Briercliffe 10 – 9 August 2016

Reporter: Freddy Bulmer
Timekeepers: Frank Turner and Leanne Cutler
Pushers Off: David Summerell and (to a much lesser extent) Nick Morgan

The evening before the Rio de Janeiro Olympic Time Trial, 17 riders took to the start-line of the world famous “Rio-dworks 10” course, to show those “lanky streaks of something-or-other on the telly” how a proper time trial is done.

The group of brave and gallant aero-lunatics included two 2-up teams; Simon Doyle (TSE) and Nigel Hale (TSE/HNCC) in one, and mother-daughter duo, Meline Fletcher (HNCC) and Dawn Laird (NZ National Squad?) in the other. Going up against the Simon/Nigel (AKA Sigel) pair in a 2-up showdown is stupid brave as it is but when it’s your first time at the Nomads evening 10, as it was for Dawn (who rumour has, it flew in from New Zealand just to show “Sigel” how it’s done) you really have to be fearless!

Well done also to Thom Cleary on his TT debut, with a very respectable time indeed. Unfortunately, he broke the tradition of getting lost on his first try out, so I’ve decided he’s disqualified for cheating.

Big thank you this week to Leanne for giving our own Legend Of The Time Trial (that’s a real thing, look it up ) Mr Hickman a night off from organising duties. Leanne took it all in her stride and even turned out to be a rather firm headmistress when she punished Radu Chirvasuta with a one minute “turning up late” penalty. This show of authority from Ms Cutler had many of the gentlemen of the club immediately diving into the nearest pub in order to cool off and gather their thoughts before returning home to significant others…

Hitchin Nomads Competition

F Bulmer 24:22; N Hickman 25:19; N Wilson 26:18; C Corney 27:18; T Cleary 28:31; R Robinson 28:34; D Thom 29:35; R Chirvasuta (30:19 inc. 01:30 late start)

2-Up Team Time Trials

Team Sigel – S Doyle (Team Sales Engine) & N Hale (Team Sales Engine / HNCC) 22:50; Kiwi Pain Train – M Fletcher (HNCC) & D Laird (unaffiliated) 32:22

Private Time Trials

S Hayes (Team Sales Engine) 22:35; L Barral (Equipe Velo) 24:07; P Gell (Beds Road CC) 24:20; S Horwood (unaffiliated) 26:06; R Palmer (Team Sales Engine) 26:30

Big thanks to David Summerell for pushing off and to Nick Morgan for turning up late, pushing a couple of people off, slapping my backside as I set off and for trying to drop me on the way home.

Thanks as always to Frank Turner too, whose dedication and weekly assistance is hugely appreciated.

Same time, same place next week for our last Tuesday 10 of the season. Let’s hope that those Olympians have learnt a thing or two from us lot.