Briercliffe 10 – 2 May 2017

Time Keeper: Frank Turner
Assistant Time Keeper: Leanne Cutler
Prop: Julian Pegg
Event Organiser & Sign On: Nick Hickman
Cowbells: Denise Pegg
Kit Caretaker: Scott Horwood
Coaching Tips: Simon Doyle
Tifosi: Paul Riley
Reporter: Nigel Wilson

A positively tropical evening (compared to last week!) greeted the 14 riders who turned up for this week’s Briercliffe 10 mile TT.  Alas, there was still a keen wind that made everyone work hard on the long stretch from Southill up to G&M Growers.

A number of Nomads recorded PBs for the course this season.  Nick Hickman posted a 26:39, your reporter posted a 27:58 following an intensive weekend at a “training camp” in Prague, Mark Loosley managed to shave off another second on his mission to get a sub-30 time, and Chris Corney PB’d for a second consecutive week.  However, the fastest Nomads on the night were Tom Weir and James Bainbridge.

The evening was managed with customary aplomb by Frank Turner, ably assisted by Leanne Cutler and Julian Pegg. Our sincere thanks go out to them for giving up their evening to enable us to compete. And our thanks also go out to Denise Pegg (and her cowbell), to Simon Doyle (for his comprehensive guide on how to ride the course), to Scott Horwood (for looking after riders’ kit while they rode), and to Paul Riley (who rode round the course on his Tuesday bike, encouraging the riders as they passed).

Hitchin Nomads Event:

T Weir 25:51; J Bainbridge 26:28; N Hickman 26:39; J Dynes 27:47; N Wilson 27:58; C Corney 28:59; D Summerell 29:41;  C Jones [editor: Chris not Catherine] 29:42; M Loosley 30:36.

Private Time Trials:

S Hayes (TSE) 23:37; L Barral (JCA-Equipe Velo) 24:40; P Gell (Beds Road CC) 25:51; R Palmer (TSE) 26:12; R Serradinho (unattached) 32:12