Briercliffe 10 – 24 April 2018

Event Sec: Nick Hickman
Principal Time Keeper: Frank Turner
Assistant Time Keeper: Julian Pegg
Sign on and Prop: Michael Webb
Event Reporter: Paul Riley

The healthy turn outs for the Tuesday evening TT series continued with 24 riders on the start sheet to tackle the classic Briercliffe 10 course.  Various excuses and blatant disregard of Rule #9 reduced this to 19 on the evening.  Thank you to those that passed on their apology ahead of time though, that is much appreciated.  Despite the advent of Autumn following last week’s 5 days of Summer, some impressive times were posted.  We know of some Course PBs although with a number of other newer riders present, there could be more; let us know if we’ve missed you out.

Fastest time of the evening went again to new Nomad Ryan Witchell, overtaking his minute man Nick Hickman (riding medium-gear fixed) after just 1.35 miles and achieving a superb “long 21”.  Marc Diplock took 2nd place in the Nomads competition with a Course PB time. The women were led by Leanne Cutler (Course PB) followed by Catherine Jones and Helen Riley who managed to knock over 6 minutes off her previous best time which was a 2-Up. The author has some sympathy with the principle of being hampered by a slower 2-Up partner doesn’t he Nigel Wilson?

The mid-field battles proved tighter than ever with the majority of the riders sandwiched into the 27 to 29 minute times. On this occasion the perpetual “Battle of the Nigels” was won by Tooke, finishing just 10 seconds ahead of Wilson. Positions in this competitive sector of the field will surely chop and change over the season as some riders’ training plans kick in and others more beer-based schedules take their toll!

Time keeping duties were handled by Frank Turner & Julian Pegg. Michael Webb managed sign on and pushed off.   Simon Young declined to ride, despite the many invitations from the field of riders, choosing instead to add his support on the course.

Hitchin Nomads CC Event


L Cutler 27.44, C Jones 29.45, H Riley 35.49


R Witchell 21.58, M Diplock 25.07, N Tooke 27.46, N Wilson 27.56, M Lippard 28.02, M Manrique 28.03, P Riley 28.39, N Hickman 29.02, C Corney 29.29, C Hopper 29.14, D Heath 33.06, C Brabrook DNS (Apols), S Hayes DNS (Apols), M Loosely DNS (Apols), P Wright DNS (Apols), D Summerell DNS

Private Time Trials

J Stuart (CCA) 23.31, L Barral (JCA-Equipe Velo) 24.50, G Osborn (BRCC) 24.59, M Case (BRRT) 26.10, G Laming (BRCC) 28.28