‘Roadworks’ 10 – 16th May 2017

Time Keeper: Frank Turner
Assistant Time Keeper: Leanne Cutler
Sign On and Organiser: Leanne Cutler
Prop: Julian Pegg
Cowbell: Denise Pegg
Reporter: Chris Corney

14 riders turned out to compete in the first of four ‘Gudgin 25’ time trials this evening, only to discover there were temporary traffic lights (3-way no less!) in Southill village. It took your reporter a fair few minutes to get through said traffic lights in his car, so it was no surprise to find out that we would be competing instead, on the brisk ‘roadworks’ 10 course. I’m sure I caught a look of relief on some testers faces as the black clouds and squally Summer drizzle set in! It was a warm evening though, and strangely pleasant while out on the course. A brisk South Westerly wind ensured a good push from Shefford all the way up to the growers roundabout.

Fastest rider of the night was Sam Hayes (TSE), fastest Nomad was Nick Morgan.

A big thanks to the people who donate their time each week to make these events happen, this week including, timekeepers Frank Turner and Leanne Cutler (who also organised sign on), prop Julian Pegg and some sterling cowbell support from Denise Pegg.

HNCC Competition
Nick Morgan (23.32); James McPherson (23.36); James Cornell (24.15); Tom Weir (25.12); Chris Brabrook (25.30); Mark Desborough (26.13); Nigel Tooke (26.25); Chris Corney (27.03); Catherine Jones (27.55)

Private Time Trials
Sam Hayes (TSE) (22:46); Jason Stuart (CCA) (23.13); Lindz Barral (JCA-Equipe Velo) (23:42); Simon Doyle (TSE) (23:48); Matt Cook (BRRT) (25.19)


DAVE GUDGIN 25 ROUND 1 – 10th May 2016

There’s an unwritten rule that the first Dave Gudgin 25 of the season must be ridden in a torrential downpour, and had you looked at the weather forecast 24 hours prior to the event, this year looked to follow suit nicely. However, as the day progressed, the heavy rain turned to drizzle, which stopped with about 30 minutes to spare.

As such, 13 riders decided to chance it and took to the start line on a mixture of full on TT bikes, road bikes with aero-bars, and road bikes.

Quickest of the evening was James Gomm, who edged out Lindz Barrel (Equipe-Velo) by a slim 15 seconds. Chris Brabrook rounded off the top 3 with a fine ride for his first time around the course.

Thanks to Frank Turner, Leanne Cutler & Simon Doyle for making up tonight’s time keeping team.

The Dave Gudgin series is a handicapped based competition, with each rider being given a handicap time to subtract from their actual time, which is based on their previous 2 seasons best time, or calculated on age and gender if there is no previous time. Although we are still awaiting tonight’s final calculations back from NASA, it looks as if Chris Brabrook has taken an early lead in this competition ahead of Chris Corney. If any other Chris’ wanted to get into the mix, the final standings are based on a riders best 3 rides out of 4, so there’s still time for anyone who didn’t ride this evening to enter. Riders with other first names are also encouraged to enter.

Hitchin Nomads:

J Gomm 1:03:25, C Brabrook 1:06:57, J Traynor 1:09:26, R Fox 1:11:05, N Wilson 1:11:20, C Corney 1:11:58, D Summerell 1:13:21, R Bamberough 1:17:48, S Smith 1:18:29, N Altham 1:20:02, P Riley DNF

Private Time Trials:

L Barrel (Equipe-Velo) 1:03:40, S Horwood (Unattached) 1:08:01


Reporter: James Gomm

The second evening 10 of 2016 saw the pleasant weather continue, with mild temperatures and a steady SW wind. 21 riders took to the start line, with 8 Nomads making their evening 10 debut for 2016. With 2 events under the belt, friendly rivalries have already started to form that are set to be battled out over the next few months.

Fastest Nomad of the evening was Nick Morgan, who managed to shave an impressive 47 seconds of his previous weeks time to go under the 24 minute mark. Hot on his heals were second claim member Steve Robinson, with Freddy Bulmer rounding off the top 3 with a commendable, but equally agonising time of 24:00.

