2022 Club TT Calendar

Calendar for the 2022 season with volunteers’ names attached to the events. Please see Facebook to volunteer or keep abreast of event details as they near.

Recap – regarding 24 Club TTs – our Policy in 2022 is the same as for last year where we collectively have a ‘contribution obligation’ – to ride we must either volunteer to organise or help time-keep at least one event. Many of us got the hang of this last year, and for anybody new to this obligation don’t worry we offer a lot of help the first time you step forward. The one exception to the ‘contribution obligation’ is for complete novices to Time Trialling – you can ‘come and try’ a Club TT with no obligation if it’s your first ever time trial.

For those hoping to ride some of these events not a bad idea to grab the date you can help organise/time-keep now, rather than leave it so you have to take what’s left. (p>)Hope ok with everyone. First event this coming weekend. See Ross’s post.


Calander PDF Version – Edited March 2022
Calaendar XLSX version – Edited March 2022