Late Season Series – 3 September 2017

Course: F1B/10 (using A1, Tempsford – Sandy – Biggleswade North – Sandy – Tempsford)
HQ: Stuart Memorial Hall, Tempsford

Time Keeper: Frank Turner
Assistant Time Keeper: Steve Smith
Prop and Kitchen: Paul Riley
Course Marshal: John Martin
Event Secretary and Course Signage: Nick Hickman
Baking: Ann Collins, Flo & Mabel Cornell, Jane Hickman, John Martin’s Mum
Photography: Davey Jones, Nick Hickman, Simon Doyle, James Cornell

Some excellent times on a fast, local course that is sadly very underused – most likely because local regulations only allow events early on a Sunday morning due to traffic volumes and there is little tradition of 10s at that time.  There were a host of course bests (most everyone probably since the course has not been used in six or seven years), season bests and a few lifetime personal bests.

Nomads’ combined times for this two-event series has Mark Desborough in 1st place with 47:09, Nick Hickman in 2nd with 48:04 and Nigel Tooke taking the 3rd step on the podium with 49:57.

HNCC Results

Rider Time
Morgan, Nick 21:05
Bainbridge, James 21:43
Ashfield, Gavin 22:31
Desborough, Mark 22:46
Nick Hickman 22:47
Senechal, Nick 23:17
Tooke, Nigel 23:53
Wilson, Nigel 24:01
O’Sullivan, Paul 24:29
Brabrook, Chris 24:53
Cutler, Leanne 25:02
Manuel Manrique DNS (apols)

Private Time Trials

Rider Club / Team Time
Stuart, Jason CC Ashwell 21:29
Barral, Lindz JCA-Equipe Velo 21:50
Barton, Keith St Neots CC 22:00
Diplock, Marc Doncaster Wheelers CC 22:19
Doyle, Simon Team Sales Engine 22:33
Green, Chris St Neots CC 22:36
Nelson, Cody BRRT 23:04
Stokes, Ian 45 RC 23:41
Case, Mick BRRT 23:50
Hughes, Steve iCycle 23:51