The best battle was found in the middle order, where Edd Lee-Jones, Adam White and Nigel Tooke were separated by just 3 seconds. If you’re having trouble sleeping this evening Nigel, just have a think about where you lost those 0.3 seconds per mile……..

Frank Turner and James Spence worked the clocks with Chris Corney assisting this evening. As always there were 21 very grateful cyclists giving their thanks.

Hitchin Nomads: N Morgan 23:40, S Robinson 23:52, F Bulmer 24:00, N Hickman 24:50, J Gomm 25:30, T Davis 26:00, J Traynor 26:21, C Braybrooke 26:38, N Wilson 26:41, T Low 26:53, E Lee-Jones 27:06, A White 27:08, N Tooke 27:09, L Cutler 27:26, R Robinson 28:56, P Riley 30:49, S Oliver 32:27

Private Time Trials: R Evans (Army Cycling Union) 23:32, L Barell (Equipe Velo) 24:16, P Gell (BRCC) 24:25, E Koppe (CCA) 26:52


1U/10 Course: http://www.mapmyride.com/gb/shefford-eng/briercliffe-10-1u-10-route-59918908

HNCC Open 25 30/05/2015 – Results

The Nomads held their annual Open TT today (30 May 2015) around the F14/25 circuit, which takes in the country lanes around Guilden Morden. The day was warm and sunny, however a stiff Westerly wind ensured that it was hard work for the riders from after the roundabout turn for the 6 mile stretch to Wrestlingworth. It was a pity that the local council decided to resurface a small section of the course (c. 100m) prior to the event but no real time penalty ensued for the field.

The event was won the Luke Clarke of TMG Horizon, who held off brother Ross for the win. Jeremy Hargrave of Fenland RC came in 3rd. The Nomads’ own Leanne Cutler was the first Lady home to claim the Ladies’ competition. It was also a successful day for the male Nomad riders, with Gavin Ashfield placing 5th, and Nigel Hale also making the top 10. Both of whom put in sub-hour times. Chapeau.

For those who like statistics, the winning time was 47 seconds quicker than 2014’s, and the winning team of 3 were 6 minutes 55 seconds quicker than last year’s winning team.

Thanks go to all those who gave their time to ensure that the event could go ahead:

  • Tim Groves, his daughter Becki, and Frank Turner for timekeeping and to Simon Young for pushing off and relaying the results to HQ.
  • The Marshals – John Watson, Paul Riley, Simon Costin, Chris Tribe, Ingrid Matthews, Roger Taylor & Michael Webb
  • HQ Crew – Meliné Fletcher, Wendy Tribe, Anne Collins & Hannah Wilson.

Many thanks to all those who took part and we look forward to seeing you next year.


1st – #30 Luke Clarke – TMG Horizon Cycling Team – 0:54:39 – £30

2nd – #50 Ross Clarke – TMG Horizon Cycling Team – 0:55:46 – £20

3rd – #10 Jeremy Hargrave – Fenland Road Club – 0:57:22 – £10

1st Lady – #44 Leanne Cutler – Hitchin Nomads – 1:12:08 – £20

2nd Lady – #7 Joanna Spragg – Bossard Wheelers – 1:13:25 – £10

Fastest Team of 3 – TMG Horizon Cycling Team – 2:50:17 – £10 Each Rider

#30 Luke Clarke

#50 Ross Clarke

#45 Tony May

Congratulations to all the winners. Prize money will be sent in the post in due course.


