Dave Gudgin 25 M TT – 13 June 2016

Time Keeper: Frank Turner
Assistant Time Keeper: Leanne Cutler
Start Line Queue Management: Ethan Dynes
Sign On & Prop: Michael Webb
Course Check: Lindz Barral
Reporter: Simon “Hansard” Young
Event Organiser: Nick Hickman

13 potential MPs (Masochists on Pushbikes) put their names forward as candidates for the latest round of the Dave Gudgin 25 election.  At a fairly Conservative estimate the calm evening meant the candidates wouldn’t have to Labour into any headwinds and some fast riding was expected.

In total 7 Nomads lined up against 6 non-Nomads, so a clear majority was unlikely and we’d be doing it all again soon.  ‘Strong’ officiating by ‘Father of the House’ Frank Turner with ‘Iron Lady’ Leanne Cutler also looking after the clocks.  ‘Stable’ prop duties by ‘(Loud) Speaker of the House’ Michael Webb started the race to be first past the post.

A Select Committee of political heavyweights and backbench has-beens assembled outside the Hare & Hounds to offer support.  Cries of ‘hear, hear’, ‘gear, gear’ and ‘beer, beer’ were about as much use to the passing candidates as the Airlander circulating overhead.

The Returning Officer declared James Cornell fastest Nomad home at 1.01.43 and he was duly elected.  Second and third Nomads on the night were Cabinet Members Nick Morgan in hot pursuit with a 1.01.51, and Nick Senechal at 1.03.04.  Fastest time overall was Leader of the Opposition Jason Stuart (CC Ashwell) with a 58.47.  Full results for the Hitchin Constituency are shown below.

Chief advisor to the government Nick Hickman organises all this so deserves a line of thanks on his own.

Well done all.

HNCC Coalition

James Cornell 1.01.43; Nick Morgan 1.01.51; Nick Senechal 1.03.04; Julian Pegg  1.03.13; Mark Desborough 1.05.00; James McPherson 1.07.29; Nigel Wilson 1.09.01

Independent Candidates

Jason Stuart (CC Ashwell) 0.58.47; Lindz Barral. (JCA-Equipe Velo) 1.02.37; David Elliot (BRCC) 1.05.14; Darren Greene (Team Trident) 1.10.45

DNF (lost deposit)

Mark Young (BRCC) – Off course; Tom Weir – Mechanical


Another election is expected imminently, for the Old Skool (non aero) 10 next week, with winner hosting the celebrations in the Members’ Bar at the White Horse afterwards.