Dave Gudgin 25 Miles TT – 27 June 2017

Time Keeper: Frank Turner
Sign On and Assistant Time Keeper: Leanne Cutler
Prop and Photography: Michael Webb
Chief Umbrella Holder: Nigel Wilson
Event Organiser: Nick Hickman
Reporter: Paul Riley

With the rain setting in, six riders took to the start line for the last round of the Dave Gudgin 25 series, including the annual “Clive Collins Challenge” refreshment stop at the Hare & Hounds on the 2nd lap through Old Warden.

Nick Morgan had a slow speed tumble prior to signing on when his hand slipped off his carbon base bar due to the rain and lack of bar tape. Now before certain of you fall about laughing at your team mate’s 2 mph crash, there is a reasonably serious lesson to be learnt here, as a small amount of slightly less aero bar tape on the bar ends would aid grip in damp conditions. Nick made the sensible decision to pull out given the likelihood of his hands slipping off the bars at speeds your reporter can only dream of achieving.

There then commenced a series of punctures which wiped half the field (ok, so only 3 of us) with Chris Corney puncturing at the start line, Paul Riley hearing the hiss of air just before the first climb of Shuttleworth (yeah, right did anyone actually see it?) and Nick Senechal discovering a flat front as rounded G&M Grower’s RAB for the second time.

This left only 2 members, Nick Hickman & Mark Collins to take the “Half Pint Challenge” at the second pass of The Hare & Hounds, with Mark pipping Nick with a time of a shade over 10 seconds.

As to the other race, Mark Collins was fastest Nomad, posting a 1:10:58, which was highly respectable given the conditions.  Nick Hickman came home with 1:14:20 on his Medium Gear Fixed, with pictorial evidence of his “souplesse” abounding.  Lindz Barral was quickest on the night with an excellent 1:03:26.


Lindz Barral, JCA-Equipe Velo

Extra special thanks also need to go to Frank Turner and Leanne Cutler for Timekeeping; Michael Webb for Propping and Photography; Nigel Wilson for some stylish umbrella holding; and Sue Clifford Smith, Ethan Dynes & Chris Brabrook for spectating duties.  [Editor: I lost track of who got the beers in, or even who held mine up for me.  It was all a bit of a wet blur.  But thank you.]

Well done everyone for showing up on such a grim evening.


Time Keeper, Frank Turner


Hitchin Nomads CC Event

M Collins 1.10.58, N Hickman 1.14.20, N Senechal DNF, P Riley DNF, C Corney DNF.

Private Time Trials

L Barral (Equipe Velo) 1.03.26