90th Anniversary – New Club Kit

Dear Fellow Nomads,

Your club committee recently endorsed a proposal to introduce a new HNCC Kit for 2021. This is a call for orders and information regarding the ordering process.

Club Shop

Our new supplier is Bioracer and our club kit page is found via this weblink. https://www.bioracer.co.uk/en/mybioracer/?r=sn0p2gHTlR Click on the link and create an account.

The range is divided into:

  • Women’s Club
  • Men’s Club
  • Women’s Race
  • Men’s Race
  • Kids
  • Accessories
  • Leisure (not on the webpage yet but available to buy)

Prices, descriptions and size guides are available on the bioracer website, click on the item to view.


  • Chamois pad in bib tights is at extra cost; please enquire
  • No Pinz pocket on skinsuit is available
  • Reflective strips can be added but is extra
  • Minimum orders are required for:
    • Socks 25
    • Caps 25
    • Neck buffs 10
    • Arm warmers 10
    • Leg warmers 10


Our ‘Keeper of the Kit’ will be ordering the kit on behalf of club members. First order deadline is 16th April 2021. A further order will be placed later in the summer. You place your order with the club Kit Manager and they will let you know the final cost once club discounts have been applied.

Email kit@hitchinnomads.cc with these details:

  • Name
  • Item
  • Size
  • Quantity

You then have to pay the HNCC Treasurer by bank transfer and your order will be confirmed. Please add your name to the transfer reference to make identifying payments easier. Your ordered items will be confirmed and your payment to the treasurer checked. The order will be placed on or after the cut-off date above.


Prices are displayed with each item and prices include VAT.

Club Committee agreed that for the first six months (March – September 2021) HNCC will fund £20 on the purchase of a new jersey and £20 for the purchase of new shorts. This will be limited to one each per member, so a maximum £40 discount per member. The club jersey discount will apply to either a standard or a race (anatomic) jersey. The discount is not transferrable to other items of kit.

When purchasing your first jersey and first shorts the Kit Manager will apply the discount.

Sizing and Samples

A size guide is available for each item on the website. Bioracer has provided samples to try on for size.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions club members can try on samples from 29 March 2021 and the following will apply whilst trying on items:

  • it will take place outside
  • will be socially distanced
  • masks will be worn
  • hand sanitiser will be provided
  • after a sample has been tried on it will be left for 3 days or washed before it can be tried on by another club member

I will encourage members to post what size worked for them so others can gauge their size.

Existing Inverse Club Kit

Members can still purchase the Inverse club kit if that is their preference. Existing stock is currently discounted by 50% per item (see table below for discounted prices).

Please contact me via kit@hitchinnomads.cc

Kit can be collected from 29th March and trying on will be under the same COVID-19 rules as for the new kit samples. Please see the file below for current stock levels of the Inverse kit.

Best Wishes,

C Jones, Kit Manager


Current Inverse Kit in Stock