Briercliffe 10 – 11 April 2017

Time Keeper: Frank Turner
Assistant Time Keeper: Meliné Fletcher
Sign On: Leanne Cutler
Roger Bamberough
Organiser: Nick Hickman
Reporter: Freddy Bulmer

With a stiff westerly wind, fifteen brave souls plus myself (more stupid than brave) took to the start line for the second go on the season opening “Roadworks 10” course.  Despite the breeze, the evening was bright enough and there was a good push along the bottom of the course, with most riders doing well until hitting the left turn at the roundabout at the top of Growers’ road, turning into a headwind and losing speed until again turning left up towards the finish.

Nick Morgan, who was doubtless donning more fake tan than all the others put together, was the fastest on the night, showing his blistering form at the moment.  Upon his stealthy black TT machine, Morgan set an impressive time of 23:17, proving that not only is he quick to make a fashion faux pas but quick round a 10 course too. Comments were made about his [content redacted – editor] adding an unfair power advantage, but that’s for after the UCI to look into further and certainly after the watershed.

So, the top three of the night were Nick Morgan with 23:17, Gavin Ashfield with an impressive 24:02 (especially considering he’s been at work all night beforehand) and Tom Weir with a strong early-season time of 24:04.  A Nomads 1, 2, 3!

Full times as follows:

Hitchin Nomads CC Competition:

Nick Morgan 23:17; Gavin Ashfield 24:02; Tom Weir 24:04; Nick Senechal 24:21; Freddy Bulmer 25:15; Chris Brabrook 25:42; Scott Horwood 26:15; Jason Dynes 26:33; Radu Chirvasuta 27:50; Chris Corney 28:38; David Summerell 29:08; Mark Loosely 29:30; Derek Thom 30:18

Private Time Trials:

Lindz Barral 24:17; Peter Gell 24:30; Carmelo Luggeri 25:21

The prize for “Best Hitchin Nomads TT Prop/Pusher-Offer Of The Week” goes to *drumroll*… Roger Bamberough!  Congrats Roger on an excellent debut and thanks for doing your bit.  Big thanks to Frank, Meliné, Leanne and Nick for keeping time, managing sign on, and organising the event.