Dave Gudgin 25 Miles TT – 27 June 2017

Time Keeper: Frank Turner
Sign On and Assistant Time Keeper: Leanne Cutler
Prop and Photography: Michael Webb
Chief Umbrella Holder: Nigel Wilson
Event Organiser: Nick Hickman
Reporter: Paul Riley

With the rain setting in, six riders took to the start line for the last round of the Dave Gudgin 25 series, including the annual “Clive Collins Challenge” refreshment stop at the Hare & Hounds on the 2nd lap through Old Warden.

Nick Morgan had a slow speed tumble prior to signing on when his hand slipped off his carbon base bar due to the rain and lack of bar tape. Now before certain of you fall about laughing at your team mate’s 2 mph crash, there is a reasonably serious lesson to be learnt here, as a small amount of slightly less aero bar tape on the bar ends would aid grip in damp conditions. Nick made the sensible decision to pull out given the likelihood of his hands slipping off the bars at speeds your reporter can only dream of achieving.

There then commenced a series of punctures which wiped half the field (ok, so only 3 of us) with Chris Corney puncturing at the start line, Paul Riley hearing the hiss of air just before the first climb of Shuttleworth (yeah, right did anyone actually see it?) and Nick Senechal discovering a flat front as rounded G&M Grower’s RAB for the second time.

This left only 2 members, Nick Hickman & Mark Collins to take the “Half Pint Challenge” at the second pass of The Hare & Hounds, with Mark pipping Nick with a time of a shade over 10 seconds.

As to the other race, Mark Collins was fastest Nomad, posting a 1:10:58, which was highly respectable given the conditions.  Nick Hickman came home with 1:14:20 on his Medium Gear Fixed, with pictorial evidence of his “souplesse” abounding.  Lindz Barral was quickest on the night with an excellent 1:03:26.


Lindz Barral, JCA-Equipe Velo

Extra special thanks also need to go to Frank Turner and Leanne Cutler for Timekeeping; Michael Webb for Propping and Photography; Nigel Wilson for some stylish umbrella holding; and Sue Clifford Smith, Ethan Dynes & Chris Brabrook for spectating duties.  [Editor: I lost track of who got the beers in, or even who held mine up for me.  It was all a bit of a wet blur.  But thank you.]

Well done everyone for showing up on such a grim evening.


Time Keeper, Frank Turner


Hitchin Nomads CC Event

M Collins 1.10.58, N Hickman 1.14.20, N Senechal DNF, P Riley DNF, C Corney DNF.

Private Time Trials

L Barral (Equipe Velo) 1.03.26


Committee Meeting Minutes 22 May 2017

In an effort to be open and transparent regarding Committee business, decisions and actions, the minutes of the 22 May 2017 Committee Meeting are attached:

Minutes of HNCC Committee Meeting 22 May 2017

Note: The minutes of meeting were ratified by the Committee and then signed as being a true and accurate record, which procedure was enacted at the 26 June 2017 Committee meeting

Inter Club 30 – 25 June 2017

Report and times for the Inter Club 30, hosted by Hitchin Nomads CC can be found in the attached document:

HNCC IC30 Published Result Sheet 2017


Nick Senechal, fastest Nomad at the IC30.

“Old Skool” Briercliffe 10 – 20 June 2017

Reporter: Steve Smith
Event Organiser and Timekeeper: Nick Hickman
Assistant Time Keeper: Nigel Wilson
Prop: Ben Wilson
Photographer: Michael Webb [see his gallery of images]

After another oven-like day the Nomads testers wondered what they’d signed themselves up for.  However, some light cloud made the night just bearable with a push up to Growers roundabout.  Some sought to strike a balance between going fast enough to generate a cooling breeze … but not overdoing it altogether!

A dozen Nomads embraced the Old Skool, non-aero theme with Tuesday evening 10 season debuts for Edward Lee-Jones, Frank Turner, Meliné Fletcher and Steve Smith. Best dressed of the night was Nigel “Ronaldo” Tooke – shoe photo evidence is required please?  Meliné rode a single-speed, Paul Riley a fixed while Julian Pegg dragged a weighty MTB round for a fine 5th place.


Close scrutiny of Mr Turner’s machine determined it was indeed “Old Skool”.

So, to the results.  All riders that had ridden the event in the last 3 seasons improved on their best LTS result.  Chris Brabrook made a 36s improvement to win the event with a 26:12.  Edward was 2nd with a 1:47 improvement for 26:20 while the ever-consistent Mark Desborough shaved off 2 seconds for 26:51 and 3rd place.

In a battle of the Time Keepers Steve caught Meli but Frank could be considered the winner staying 36 seconds ahead of Steve on the road.  Another notable ride was Nomads’ friend Andrew Herbert, who showed up just to say a casual hello, happened to be on the right bike (road), and went round just 2 seconds off the winning time.

Fastest ride of the night was by Nick Morgan, who recorded the 8th best time around the course by a Nomad since records began.  A most impressive time from James Bainbridge as well.  All irrelevant of course, as they were wind dodgers.

Thanks are due to the event crew of Nick Hickman (on his Time Keeping debut for the Club), Nigel and Ben Wilson, and Michael Webb.  Riders appreciated great support on the course from Denise and Karen Pegg (cowbells), Leanne Cutler and Simon Young.

Oh, and recovery drinks were enjoyed afterwards at the White Horse, with some having built up quite a thirst.

