Committee Meeting Minutes – 16 October 2017

In an effort to be open and transparent regarding Committee business, decisions and actions, the draft minutes of the 16 October 2017 Committee Meeting are attached:

HNCC Committee Meeting draft minutes 16102017

Note: The minutes of Committee meetings must be ratified by the Committee and then signed as being a true and accurate record, which procedure is enacted at the next Committee meeting, on 20 November. The minutes of the most recent meeting therefore are provided here for general information only, may be subject to amendment, and should not be read as being a final document.


Charlton Hill Climb – 15 October 2017

Event Crew: Nigel Wilson, Frank Turner, Julian Pegg, Mark Young, Denise Pegg

The 24 entrants in this year’s Charlton hill climb were greeted by perfect conditions for the final event of this year’s time trial season. And the morning held one further pleasant surprise – the unexpected arrival of veteran Nomad Tony Furby. Tony however, declined the offer of pinning a number on his back.

The entrants made the most of the conditions with 9 riders going under 1:30 for the course (only 3 people managed this last year). Biggest cheer of the day was for Ella Ruggles who set off at a cracking pace on the climb. However, the fastest lady of the day was Chloe Scott who managed to complete the ride in an impressive 1:57. The top 5 in the gents competition were separated by less than 5 seconds with Nick Morgan just pipping Andy Saunders on the line. James Bainbridge completed the podium.

The Event Crew did an excellent job with Frank Turner on the finish line, Julian Pegg and Mark Young on the start line, and Denise Pegg provided mid-climb support with her cowbell. Thanks go to Nick and Ashleigh Morgan for providing post-ride hospitality.

Nomads Competition

Women: Chloe Scott 1:57.5; Rachel O’Donnell; 2:34.8; Ella Ruggles (Junior) 2:37.9

8W. Hill Climb Women

Chloe Scott 2017

Men: Nick Morgan 1:19.5; Andy Saunders 1:19.9; James Bainbridge 1:21.9; Patrick Maher 1:23.3; Tom Morris 1:23.8; Mark Desborough 1:26.3; Rob Lampard 1:26.6; Radu Chirvasuta 1:29.9; Scott Horwood 1:30.7; David Rickels 1:35.9; Brian Ruggles 1:38.1; Nick Senechal 1:38.9; Paul Greenfield 1:40.6; Steve King 1:40.9; Andrew Hardy 1:52.0; Steve Stanbury 1:52.9; Nigel Tooke 1:56.8;  Jamie Tomlin 2:01.4; Stephen Oliver 2:17.4; Mike Allen 2:21.5

8. Hill Climb Champion

Nick Morgan 2017

Private Time Trial

Pat Allen 1:38.2

NEXT EVENT: Boxing Day 10

Autumn Hilly TT – 7 October 2017

Promoted for and on behalf of Cycling Time Trials – Under its rules and regulations

Time Keeper: Frank Turner
Assistant Time Keeper and Prop: Chris Jones
Event Organiser, Sign On and Course Signage: Nick Hickman

Course: 6Z/10 x 2 (“Whitwell Circuit”) 18.4 miles

Fastest Nomads

Men: James Bainbridge 0:46:10
Women: Ingrid Matthews 0:55:27

Full Results

Rider 1st Lap Time Bicycle
James Bainbridge 0:22:43 0:46:10 TT Machine
Jason Stuart (CC Ashwell) 0:23:00 0:46:12 TT Machine
Keith Barton (St Neots CC) 0:23:51 0:47:24 TT Machine
James McPherson 0:24:09 0:48:33 TT Machine
Mark Desborough 0:24:38 0:49:25 TT Machine
Julian Pegg 0:24:28 0:49:38 Road Bike
Nick Senechal 0:25:21 0:51:02 TT Machine
Ross Thompson 0:25:13 0:51:21 Road Bike with Aero Bars
Paul Greenfield 0:26:26 0:52:57 Road Bike
Radu Chirvasuta 0:26:20 0:54:03 Road Bike
Ingrid Matthews ( W ) 0:27:10 0:55:27 Road Bike
Andrew Hardy 0:27:59 0:56:48 Road Bike
Nick Hickman 0:29:02 0:58:15 Medium Gear 72″ Fixed
Darren Timms 0:28:56 0:58:36 Road Bike
Steve Smith 0:29:27 0:59:17 Road Bike
David Summerell 0:28:55 0:59:50 TT Machine
Mark Loosely 0:29:50 1:00:27 Road Bike
Catherine Jones ( W ) 0:30:32 1:01:39 Road Bike
Scott Horwood (0:12:26 late start penalty) 0:26:01 1:04:04 Road Bike with Aero Bars