Late Season Series – 20 August 2017

Time Keeper: Leanne Cutler
Assistant Time Keeper: Nick Senechal
Prop: Michael Webb
Course Check, Signage and Sign On: Nick Hickman

Hitchin Nomads Event:

Steve Robinson & Sam Hayes (tandem) 21:56; Mark Desborough 24:23; John Watson 24:26; Nick Hickman 25:17; Nigel Tooke 26:04; Chris Corney 27:30; Paul Riley 28:26; David Summerell 29:03

Private Time Trials:

Jason Stuart (CC Ashwell) 23:11; Keith Barton (St Neots CC) 23:13; Marc Diplock (Doncaster Wheelers CC) 24:53; Chris Green (St Neots CC) 25:08; Steve Hughes (iCycle) 25:15; Ian Stokes (45 RC) 26:26

Next event: F1B/10 Sunday 3 September 2017 08:00. Entry closes Tuesday 29 August. Open to Club Members and Private Time Trialists from CTT Affiliated Clubs / Teams who have ridden a HNCC Club Event (Type B, and not Inter Club 30) this season. Entries to Nick Hickman via Face Book poll response or email to TimeTrials@HitchinNomads.CC . There will be NO ENTRY ON THE DAY.