Briercliffe 10 – 3 April 2018

Event Sec. and Sign On: Nick Hickman
Principal Time Keeper: Frank Turner
Assistant Time Keeper: Leanne Cutler
Apprentice Time Keeper: Julian Pegg
Prop: Simon Doyle (Team Sales Engine)

Course: 1U/10B (“Road Works 10”)

Helped by decent conditions and several on their Easter holidays a remarkably good size field of twenty two riders took part.  Even more remarkably (given that there were some making their TT or course debut) no one got lost.  James McPherson took the honours for fastest ride of the evening, eclipsed only by Ella Ruggles who set a new baseline Club record for her age and gender.  It is to be confirmed whether this counts as a “junior”, “juvenile” or “school persons” record when our Records Officer has consulted the archives to determine how these are classified (they haven’t been used for very many years).

Thanks as ever to our Event Crew – especially to Simon Doyle from Team Sales Engine who made the mistake of coming to say hello to the Event Sec. and was immediately drafted in as Prop.  Julian Pegg began his apprenticeship as Time Keeper, being shown by Frank Turner and Leanne Cutler which buttons to click on the watch and how to record the results.


HNCC Women: Ella Ruggles 32:19

HNCC Men: James McPherson 23:26; Ross Thomson 24:48; Tom Weir 25:09; Steve Robinson 25:14; David Rickels 25:33; Christopher Hopper 26:04; Roger Taylor 26:08; Paul Wright 26:24; Paul Greenfield 26:21; Brian Ruggles 26:38; Nigel Tooke 26:55; Nigel Wilson 27:06; Mark Loosely 28:12; Ian Oxton 28:29; Stuart Hutchings 29:01; Chris Corney 29:12; David Summerell 29:16; Stephen Oliver 31:14

Private Time Trials: Lindz Barral (JCA-Equipe Velo) 23:37; Graham Laming (Beds Road CC) 28:27; David Heath (Beds Road CC)31:52

Next week’s event is at the same time on the same course.  A call for riders and crew will be made via the Club Facebook group a few days ahead.


Please call out your number as you approach the finish line.  This makes it much easier for the Time Keepers to record your result.

In the interests of your safety and that of other riders, you MUST NOT make a U-turn within sight of the Time Keepers after crossing the finish line.  Another rider might be right behind you travelling at speed.  The Event Crew reserves the right to disqualify any rider seen making such a manoeuvre.