Dave Gudgin 25m TT – 30 May 2017

The 2017 Dave Gudgin 25 mile time trial series sprang in to life tonight (30 May 2017). The annual 4 race series sees riders compete in a scratch (actual time) competition and also a handicap contest. Nigel Wilson is the resident handicapper, I am not sure there is still time to bribe him though for this season, but it’s always worth a shout.

Following a false start due to roadworks a fortnight ago, 10 Hitchin Nomads opened their accounts at the blue riband distance.

With one event cancelled this season the quickest aggregate times over riders’ best 2 races out of 3  (in both the handicap and scratch contests) sees the winner(s) take home the colossus of silverware that brings looks of dread to many a racing spouse. “It’s not going in the front room” and “Well I am not polishing it” are the perennial/Pavlovian reactions. To the victor the spoils and all that.  Currently Mrs Robinson is likely to be the subject of delicate negotiations as Mr Robinson took a series lead amongst the competing Nomads.

13. Dave Gudgin Memorial Trophy

The humungous Dave Gudgin Samovar (aka “the tea urn”)


Handicap results to follow. The beauty of the handicapping contest is that anyone is in with a shout of taking home a medal or trophy as ultimately you ride against yourself. The Zen of the Time Trial is there to behold.

Pushing off and signing on were Stephen Oliver and Steve Smith respectively. Snapping on the course, in a photograph sense, rather than Jack Russell sense, was Michael Webb (check out the Facebook page for images at some point soon). Time keeping were Frank Turner and Leanne Cutler. Cheering on riders were a retinue of Peggs. Thank you very much.

Regional fast man Justin Layne (CC Ashwell) was quickest on the night, with a sublime 55.36. Also ducking under the magic 60 minute mark were Jason Stuart (CC Ashwell) and Sam Hayes (Team Salesengine).  Well done guys, anything under the hour on that course is a storming ride.

Pictures – credit Michael Webb

James Cornell and Julian Pegg (on his road bike, chapeau!) took the 2nd and 3rd spots behind Steve Robinson. Julian did well to keep his legs turning following a great ride at the ECCA 25 on Sunday.

The next round is 13th June, 2017.

It is great to see representation from many local clubs. The Nomads Tuesday night TTs are open to all club members, whether they are experienced “testers” or newbies. Come and have a go. Next week it’s back to the shorter distance, 10 miler.


Nomad Rider Team Time (Scratch)
Justin Layne CCA 00:55:36
Jason Stuart CCA 00:58:54 @ 00:03:18
Sam Hayes TSE 00:59:30 @ 00:00:36
Simon Doyle TSE 01:01:44 @ 00:02:14
1 Steve Robinson HNCC 01:02:11 @ 00:00:27
Lindz Barral JCA EV 01:02:49 @ 00:00:38
2 James Cornell HNCC 01:03:18 @ 00:00:29
3 Julian Pegg HNCC 01:04:33 @ 00:01:15
4 Nick Hickman HNCC 01:05:04 @ 00:00:31
Mick Case BRRT 01:06:02 @ 00:00:58
5 Mark Desborough HNCC 01:06:27 @ 00:00:25
Jason Lee TMK 01:06:37 @ 00:00:10
6 Nigel Tooke HNCC 01:08:53 @ 00:02:16
7 Nigel Wilson HNCC 01:08:57 @ 00:00:04
Simon Young Unatt 01:11:42 @ 00:02:45
8 Paul Riley HNCC 01:12:32 @ 00:00:50
9 Chris Corney HNCC 01:12:44 @ 00:00:12
10 Mark Loosely HNCC 01:16:00 @ 00:03:16

Reporter – Simon Doyle

n.b. TMK – Team Milton Keynes, HNCC – Hitchin Nomads, TSE – Team Salesengine, CCA – CC Ashwell, JCA EV – JCA Equipe Velo.