2-up 25 Miles TTT – 11 March 2017

Event Organiser, Course Signage, Sign On, Reporter: Nick Hickman
Time Keeper: Frank Turner
Assistant Timekeeper: David Ledgerton
Props: Steve Robinson, Michael Webb, John Watson, Julian Pegg

Superb conditions awaited twenty-one 2-up teams for the annual Club event on the 1U/25 course, using roads in Southill, Old Warden and nearby. Conditions were mild, with the southerly wind giving a gentle push up to G&M Growers.  Dry roads were a special treat, negating the need for large applications of Muc-Off (other products are available) after getting home.  There was one more team than last year, although there were a few solos that time, so it was in fact one rider less in all.

A large section of the café at Shuttleworth was commandeered afterwards for the Captain’s awards, with some Aero Bars of the chocolate variety being presented. They go better than carbon fibre ones apparently.

Several teams from the 2016 edition went significantly faster this time, and some individuals seem to have found some new team pairings that work better. Full results below.  For comparison, last year’s report is here.

Irene Bamberough & Catherine Jones No Time For Chatting Choo-Choo 01:17:09
Meliné Fletcher & Francesca Riley Bedfordshire Belles 01:32:57
Ingrid Matthews & Edward Lee-Jones Air Canada & Proper Barnett 01:10:43
Joanne Elliott & James Gomm Love Train 01:17:13
Julian Pegg & John Watson Old Farts 01:00:42
Nick Hickman & Nick Morgan Mean Machine 01:03:53
James Bainbridge & Gavin Ashfield Last Minute Mash-Up 01:04:27
 Jon Tilley & James McPherson JT & The Fonz 01:05:16
Mark Desborough & Rob Fox Rugged Racing 01:07:57
Chris Brabrook & John King Neolithic Nomads 01:08:08
Radu Chirvasuta Steve King Master Blasters 01:08:32
Nigel Wilson & Paul Riley Old Skool Supersonics 01:09:52
Andrew Hardy & Martin Scott Dynamic Duo 01:10:23
John Curtin & David Hollowell Just Going To The Jon 01:14:56
Scott Horwood & Roger Bamberough Rev It Up Roger 01:15:18
Chris Goldenberg & Chris Batt GoldBatt Mobile 01:15:27
Mark Young & Mark Loosely On Yer Marks 01:18:26
Peter Sharman & Steve Stanbury Jilted 01:18:31
Manuel Manrique & John Martin Better Late Than Never 01:23:27
Private Time Trials
Mark Vooght & Neil JJ Fraser (Stevenage CC) St. Evenage Ladies 01:02:37
Shaun Fairbanks (unattached) & Harold Jones (HNCC) Shotgun Shaun & Hammerin’ Harold 01:22:22

Next up is the Club 72” Medium Gear competition at 09:00 on the 25th March using the same course.  Those without a Medium Gear machine or who haven’t the faintest idea what this term means are most welcome to ride and will be given a time, even though they won’t be part of the official competition. Your TT Secretary will put a call out for pre-registration nearer the time.