Briercliffe 10 – 26 July 2016

Reporter: Mark Loosely

Seventeen riders turned out on this mild summer’s evening for the Hitchin Nomads Briercliffe 10 TT.

[Note from Nick Hickman, Club TT Secretary and Event Organiser: I have removed the results for two riders who arrived late, rode and were given a time, but who did not add their signature to the sign-on sheet to confirm acceptance of CTT regulations etc.  They may claim a refund of their event fee from me.]

The first two riders to start, Simon Doyle & Sam Hayes from Team Sales Engine, rode as a 2-up team.  The remaining fifteen went solo as usual with Nigel Hale edging out the TSE team by just a second to achieve the fastest ride of the evening.

With near perfect conditions, 20 degrees and a light tail wind to the G&M Growers roundabout, the results were as follows;-

Hitchin Nomads Event

N Hale 23:11;  N Senechal 25:25; N Hickman 25:49;  R Thompson 26:48;  N Wilson 27:28;  C Corney 27:34; D Summerell 28:22; D Thom 30:37; M Loosley 32:01

Private time trials

S Doyle & S Hayes (TSE 2-up) 23:12; L Barral (Equipe Velo) 25:04; D Ledgerton (TSE) 28:03; K Gray (BRCC) 28:23; A Rickluss (BRCC) 32:16

Special thanks to Frank Turner for timekeeping; to Luke Senechal and Leanne Cutler for assisting / number spotting; to Nick Senechal for pushing off the field before his own ride; and to Nick Hickman for the event organisation.

I would like to add extra thanks to Leanne for drafting me back to Clifton after the event, giving me my only Strava segment achievement of the evening.  Very handy as I had received a call from my daughter requesting Dad’s taxi to collect her from a game of hockey in Hitchin where she suspected she had broken her finger (she’s fine).

Same time, same course for next week; then an earlier 18:30 start for the season’s remaining two Tuesday evening events, which will use the 1U/10B “Roadworks 10” course.