Briercliffe 10 – 4 April 2017

Time Keeper: Frank Turner
Assistant Time Keeper: Meliné Fletcher
Prop: Chris Jones
Event Organiser, Sign On and Reporter: Nick Hickman

The first of the Tuesday evening series started on the popular (i.e. bit less hilly) “Roadworks 10” course, which was first introduced a few years back to avoid some temporary traffic lights on the regular Briercliffe course.  Nineteen riders signed on and eighteen made it to the start line.  Team Sales Engine’s Ric Palmer suffered a chain break on his warm up due to the huge power he was putting in and so was a “DNS”.  After fixing it up he rode a very unofficial and self-timed 26:20.

Conditions were mild with a light breeze to slow things down just a little on the main drag up the B658 to G&M Growers, and some April showers to keep the riders nice and fresh.

It was good to see Richard Serradhino back after a couple of years out.  Newcomer Paul Wright rode his second ever TT, following his debut at a Boxing Day 10 a few years back.  Once he gets used to being held up and pushed off at the start he’ll take a few seconds off his new Life Time PB with ease.  The rest of the field comprised a selection of the “regulars” from the Nomads and other local Clubs / Teams who were able to make the necessary early start time so we could be sure to have the event completed before sunset.  James Bainbridge gets a special Event Organiser’s “Most Stylish Arrival” Award for riding up from Hitchin with his race wheels attached to his machine’s handlebars for deployment just before the off.

Nick Morgan posted the best time in the Nomads competition, with Justin Layne fastest rider on the night, despite complaining of having put on 5kg since last season.

Hitchin Nomads CC Competition

Nick Morgan 24:11; Ross Thomson 25:27; Tom Weir 25:38; Nick Hickman 26:11; James Bainbridge 27:29; Nigel Wilson 27:30; Leanne Cutler 28:30; Chris Corney 29:48; Mark Loosely 30:00; Peter Sharman 30:00; David Summerell 30:24

Private Time Trials

Justin Layne (CC Ashwell) 22:02; Jim Moffat (CC Luton) 22:58; Jason Stuart (CC Ashwell) 24:16; Lindz Barral (JCA-Equipe Velo) 24:57; Richard Serradhino (unattached) 30:36; Paul Wright (unattached) 31:22; David Ledgerton (Team Sales Engine) 32:04; Ric Palmer (Team Sales Engine) DNS – mechanical

Next week’s event is at the same time on the same course, with a 40-rider limit.  Please let HNCC’s TT Secretary Nick Hickman know if you would like to ride, by responding to the poll on the Club’s Facebook Group (preferred) or emailing