Briercliffe 10 – 1 May 2018

Principal Timekeeper: Frank Turner
Assistant Time Keeper: Nigel Wilson
Prop: Michael Webb
Sign On: Julian Pegg

On this May Day, when some had to scrape ice from their car at 06:00, the sun shone on twenty five riders who turned out to test their power against a southerly wind (and a free ride along “Growers”) at 19:01.

A minute silence was observed for #1 as a mark of respect for former Nomad and occasional tester at this Event, Terry Davies, who recently passed away doing what he loved – riding his bike.

For the third week in a row we had three women riders lining up at the start.  Debutantes Rachel O’Donnell (HNCC) and Triathelite Katie Harbon (unaffiliated) both navigated the course without getting lost.  Rising Junior HNCC star Ella Ruggles knocked an impressive 2 minutes off her previous best time to record a 32:49. The Muddy Monsters and Icknield Sportive at the weekend clearly didn’t weigh on her legs.  Mr Dad Ruggles took more than eight miles to catch his daughter.  Ella’s target by end of season is surely not to be caught?

Paul Wright spent a second event in a row chasing (and catching with a 27:35) the women.  Is this going to be a 2018 habit and does Mrs Wright know?  Paul Riley (28:33) must be wishing he hadn’t sold his TT wheels to the other Paul as next week they could be biting him on the way past (pending rider availability and field layout of course).

Team Sales Engine were out in force claiming the top five results in the Nomads Competition.  All are second claim Nomads so it is looking good for the Inter Club competition there guys!  Bragging rights belonged to Ryan Witchell who, despite having major mechanical issues minutes before the start, managed to grind around stuck in a huge 106″ gear with a 22:06 (quickest time of the evening).  Steve Robinson was able to hold off team mate Sam Hayes by exactly 1 minute … just as well they were separated on start line by 2 minutes this week!  It was a welcome back for Gavin Ashfield (some people will do anything to save £2 on entry fee) and the Nomads’ Lost Prophet, Simon Doyle (whom no doubt will be scanning this article fore apostrophe’s, bad spelling and incorrect grammar).

Nick Hickman riding a 72″ fixed gear was able to hold off ‘Ryan The Flying Sales Engine’ by an additional 0.27 miles compared to last week.  Could this be Hickerz’ secret goal for the 2018 season?  The Chuckle Brothers (Mani and John) were separated by 18 seconds with the latter having the biggest chuckle.  Battle of those named Chris was won by Chris Batt with a 27:03.

Best Private Time Trial of the evening was Lindz Barral with 24:54 followed by Adam Gross with a 25:04 and then Simon ‘on the naughty step for running off with number AND forgetting fees’ Poole with a 26:54.

Many thanks to event crew without whom the event would not have taken place.


HNCC Women

Rachel O’Donnell 32:40
Ella Ruggles (Junior) 32:49


Ryan Witchell 22:06
Sam Hayes 24:16
Gavin Ashfield 24:38
Steve Robinson 25:16
Simon Doyle 26:01
John Martin 26:59
Chris Batt 27:03
Paul Greenfield 27:07
Manuel Manrique 27:17
Nigel Tooke 27:20
Paul Wright 27:35
Nick Hickman 28:15
Paul Riley 28:33
Brian Ruggles 28:52
Chris Brabrook 29:20
Mark Loosely 29:45
Chris Corney 30:03
David Heath 31:31
Terry Davies (RIP) DNF

Private Time Trials 

Katie Harbon (unattached) 28:04
Lindz Barral (JCA-Equipe Velo) 24:54
Adam Gross (700cc – unaffiliated Club) 25:04
Simon Poole (unattached) 26:54
Graham Laming (BRCC) 28:22