Position # Name Club Time
1 30 Luke Clarke TMG Horizon Cycling Team 0:54:39
2 50 Ross Clarke TMG Horizon Cycling Team 0:55:46
3 10 Jeremy Hargrave Fenland Road Club 0:57:22
4 39 Joshua Lawless Elite Cycling 0:58:48
5 17 Gavin Ashfield Hitchin Nomads CC 0:58:57
6 55 Ian Pike Fenland Road Club 0:59:05
7 59 Leigh smith Equipe Velo 0:59:15
8 52 Antony Birt Ipswich BC 0:59:38
9 46 Jason Stuart CC Ashwell 0:59:50
10 51 Nigel Hale Hitchin Nomads CC 0:59:51
11 45 Tony May TMG Horizon Cycling Team 0:59:52
12 29 Kevin Haynes Finsbury Park CC 1:00:11
13 35 Allan Simmonds VC 10 1:00:22
14 15 Michael Martin CC Ashwell 1:00:30
15 31 Julian Pegg Hitchin Nomads CC 1:01:31
16 25 Steve Clarke TMG Horizon Cycling Team 1:01:48
17 40 John Dowling Hemel Hempstead CC 1:02:26
18 16 Alan Lang Hartlepool CC 1:02:41
19 22 Roberto Luff Bossard Whs 1:02:47
20 11 Richard Moule Bossard Whs 1:03:29
21 32 Graham Pepperdine Verulam CC 1:04:43
22 6 Ian Fensom Fenland Road Club 1:04:51
23 26 Nick Hickman Hitchin Nomads CC 1:05:00
24 47 Jonathan Scott Verulam CC 1:06:13
25 48 Jon Traynor Hitchin Nomads CC 1:06:53
26 13 Steve Rust Team Trisports 1:06:56
27 38 Daniel Homer Southgate CC 1:07:31
28 14 Toby Maloy Team Milton Keynes 1:07:39
29 34 Nigel Tooke Hitchin Nomads CC 1:07:47
30 8 Nigel Wilson Hitchin Nomads CC 1:09:13
31 18 Graham Ricketts Verulam CC 1:09:22
32 54 Tony Shortland Team Trisports 1:10:51
33 53 Paul Thomson Hemel Hempstead CC 1:10:58
34 43 Andrew Porter Welwyn Wheelers 1:11:08
35 33 Michael Russell Team Trisports 1:11:36
36 44 (L) Leanne Cutler Hitchin Nomads CC 1:12:08
37 7 (L) Joanna Spragg Bossard Whs 1:13:25
38 49 (L) Anna Holden Team Trisports 1:13:50
39 19 (L) Felicity Hey Cambridge University CC 1:19:17
40 28 (L) Carol Macdonald Hemel Hempstead CC 1:20:00
41 5 Steve Smith Hitchin Nomads CC 1:20:29
42 23 Leslie Morris VTTA (L&HC) 1:21:25
43 9 David Sullivan Cardif Ajax CC 1:33:32
37 Bryan Holland North Road CC DNF
56 (L) Emily Robertson CC Luton DNF


Number Name Club Time
36 (L) Lucy Gossage Cambridge CC DNSA
21 Carmelo Luggeri CC Ashwell DNSA
27 Andrew Bright Chronos RT DNSA
20 Tim Davies Icknield RC DNSA
41 Ian Turner North Road CC DNSA
57 Neill Coventry Rugby RCC DNSA
24 Martin Magnago St Ives CC DNSA
60 Brett Harwood Terry Wright Cycles RC DNS
12 Richard Burton Westerley CC DNSA
42 Paul King Verulam CC DNS
58 Glenn Dossett Welwyn Whs DNS
12 Richard Burton Westerley CC DNSA

Club Championship (Norlond) 50 mile Time Trial 10/05/15 – Review

7 Nomads lined up on the F1B/50 course to compete in the club 50 mile TT championship, including the defending Champion Nick Hickman, and 3 débutantes at the distance in Leanne Cutleer, James Spence and Nigel Wilson. The course was a variant on previous F1/50 courses due to the roadworks further north, and took in 2 laps between Tempsford and Baldock on the A1.

Conditions were blustery with a strong South Easterly wind, which meant that the riders faced a tough head/cross wind for the first and third quarters of the TT, but never quite got a tail wind on the return legs (in what’s known as a typical cyclists wind, i.e. taking with one hand, but not quite giving with the other, instead dangling agonisingly just out of reach).

The fastest Nomad of the day was John Watson who did enough to hold off Julian Pegg by 2 min 31 to take the 2015 Nomads club 50 championship, in what has been an impressive return season to time trialling for John.

