Briercliffe 10 – 28 June 2016

Reporter: Paul Riley

The healthy turn outs for the Tuesday evening TT series stumbled to a halt this evening with most riders, presumably, checking what their high spec, carbon framed TT machines would actually now be worth “post Brexit”. It was mooted that the incessant rain may have had an effect on numbers, but we all know that cyclists are hardier than that don’t we? Except perhaps for one James McPherson who had confessed on line, earlier this evening, to being “fair weather”!  [Is that the first time a rider who hasn’t actually attended the event been mentioned in the report?]

Fastest time of the evening went to Lindz Barral (Equipe Velo) with an impressive time not far off those posted on a drier evening.  Fastest Nomad was Leanne Cutler. The rest of the field seemed to be competing in their own “sub-categories”, which resulted in everybody who rode finishing as winners in their event.

Time keeping duties were handled by Frank Turner, with Nigel Wilson pushing off and trading insults with Paul Riley, who was holding the umbrella. Riley latterly used his shins to trim the nettles in the fields around Southill on a CX bike. If he’d have ridden he’d have won his category as well, which I’m sure he’d take at his age.

You can kinda tell it was a slim night can’t you?

Hitchin Nomads CC Event

L Cutler (TT Bike) 28.42, C Corney (Road Bike) 29.21, N Hickman (Fixed medium gear) 30.08, S Smith (TT Bike, non aero wheels) 31.16.

Private Time Trials

L Barral (Equipe Velo) 25.17