Briercliffe 10 – 26 July 2016

Reporter: Mark Loosely

Seventeen riders turned out on this mild summer’s evening for the Hitchin Nomads Briercliffe 10 TT.

[Note from Nick Hickman, Club TT Secretary and Event Organiser: I have removed the results for two riders who arrived late, rode and were given a time, but who did not add their signature to the sign-on sheet to confirm acceptance of CTT regulations etc.  They may claim a refund of their event fee from me.]

The first two riders to start, Simon Doyle & Sam Hayes from Team Sales Engine, rode as a 2-up team.  The remaining fifteen went solo as usual with Nigel Hale edging out the TSE team by just a second to achieve the fastest ride of the evening.

With near perfect conditions, 20 degrees and a light tail wind to the G&M Growers roundabout, the results were as follows;-

Hitchin Nomads Event

N Hale 23:11;  N Senechal 25:25; N Hickman 25:49;  R Thompson 26:48;  N Wilson 27:28;  C Corney 27:34; D Summerell 28:22; D Thom 30:37; M Loosley 32:01

Private time trials

S Doyle & S Hayes (TSE 2-up) 23:12; L Barral (Equipe Velo) 25:04; D Ledgerton (TSE) 28:03; K Gray (BRCC) 28:23; A Rickluss (BRCC) 32:16

Special thanks to Frank Turner for timekeeping; to Luke Senechal and Leanne Cutler for assisting / number spotting; to Nick Senechal for pushing off the field before his own ride; and to Nick Hickman for the event organisation.

I would like to add extra thanks to Leanne for drafting me back to Clifton after the event, giving me my only Strava segment achievement of the evening.  Very handy as I had received a call from my daughter requesting Dad’s taxi to collect her from a game of hockey in Hitchin where she suspected she had broken her finger (she’s fine).

Same time, same course for next week; then an earlier 18:30 start for the season’s remaining two Tuesday evening events, which will use the 1U/10B “Roadworks 10” course.


Briercliffe 10 – 19 July 2016

Reporter: Nick Hickman

Time Keeper: Frank Turner; Assistant Time Keeper: James Gomm; Pusher Off: Steve Smith

Hitchin Nomads CC Event

T Weir 23:27; N Hale 24:27; F Bulmer, N Morgan, N Hickman (3-up) 24:52; E Lee Jones 25:28; D Rickels 27:07; C Corney 27:26; I Matthews 28:38; D Summerell 29:57; L Cutler 29:59; S Oliver 30:12; R Bamberough 30:46; M Loosely 31:50; R Cook DNF

Private Time Trials

J Layne (CC Ashwell) 21:29; R Palmer (Team Sales Engine) 27:06; M Hurlston (Redditch Road & Path CC) 29:47; L Barral (Equipe Velo) DNF


Briercliffe 10 – 5 July 2016

Reporter: Steve Smith

A new Club record may have been set tonight for the number of helpers and supporters at a midweek evening TT.  So let’s start with a big THANK YOU to the following crew members:

Timekeeping – Ann Collins and Frank Turner, Pusher off – Julian Pegg, Photos – Sue Clifford-Smith and Michael Webb, Broom Wagon – Jon Traynor, Cow Bells – Denise Pegg, Encouragement/Banter – James Gomm, Roving Observer (in quarantine) – Nigel Wilson

Despite at least 3 regular riders taking a well earned rest the blue sky and sunshine drew a healthy 17 competitors while the forecast North Westerly wind seemed to have died down in time for the event.

Nigel Hale said he had “heavy legs” but still managed to win the event with a 23:36. That was just over 25mph and just over 300 watts average for those interested in that kind of thing.  PTTs Simon Doyle and Tom Weir took 2nd and 3rd with “24s”, Simon edging it by just 7 seconds.

Other notable rides were Ben Robinson stoking the tandem captained by his Dad to a fast 27:12, and Mark Collins who got inside 27 minutes on his first time trial of the season. I heard it was a birthday present for Ann Collins.  Happy Birthday Ann!  The bad luck for this week went to Nick Hickman whose rear tyre blew out in a big way just after he’d passed his minute man (your reporter) in between the railway bridges.

Hitchin Nomads CC Event

N Hale 23:26, M Desborough 25:23, M Collins 26:51, S & B Robinson (Tandem) 27:12, C Corney 27:40, D Summerell 29:05, P Fletcher 29:08, S Smith 30:31, M Loosely (31:05), N Hickman DNF

Private Time Trials

S Doyle (Team Sales Engine) 24:07, T Weir (Univ. of Swansea) 24:14, L Barral (Equipe Velo) 26:00, R Palmer (TSE) 27:34, D Ledgerton (TSE) 27:36, K Gray (Beds Road CC) 29:06, N Lovesey (Unattached) 38:24 (off course)