Briercliffe 10 and 4-up TTT – 23 May 2017

Time Keeper: Frank Turner
Assistant Time Keeper: Meli Fletcher
Event Organiser, Sign On and Prop: Nick Hickman
Props: James Spence, Nigel Hale, Michael Webb
Event Reporters: too many to mention

In a change to the regular Briercliffe 10, in addition to the usual solo rides there were four 4-up teams having a try out ahead of the Tour of Cambridge Team Time Trial in early June.  So, in the spirit of Team Time Trial this report is not a solo effort but a collage of observations from many who rode.  Results follow.

  • A PB for me, finally breaking the 30 minute mark thanks to some top tips​ from Nigel Wilson. Sales of beetroot juice could be on the up.
  • TTT is a savage combo of TT, chain gang and a road race.
  • Chapeau Mark Loosley!
  • The chance to practice for the ToC 4-Up was really appreciated and big thanks for facilitating this.
  • Maybe something we could repeat in future if the interest.
  • My team were very happy to not be caught by Messrs Riley, Wilson, Corney & Ms Cutler in all their aero paraphernalia.
  • Jules and I spent as much time behind lumps Morgan and Thomson as possible.
  • A fine evening with the usual great camaraderie.
  • Good to see Mark going under 30 – well done pal.
  • Before the start Ethan, on seeing the Hale motorbike, asked, “Is he going to ride”? Leanne, “No, he’s got an engine”. Ethan, “So have you”.
  • Ric Palmer’s time was his fastest for 4 years.
  • Think those who did the 4-Up really enjoyed it – something different, and great spirit within all the teams.
  • Simon Doyle beat team mate Steve Robinson. Ha Ha.
  • Quite muggy but conditions were fair IMO, the Growers road ran quickly. I was tapping 27/28 up there.
  • Change at the front, change, change, turn left, clear, change, hole left, change – and so it continues for the next 23 minutes.
  • Our first TTT felt very smooth. I think we split once or twice but took good care of each other.
  • Big smiles for me up the final hill sprint as you get to be a participant and a spectator watching the solos whizz down.
  • A perfect evening bombing smoothly around the Shire lanes with mates.
  • Thanks to all the crew for hosting a fabulous evening, and thanks to Chris Corney, Leanne Cutler and Paul Riley – never has it been so enjoyable going so quickly round the Briercliffe.
  • Most fun on a bike this year for me.
  • Good to see that our team stayed in formation all the way to the White Horse.
  • … our team achieved likewise all the way to the Bird in Hand in Gosmore.
  • TTT is a completely different kettle of fish from a solo TT. And nothing – not even training rides with the hammer down – simulates the conditions and the pitfalls better than a real event.
  • Only a TTT like tonight, with all the nerves and thrills that come along with it, tests and boosts the cohesion of a team.
  • Big kudos to everyone involved for giving us this big chance, it was a glorious day.
  • Learnt how not to do it. Better now than at the main event though and still a brilliant evening on the bike.
  • Great to have so many riding to and from the event – use of road bikes and team formats encourages this. Thanks as always to those who made the event possible.
  • The only event where your team mates are not only those helping you, but simultaneously the ones hurting you – perversely brilliant fun.
  • I had a lump in my throat all the way round … due to the effort required to keep up with my team mates Nigel, Chris and Paul. A rose amongst the thorns. First place had to be ours for the beautiful formation as we crossed the line.
  • My three invisible teammates refused to take their turns at the front, the lazy sods.
  • If you get dropped don’t bother chasing. It’s a lot less frustrating.

Briercliffe 10 Club Competition (solos)

J Bainbridge 24:41; S Robinson 24:45; M Sayers 26:25; T Weir 25:19; N Tooke 27:06; Manuel Manrique 28:57; D Summerell 29:04; M Loosley 29:37; A Saunders DNF

4-up Team Time Trials

N Morgan, J Pegg, R Thompson, J Watson 23:54
J Cornell, I Matthews, N Senechal, D Rickels 25:27
R Chirvasuta, P Greenfield, S King, B Ruggles 25:36
C Corney, L Cutler, P Riley, N Wilson 27:24


Private Time Trials

S Doyle (TSE) 24:08; Lindz Barral (JCA-Equipe Velo) 24:19; R Palmer (TSE) 25:57; D Ledgerton (TSE) 29:35; R Serradinho 29:53