Briercliffe 10 – 8 May 2018

The task of writing up the Nomads’ Briercliffe time trial series events is one to be approached with gusto and verve.  The chance to embellish the parchment with the mighty quill to create a historical record to rival Magna Carta and Domesday, is often so much of a treat that literally nobody volunteers to act as herald.

This week was no exception.

Having been ‘volunteered’ (on the basis of some minor misdemeanour that was wholly unsubstantiated – Fake News indeed), this week’s scribe was given the task of having  to ‘be funnier than Paul Riley’, but also actually relay what happened. Being funnier than Paul is akin to being less silly than drinking bleach, but without the fuss of trying to get the lid off.

Editorial ‘steer’ from the event organiser (see credits below) comprised of ‘you must write the following’: Ruggles junior was not caught by Ruggles senior; Robinson was not caught by Hayes; Cutler was not caught by Robinson.  In effect, according to the organiser, nothing happened. Doubtless a career in the security guard/night watch industry or professional football referee in any European game that features the mighty Liverpool beckons.

In reality, all riders were faced by quite a buffeting (though not a buffet – although debris from several Scotch eggs were left in Webby’s car. Webby complained bitterly, as he’d not been offered one).

A westerly 11mph wind ‘provoketh’ as riders traversed Southill, however the same wind did indeed ‘taketh away’ nearly everywhere else. The cultured amongst the readership (I can but hope) will reflect on the reference to the ‘Scottish play’ in reverence to the eggs of the same  cultural origin. The rest of you can ‘Google’ Macbeth. (I didn’t ask for this job so don’t blame me, it’s challenging enough to make a list of names and numbers interesting as it is). I have no quotes that feature Irn-Bru.

‘So what did happen?!’ I hear you bellow!

Well, Cutler and Ruggles jnr created new course PBs and Catherine Jones went nicely under evens, thereby setting a target for the gentlemen who are yet to dip under 30 minutes. Chapeau ladies.

In the ‘Gentlemen’s and Ryan Witchell’s race for people called Ryan Witchell to win event’, Ryan Witchell continued  to demonstrate that youth is wasted on the young, with a simply superb sub-22 minute ride. If he got himself organised he could actually go quick. Well done Ryan. That nicely backs up the 19 from the weekend. Top riding indeed.

For the rest of the field (i.e. those who can actually remember what a Betamax video was and when bleach didn’t have a safety cap), Sam Hayes was second with another strong ride in the series.

Only the width of a carefully placed fiver in the timekeeper’s pocket separated Doyle, Robinson and Hickman. Doyle was in no way pleased that he beat his long-term sparring partner (and fellow former club captain), Robinson by a mere second. Mick Case of BRRT also recorded a time in the same bracket.

Nigel Tooke recorded a notable 27 on the nose with Chris Batt recording a slightly slower time than last week but in the 27 minute bracket nonetheless. 


Leanne Cutler 27.36

Catherine Jones 29.42

Ella Ruggles 32.35



Ryan Witchell 21.51

Sam Hayes 24.21

Simon Doyle 26.07

Steve Robinson 26.08

Nick Hickman 26.09

Nigel Tooke 27.00

Chris Batt 27.38

Manuel Manrique 28.01

Nigel Wilson 28.30

Brian Ruggles 29.38

Chris Corney 30.15

Steve Smith 30.41

Stephen Oliver 31.29

Mike Moralee 32.41



Mick Case BRRT 26.07

Bob Wright CCA 27.54

Graham Laming BRCC 28.27

Christopher Wilson BRCC 32.33


Thanks go to all those who contributed to making the event happen, during the preceding few days and on the night.

Timekeeper– Frank Turner

Genuflectiondemonstratorand propperupper– Paul Riley

Foghornandgeneral start-line larrikin– Michael Webb

ChiefPontiff– Julian Pegg

Organiser-she-who-must-be-obeyed– Leanne Cutler

Reporter – Some bloke acting as the Bard of Hitchin (Ed – surely is that barred from Hitchin?)

Next week sees the commencement of the Dave Gudgin series. Details of the course to follow.