Medium Gear 25 TT – 24 March 2018

Event Sec and Sign On – Nick Hickman
Principal Time Keeper and Gear Scrutineer – Frank Turner
Prop and Photography – Michael Webb (images to follow)

Medium Gear Event

Women: Meli Fletcher 1:35:39
Men: James Cornell 1:13:42; Nick Hickman 1:14:35; Chris Corney 1:26:04

Private Time Trials (all HNCC)

Women: Catherine Jones 1:19:11
Men: Chris Brabrook 1:11:12; Andrew Hardy 1:11:21; Mark Loosely 1:19:42

For comparison the results from recent editions can be found here:

The next Club event is the “Roadworks 10” on the 1U/10B course at 18:30 on Tuesday 3rd April.  Sign on will be at the Finish Line.  A call for entries will be made nearer the time.