Nomads Old Skool

Chris Brabrook 26:12, Edward Lee-Jones 26:20, Mark Desborough 26:51, Rob Fox 26:59, Julian Pegg 28:13, Chris Corney 28:51, Nigel Tooke 29:17, Paul Riley 30:18, Steve Smith 30:24, Stephen Oliver 33:25, Frank Turner 36:00, Meline Fletcher 36:38

Nomads Wind-Dodgers

Nick Morgan 23:29, James Bainbridge 23:50

Private Time Trial

Andrew Herbert 26:14

Inter Club 15 TT – 18 June 2017

Reporter: Chris Jones

Last Sunday saw the first race of the Inter-Club Time Trial series, hosted by our neighbours, Beds Road CC, using the 1Y/15 course.  This runs on the A600 between Shortstown and Shefford.  The Nomads were out in force and, in total, 10 riders took to the field on a truly sweltering day.  Sadly, due to our 11th rider (Catherine Jones) untimely breaking of her elbow, there was no female presence for this one.  Wishing you all the best, and hope you get well soon Catherine!

Conditions for riders were generally good on the day, albeit a little bit too warm for most, including myself.  There was a slight breeze, but barely noticeable.  Nevertheless, all Nomads gave it their all against local rivals and at a first glance have made a positive impact in bringing back some Competition Series points back to Nomads HQ.  Three Nomads finished in the top 20.

James I (Bainbridge) was fastest Nomad of the day, posting a phenomenal time of 35:42. Shortly behind James I was James II (Cornell) with a 35:53 and then James III (McPherson) with a 36:45.  My reliable sources inform me that the James’ Team, with a combined time of 1:48:20, are now the new holders of the Club Team 15 mile record, slicing 39 seconds off the previous time [Editor: our Records Keeper has confirmed this]. Impressive performances were also had by Steve Robinson 37:06 and Scott Edwards 40:40; closely followed by Nigel Wilson 40:58.  Paul Riley 42:37; Chris Corney 44:04 and Steve Smith 45:40 all brought back some points for the Club too.  Chapeau gents!

Sadly, your newly designated Inter-Club TT Captain did not fare so well.  After what was a pretty good start, and having covered nearly 2.5 miles at the 5 minute mark, I heard that sound that we all fear, psssssss!  Yes, I had p*nctured the front wheel after carelessly hitting a small pothole.  So it was a long and very slow trundle back to HQ for me, with many inflammatory utterances expressed on the way back.  Three p*ncture-free years isn’t such a bad run though.  Oh well, there’s always next time.

With only days to the next event (our own Inter Club 30), we already have another strong Nomad presence forecast to be out in force.  Here’s hoping for another successful, record breaking day.

Thanks to Jon Carver of BRCC and his Event Crew for putting on the Event.  Much appreciated.  Full results can be found at the Beds Road Book-to-Ride System. Competition points for each Club after 1 of 5 events are yet to be determined.

Our Photographer in Chief, Michael Webb, has posted a super gallery of event pictures.

ECCA 100 miles Time Trial – 18 June 2017

Reporter: Nick Hickman
Photography: Davey Jones

10 seconds, … , 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, Go!

After a 2 o’clock wake up, at the ungodly hour of 4:51 on Sunday morning Nick Hickman was first of the Nomads team to set off on the ECCA 100 miles Time Trial on the E2 course near Newmarket.  Conditions were good, with just a very light breeze giving a bit of a push Northbound to Red Lodge (and some resistance going back to Four Went Ways).  After completing the three laps, Nick crossed the finish line just before 9 o’clock, getting a new personal best (04:08:50) for the distance, by nearly 11 minutes.  The event was also a successful test of a prototype Camelbak bladder holding-pouch inside his skin suit, that was designed and fitted to his base layer by Jane Hickman.

HNNickH8573 (002).jpg

10 miles in.  With “beer gut” still nice and full.


Next off was Leanne Cutler, who smashed her own Club Women’s Record from the same event last year by more than 15 minutes.  Time Keeper Tim Groves and his Assistant (daughter Becki), who both did the honours at our own Club Open 25 in May, recorded 04:24:09 for Leanne.  The precise calculations have yet to be done but this is a new Veteran Women Club Record measured against the Veterans Time Trial Association’s Standard as well.  That record is assisted by being a year older than last time out of course, but the improvement was so huge that a birthday having happened was largely irrelevant.

E2-100 LC

Four miles to go …


Last off was Julian Pegg.  Like Leanne he broke his own Club record with a superb 03:45:23, beating his previous personal best by a bit over 9 minutes and achieving a season goal of a sub 03:50:00.  Julian had been saying that he felt he had “gone backwards since last season, with results that weren’t encouraging”, but he certainly seems to have found top gear now.


Another record about to be broken.


Numbers are being crunched to see if Julian’s time was also a Club Veteran Record.  So, at least three and potentially four Club Records in one day.  There was superb roadside encouragement and provision of supplies by Denise Pegg.  A capable Support Crew is especially important on these longer events.  The Event Crew, led by Event Sec. John Golder (who rode as well) and on-the-day organiser David Nock were also excellent.  All unpaid volunteers.

A very good day at the office for sure but the “big hitters” were out in force as well.  Nearly five minutes was taken off the National Competition Record by Adam Duggleby (Vive Le Velo) with a staggering 03:16:51.  That’s 30.48 mph and is faster than any Nomad has ever done a 10.  In fact, no less than five riders went below the old record.  The National Women’s record was broken by Alice Lethbridge (Drag2Zero) with a 03:42:37.  The National Team Record was reset by GS Metro to 10:26:10.  A couple of Age Records went as well it is thought, so possibly five National Records as well as four Club Records!  It was agreed that if felt like a great privilege to be competing with the country’s very best long distance Testers on a day that must surely go down in legend.

[A note of caution, all times and records are currently provisional until final results are published]