Committee Meeting Minutes – 20 March 2017

In an effort to be open and transparent regarding Committee business, decisions and actions, the draft minutes of the recent Committee Meeting are attached:

Minutes of HNCC Committee Meeting – 20 March 2017


The minutes of Committee meetings must be ratified by the Committee and then signed as being a true and accurate record, which procedure is enacted at the next Committee meeting. The minutes of the most recent meeting therefore are provided here for general information only, may be subject to amendment, and should not be read as being a final document.


Medium Gear 25 Miles TT – 25 March 2017

Time Keeper and Scrutiny: Frank Turner
Assistant Time Keeper and Prop: Mark Loosely
Event Organiser, Reporter and Sign On: Nick Hickman
Photography: Nigel Hale

19. Walt Livings Medium Gear Trophy

Walt Livings Medium Gear Trophy



The size of the field for the annual 72″ Medium Gear competition would have been twice that of last year, but one rider failed the Scrutiniser’s inspection and so was eliminated to the unofficial Private Time Trials event.

The check lines were set at 18′ 10¼”, which the more mathematically minded members will spot is 72″ x  pi .  Rolling Paul Riley’s machine between these for one revolution of the cranks, Frank Turner determined that it was 2″ too long [readers may insert their own ribald comment here].




This left five riders on a mix of machines – from steel single-speed fixed getting much appreciation from our Time Keeper; to a full-on TT machine cunningly disabled from being able to select a too high gear by tightening of the appropriate limit screw on the rear mech, tensioning the cable and removal of the front mech.




Winner of the women’s event (you’ve got to be in it to win it) was Madam Chaiman Meli Fletcher, taking nearly two minutes off her time from last year.

19W. Medium Gear (25M) Women

Women’s Medium Gear 25 Miles TT Trophy


Fastest male was Steve Robinson with the aforementioned specially customised machine.




Six riders decided they needed the bigger gears and competed as PTTs.  These included guest riders Lindz Barral from JCA-Equipe Velo (a regular competitor on the Tuesday evening series) and Jim Moffat from CC Luton.  Jim had the misfortune to p*ncture his rear tub while warming up but was rescued by the neutral service crew (friend of the Club, Andy Herbert) who lent him a back wheel.  Andy’s back wheel was reported to have gone faster today than it has done in quite a while.  The Nomads’ Nick Morgan was quickest of the day by just two seconds, despite incurring a penalty for arriving late at the start line.




Medium Gear Competition
Steve Robinson 1:08:00; James Bainbridge 1:10:50; Nick Hickman 1:15:59; Chris Corney 1:22:04; Meline Fletcher 1:32:35




Private Time Trials (not Medium Gear or not HNCC)

Nick Morgan 1:03:00 (inc. 24 secs late start penalty); Jim Moffat (CC Luton) 1:03:02; Lindz Barral (JCA-Equipe Velo) 1:04:09; James McPherson 1:05:20; Nigel Wilson 1:12:16; Paul Riley 1:21:37

Hitchin Nomads in European action – 19 March 2017

Reporter: Nigel Wilson

The Hitchin Nomads were represented by 3 riders in the San Remo Gran Fondo in Italy on Sunday 19 March. The 62 mile Gran Fondo covered much of the route that the professionals had covered the previous day when racing from Milan to San Remo.


A field of more than 250 riders took to the start line in beautiful weather, and the event headed east along the Ligurian coast with a loop into the hills before returning to the coast road to tackle the climb of the Cipressa and a summit finish on the Poggio. James Gomm was in fine form, staying in the leading group for the first 20 miles. Eventually, James finished the event in an impressive 3 hours 33 minutes which placed him 167th in a high class field. He was also the first of 14 British riders over the finish line. Nigel Wilson (4:09) and Mark Young (4:16) were also satisfied with their performances. The winner, local rider Marco Tempo, was first to cross the line in 2:44 – an average speed of over 23mph.



Committee Meeting Minutes 20 February 2017

In an effort to be open and transparent regarding Committee business, decisions and actions, the minutes of the 20 February 2017 Committee Meeting are attached:

Minutes of HNCC Committee Meeting – 20 February 2017

Note: The minutes of meeting were ratified by the Committee and then signed as being a true and accurate record, which procedure was enacted at the 20 March 2017 Committee meeting

2-up 25 Miles TTT – 11 March 2017

Event Organiser, Course Signage, Sign On, Reporter: Nick Hickman
Time Keeper: Frank Turner
Assistant Timekeeper: David Ledgerton
Props: Steve Robinson, Michael Webb, John Watson, Julian Pegg

Superb conditions awaited twenty-one 2-up teams for the annual Club event on the 1U/25 course, using roads in Southill, Old Warden and nearby. Conditions were mild, with the southerly wind giving a gentle push up to G&M Growers.  Dry roads were a special treat, negating the need for large applications of Muc-Off (other products are available) after getting home.  There was one more team than last year, although there were a few solos that time, so it was in fact one rider less in all.

A large section of the café at Shuttleworth was commandeered afterwards for the Captain’s awards, with some Aero Bars of the chocolate variety being presented. They go better than carbon fibre ones apparently.

Several teams from the 2016 edition went significantly faster this time, and some individuals seem to have found some new team pairings that work better. Full results below.  For comparison, last year’s report is here.

