel (Equipe Velo) 25:57; Ric Palmer (Team Sales Engine) 28:12


Same time next week for the last Dave Gudgin 25 of the season.  There is talk of reinstating the “swift half” option at the Hare & Hounds on the 2nd lap.  Your reporter will be in training for that of course …


Committee Meeting Minutes 18 May 2016

In an effort to be open and transparent regarding Committee business, decisions and actions, the draft minutes of the recent Committee Meeting are attached:

Committee Meeting Minutes 18 May 2016


The minutes of Committee meetings must be ratified by the Committee and then signed as being a true and accurate record, which procedure is enacted at the next Committee meeting. The minutes of the most recent meeting therefore are provided here for general information only, may be subject to amendment, and should not be read as being a final document.