Briercliffe 10 – 15 August 2017

Time Keeper: Frank Turner
Assistant Time Keeper: Steve Smith
Prop: Michael Webb
Sign On: Nick Hickman
Reporter: James Bainbridge

Tuesday evening saw the final edition of the 2017 evening 10 series, held on the popular (i.e. ‘less hilly’) 1U/10B ‘Roadworks 10’ course.  Turnout was good; likewise conditions – some of the best of the season so far, and consequently some superb times were posted by competitors, including a number of new PBs; your author pleased to include himself amongst those. HNCC’s Nick Morgan put in a storming ride on his road bike to record 23:49, which is believed to be the fastest ‘non-aero’ ride around the course, and Ryan Witchell of Team Sales Engine posted a superb 21:34. The fastest Nomad was Tom Weir.

Competition was followed by several rounds of high quality recovery drinks at the White Horse.

Hitchin Nomads Event:

Tom Weir 23:23; James Bainbridge 23:27; Andy Saunders 23:48; Nick Morgan 23:49; Steve Robinson 24:16; Nick Hickman 25:12; Chris Brabrook 25:19; Nigel Tooke 25:41; Nigel Hale 25:55; Nigel Wilson 26:06; Martin Scott 26:35; Leanne Cutler 26:37; Chris Corney 26:42; Paul Greenfield 26:49; Paul Riley 27:15; Peter Sharman 27:22; Mark Loosely 28:47; Stephen Oliver 30:06; Mark Desborough 33:50 (Including 9:30 late start)

Private Time Trials:

Ryan Witchell (Team Sales Engine) 21:34; Lindz Barral (JCA-Equipe Velo) 23:26; Peter Gell (Beds Road RT) 24:27