Of the débutantes, all three put in impressive times to beat their respective VTTA Standard times (and in the process set a new PB by default), but the most notable ride came from Leanne Cutler who roared home in 2:16:16 seconds to set a new Nomads Ladies 50 mile TT scratch record, improving on the previous record by 4 mins 39 seconds (previously held by C Farquharson), and in the process set a new club VTTA standard record of + 11:07 (no previous record).

John Watson F1B50 Leanne Cutler F1B50

John and Leanne on course. Photos from John Pick

There was also great support with several Nomads lining various parts of the course to shout encouragement, including one who was armed with a cowbell (it is unclear if any cows were harmed in the acquisition of said cowbell).

Back in the HQ, there were murmers from certain Nomads of “Never again”, but time does funny things to the memory……

The event was provisionally won (pending result conformation) by Matthew Smith of Team Velovelocity in 1:43:48.

Nomads Results:

John Waston – 2:03:24, Julian Pegg – 2:05:58, James Gomm 2:12:48, James Spence 2:13:24, Nick Hickman 2:14:17, Leanne Cutler – 2:16:16 (CR), Nigel Wilson 2:18:10

BRCC F1B/25 TT 12/04/2015 – Review

Five Nomads took to the start line for the Beds Road CC 25 mile TT on the F1B/25 course. Riding were Leanne Cutler, James Spence, Nigel Wilson, James Gomm and second claim member Simon Doyle (representing Team Salesengine).

On the start line, the barometer was reading a finger numbing 4degC, and the strong southerly wind meant that the first 13 miles were a hard slog, meaning that it was not the quickest of days on the course.

The real winners of the day were Leanne and Nigel who both rode PB’s at 25 miles, with Leanne taking 4 minutes off her previous PB done on the same course last year. Leanne narrowly missed out on setting a new Nomads Vets Ladies record by 29 seconds, a record which she will surely break later in the season.

James Gomm at the turn

James Gomm at the turn

James Spence at the half way mark

James Spence at the half way mark

Leanne Cutler on her way to a new PB

Leanne Cutler on her way to a new PB

Nigel Wilson at the halfway point to a new PB

Nigel Wilson at the halfway point to a new PB

Thanks to our friends at Beds Road CC for putting on the event, which was very well marshalled.

The provisional quickest time (results pending) was by David McGaw of Cambridge CC who went round in an impressive 53:18.

Photo’s from Davey Jones

Nomads Results:

S. Doyle – 1:03:33, J Gomm – 1:04:05, J Spence – 1:08:18, N Wilson – 1:08:21 (pb), L Cutler – 1:08:58 (pb)

Hemel Hempstead Hilly TT – 29/03/2015 Report

1st Sea Lord James Gomm and Rear Admiral Nick Hickman turned out of their hammocks at o-crow-double-o on Sunday 29th March to set sail on the high seas in stormy weather for an Open Hilly event – 7.17 nautical leagues around the Chilterns (or 21.3 miles in old money).

This was the second of the London North Millennium Trophy Series, the first (North Road Hard Riders) having been cancelled due to icebergs on the course.  Both left their Fast Attack Boats at the quay side. Gomm cast off first in his Carbon Fibre Frigate and was safely back in port after 01:05:48 (39th of 55 starters).  Hickman slipped his moorings a little while later, piloting his Steel Tug Boat.  He was back on dry land in 01:08:12 (45thplace).

Hickman on the F11/22  Gomm on the F11/22

Hickman and Gomm on the climb up Ivinghoe Beacon

As well as Bison Hill and Ivinghoe Beacon, the course featured some deep flooding and stretches with a “failed road surface” according to the Highways Agency signage.  The Hemel Hempstead Coast Guard was out in force to marshal the vessels and there was good support from cheering land lubbers on the shore side.

The event was won by Tejvan Pettinger (2013 National Hill Climb Champion) in 00:51:25; edging out last year’s victor Michael Broadwith by just 7 seconds and taking the ‘Sid Latchford Memorial’ silverware home.