Watt Bike “No Excuses” Sportive – 26 February 2017

Reporter: Catherine Jones

Twenty eight, yes twenty eight, Nomads braved the aftermath of Storm Doris and rode the Wattbike No Excuses sportive on 26 February. Members took on both the Epic 82 miles and the not-to-be-sniffed-at Standard 54 miles.


However, windy conditions, punctures and several feed stops resulted in a number of excuses being volunteered. Amongst these were:

“I had to hold the Captain’s bike up while he fixed a puncture”

“Multiple punctures and cramps”

“Too many cake stops”

“I filled my pockets at each feed stop”

“Too long at the feed stations”

“I added about 2 miles by missing that sharp turn…”

“A catastrophic old school bonk”

We came away with a clutch of fantastic performances (see table). A special mention to John Curtin and Steve Stanbury who were back out on their bikes after nasty falls. Chapeau!

The results will go towards the HNCC Sportive Trophy 2017.

Surname First name Distance Standard
Bamberough Irene Epic Silver
Bamberough Roger Epic Silver
Batt Chris Epic Silver
Berwick Rob Epic Silver
Brabrook Chris Epic Gold
Cornell James Epic Gold
Curtin John Epic Silver
Edwards Scott Epic Gold
Fox Rob Epic Gold
Goldenberg Chris Epic Silver
Greenfield Paul Epic Silver
Hardy Andrew Epic Silver
Hollowell David Standard Gold
Horwood Scott Epic Gold
Jones Catherine Epic Gold
King Steve Epic Gold
Manning Calvin Epic Silver
Matthews Ingrid Epic Gold
Morgan Nick Epic Gold
Pegg Julian Epic Gold
Rickles Dave Epic Gold
Ruggles Brian Epic Silver
Scott Martin Epic Silver
Stanbury Steve Standard Bronze
Stevenson Andy Epic Silver
Tilley Jon Epic Gold
Timms Darren Epic Silver
Watson John Epic Gold