Irene Bamberough & Catherine Jones No Time For Chatting Choo-Choo 01:17:09
Meliné Fletcher & Francesca Riley Bedfordshire Belles 01:32:57
Ingrid Matthews & Edward Lee-Jones Air Canada & Proper Barnett 01:10:43
Joanne Elliott & James Gomm Love Train 01:17:13
Julian Pegg & John Watson Old Farts 01:00:42
Nick Hickman & Nick Morgan Mean Machine 01:03:53
James Bainbridge & Gavin Ashfield Last Minute Mash-Up 01:04:27
 Jon Tilley & James McPherson JT & The Fonz 01:05:16
Mark Desborough & Rob Fox Rugged Racing 01:07:57
Chris Brabrook & John King Neolithic Nomads 01:08:08
Radu Chirvasuta Steve King Master Blasters 01:08:32
Nigel Wilson & Paul Riley Old Skool Supersonics 01:09:52
Andrew Hardy & Martin Scott Dynamic Duo 01:10:23
John Curtin & David Hollowell Just Going To The Jon 01:14:56
Scott Horwood & Roger Bamberough Rev It Up Roger 01:15:18
Chris Goldenberg & Chris Batt GoldBatt Mobile 01:15:27
Mark Young & Mark Loosely On Yer Marks 01:18:26
Peter Sharman & Steve Stanbury Jilted 01:18:31
Manuel Manrique & John Martin Better Late Than Never 01:23:27
Private Time Trials
Mark Vooght & Neil JJ Fraser (Stevenage CC) St. Evenage Ladies 01:02:37
Shaun Fairbanks (unattached) & Harold Jones (HNCC) Shotgun Shaun & Hammerin’ Harold 01:22:22

Next up is the Club 72” Medium Gear competition at 09:00 on the 25th March using the same course.  Those without a Medium Gear machine or who haven’t the faintest idea what this term means are most welcome to ride and will be given a time, even though they won’t be part of the official competition. Your TT Secretary will put a call out for pre-registration nearer the time.

Spring Hilly – 4 March 2017

Promoted for and on behalf of Cycling Time Trials – Under its rules and regulations

Event Organiser, Signage and Reporter: Nick Hickman
Time Keeper: Frank Turner
Assistant Time Keeper and Prop: Nigel Wilson
Number Spotter: Mark Desborough
Photographer: David Rossall

In a radical break from the tradition of recent years, the conditions for the 2017 Spring Hilly were actually spring-like.  A good size field of 17 riders took to the 6Z10 course from near Codicote, completing two laps.  An event de-brief was held in Vanstone Park Garden Centre Café afterwards.  The Club Captain will be pleased to hear that no cake at all was consumed.


Top Nomads were Ingrid Matthews and Steve Robinson, with Team Sales Engine’s Sam Hayes fastest on the day.

Women: Ingrid Matthews 56:08 (27:46 1st lap); Leanne Cutler 57:40 (28:29) ; Catherine Jones 58:58 (29:18)


Ingrid Matthews

Men: Steve Robinson 48:41 (24:35); James McPherson 50:51 (25:13); James Bainbridge 51:18 (25:20); Ross Thomson 51:49 (25:43); Scott Horwood 54:00 (27:12); David Rickels 55:09 (27:27); Nick Hickman 55:20 (26:54); Martin Scott 57:26 (28:22); Roger Taylor 58:15 (28:25); Darren Timms 59:28 (29:54); David Summerell 1:00:43 (29:48); Roger Bamberough 1:03:50 (31:22); Nick Senechal DNF (25:30)


Steve Robinson

Private Time Trial: Sam Hayes (TSE) 48:01 (23:52)

The next Club Event is the 2-up Team Time Trial at 09:00 on Saturday 11 March using the 1U/25 “Dave Gudgin” course from Southill.

Watt Bike “No Excuses” Sportive – 26 February 2017

Reporter: Catherine Jones

Twenty eight, yes twenty eight, Nomads braved the aftermath of Storm Doris and rode the Wattbike No Excuses sportive on 26 February. Members took on both the Epic 82 miles and the not-to-be-sniffed-at Standard 54 miles.


However, windy conditions, punctures and several feed stops resulted in a number of excuses being volunteered. Amongst these were:

“I had to hold the Captain’s bike up while he fixed a puncture”

“Multiple punctures and cramps”

“Too many cake stops”

“I filled my pockets at each feed stop”

“Too long at the feed stations”

“I added about 2 miles by missing that sharp turn…”

“A catastrophic old school bonk”

We came away with a clutch of fantastic performances (see table). A special mention to John Curtin and Steve Stanbury who were back out on their bikes after nasty falls. Chapeau!

The results will go towards the HNCC Sportive Trophy 2017.

Surname First name Distance Standard
Bamberough Irene Epic Silver
Bamberough Roger Epic Silver
Batt Chris Epic Silver
Berwick Rob Epic Silver
Brabrook Chris Epic Gold
Cornell James Epic Gold
Curtin John Epic Silver
Edwards Scott Epic Gold
Fox Rob Epic Gold
Goldenberg Chris Epic Silver
Greenfield Paul Epic Silver
Hardy Andrew Epic Silver
Hollowell David Standard Gold
Horwood Scott Epic Gold
Jones Catherine Epic Gold
King Steve Epic Gold
Manning Calvin Epic Silver
Matthews Ingrid Epic Gold
Morgan Nick Epic Gold
Pegg Julian Epic Gold
Rickles Dave Epic Gold
Ruggles Brian Epic Silver
Scott Martin Epic Silver
Stanbury Steve Standard Bronze
Stevenson Andy Epic Silver
Tilley Jon Epic Gold
Timms Darren Epic Silver
Watson John Epic Gold