“Old Skool” Briercliffe 10 – 20 June 2017

Reporter: Steve Smith
Event Organiser and Timekeeper: Nick Hickman
Assistant Time Keeper: Nigel Wilson
Prop: Ben Wilson
Photographer: Michael Webb [see his gallery of images]

After another oven-like day the Nomads testers wondered what they’d signed themselves up for.  However, some light cloud made the night just bearable with a push up to Growers roundabout.  Some sought to strike a balance between going fast enough to generate a cooling breeze … but not overdoing it altogether!

A dozen Nomads embraced the Old Skool, non-aero theme with Tuesday evening 10 season debuts for Edward Lee-Jones, Frank Turner, Meliné Fletcher and Steve Smith. Best dressed of the night was Nigel “Ronaldo” Tooke – shoe photo evidence is required please?  Meliné rode a single-speed, Paul Riley a fixed while Julian Pegg dragged a weighty MTB round for a fine 5th place.


Close scrutiny of Mr Turner’s machine determined it was indeed “Old Skool”.

So, to the results.  All riders that had ridden the event in the last 3 seasons improved on their best LTS result.  Chris Brabrook made a 36s improvement to win the event with a 26:12.  Edward was 2nd with a 1:47 improvement for 26:20 while the ever-consistent Mark Desborough shaved off 2 seconds for 26:51 and 3rd place.

In a battle of the Time Keepers Steve caught Meli but Frank could be considered the winner staying 36 seconds ahead of Steve on the road.  Another notable ride was Nomads’ friend Andrew Herbert, who showed up just to say a casual hello, happened to be on the right bike (road), and went round just 2 seconds off the winning time.

Fastest ride of the night was by Nick Morgan, who recorded the 8th best time around the course by a Nomad since records began.  A most impressive time from James Bainbridge as well.  All irrelevant of course, as they were wind dodgers.

Thanks are due to the event crew of Nick Hickman (on his Time Keeping debut for the Club), Nigel and Ben Wilson, and Michael Webb.  Riders appreciated great support on the course from Denise and Karen Pegg (cowbells), Leanne Cutler and Simon Young.

Oh, and recovery drinks were enjoyed afterwards at the White Horse, with some having built up quite a thirst.

Nomads Old Skool

Chris Brabrook 26:12, Edward Lee-Jones 26:20, Mark Desborough 26:51, Rob Fox 26:59, Julian Pegg 28:13, Chris Corney 28:51, Nigel Tooke 29:17, Paul Riley 30:18, Steve Smith 30:24, Stephen Oliver 33:25, Frank Turner 36:00, Meline Fletcher 36:38

Nomads Wind-Dodgers

Nick Morgan 23:29, James Bainbridge 23:50

Private Time Trial

Andrew Herbert 26:14