Ye Olde Club TT Courses

Due to a reduced speed limit being put in place in Old Warden village, it was deemed socially responsible to halt competitions on the following Time Trial circuits.

“Old Club 10” – Competitions halted in 2020
The old 1U/10 course was rendered unsuitable with the introduction of a 20 mph through Old Warden village. It was based around the club’s 25/ Southill course and used for the Briercliffe competition.

“Road Works 10” – Competitions halted in 2020
1U/10B is an alternative 10 miles course that is typically used for early and late season Briercliffe events and as an alternative to other 10 courses should there be road works, etc.

“Dave Gudgin 25” – Competitions halted in 2020
1U/25 is a 25 miles course, based around Southill, Beds.  This course is also used for the 2-Up Team TT (riding as a team of 2, you will be given the time of the second rider in your team to cross the finish line so you need to work together to get a good time) and the Medium Gear Competition (the limitation is that your bike cannot have a gear ratio higher than 72 inches – see technical explanation.

Interclub 30
1U/30 is a 30 miles course similar to the Dave Gudgin 25 but with an extra dog leg turn before Ireland and the finish on the long road towards Stanford rather than through the woods between Old Warden and Southill: