Awards Gallery 1932 – 2016


A gallery of Club awards going back to the year after the Nomads was first formed has been compiled by Nick Hickman.  This contains details of all winners with photographs of the forty four trophies currently in the collection and some images of those whose names are engraved.  The 2017 winners will be added to a new edition in due course.

Awards Gallery 



Mileage Competition – March to October 2017

The Hitchin Nomads’ Mileage Competition (also known as the “8 months Time Trial”) saw more than 130,000 miles being ridden by this year’s entrants between the months of March and October inclusive.

The Club Member completing the most miles was Nick Hickman, who deservedly becomes our 4th different winner of the trophy in 4 years.  This became the highest annual mileage trophy from 2014, currently based on March – October miles (not on a static bike).  The trophy was originally the Alan Thompson Memorial Cup, awarded from 1956 – 1995.  The competition, organised by Walt Livings, consisted of a series of questions where the answers would be found on a course set by Walt.  Also, it is thought that points were awarded for a free-wheeling competition with the most points awarded for the rider to go the furthest from a downhill standing start; and a speed judging competition where riders had to maintain a set pace over one mile, without the benefit of a GPS device or other speedometer of course!

Trophy #27 - Highest Annual Mileage

Nick Hickman – winner 2017

A late surge from John Curtin gave him 2nd place, and previous winner Nigel Hale once again covered a lot of miles to take 3rd.   14 people each rode over 4,000 miles to achieve the bronze or higher standard.  “Chapeau!” to junior entrants Ella Ruggles and Flo Cornell who completed the Event with nearly 1,000 miles between them.  Well done to all:

Miles 2017

Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze and Juniors

A special mention goes to Andrew Hardy and Mark Collins who may well have joined this group if it hadn’t been for injury and, based on her mileage in the rest of the year, Catherine Jones who would have been challenging John and Nigel for a place on the podium if injury hadn’t also truncated her season. There’s always 2018 and there are just 118 days to go until we start all over again on 1st March …