Briercliffe 10 mile time trial – 4 July 2017

This week’s must see review.

A rather muggy evening greeted a dozen riders in this week’s episode of the “Briercliffe 10”.  The set was dressed beautifully with the addition of a great big Airlander Airship, which Michael Webb had designs on “taking out” in some form of “Independence Day” (spot the link folks – what date is it – come on, keep up….) special effect spectacular.

He was discouraged, on the basis that although “it was big” it was also “far away”.

Conditions were a bit “sticky” on the Growers but relatively quick in the approach to Southill and through the village.  It could have been a very rapid night, but it was not quite to be.

First on stage was Roy Robinson (1st claim TSE), clocking his quickest Briercliffe time for 3 years.  The ensemble cast then performed with vim and vigour, sticking to their lines beautifully daaaaarling.  Chris Brabrook put in a tour de force performance to crack the 26 minute barrier with Tom Weir (1st claim University of Swansea) claiming the curtain call for the HNCC riders.  Of the troubadours, who brought such panache to proceedings, Lindz Barral edged out Mssrs Doyle and Weir for increasingly favourable reviews in The Stage followed by Shampoo at the Garrick.  (Paul Riley did mention something along the lines of going for a bimble to the White Horse).

To cap things off, Michael Webb almost “did a Cutler” to a couple of bikes at the finish line.  Note to riders, do not lie expensive bikes sunny-side down in the long grass. The props department will have a hissy-fit.  Simon Doyle was then “informed” that he had volunteered to write up this nonsense.  So, in essence, if you want a sensible write up don’t leave it to me or Simon Young to do.

HNCC Luvvies
Thomas Weir 24.43
Julian Pegg 25.38
Chris Brabrook 25.45
Nigel Tooke 26.42
Chris Corney, 27.55
Manuel Manrique, 28.49
Paul Riley, 29.03
Derek Thom, 29.18
Roy Robinson 29.45

Private Auditions
Lindz Barral JEV 24.16
Simon Doyle, TSE 24.41
Mick Case, BRCC 26.21

Credits (cue music to Crossroads)

Executive Producer/Miss Dianne, Leanne Cutler
Equity generation, Ethan Dynes
Dolly Grip/Stunt Monkey/Benny Michael Webb
Script Editor/Brad Pitt body-double Simon Doyle
Frank, Himself.
Guest Star, Nick Hickman (still not managed to find his house and has been riding his bike for 327 hours now).

JEV = JCA Equipe Velo
TSE = Team Sales Engine
BRCC = Beds Road CC
USw = University of Swansea


Dave Gudgin 25m TT – 30 May 2017

The 2017 Dave Gudgin 25 mile time trial series sprang in to life tonight (30 May 2017). The annual 4 race series sees riders compete in a scratch (actual time) competition and also a handicap contest. Nigel Wilson is the resident handicapper, I am not sure there is still time to bribe him though for this season, but it’s always worth a shout.

Following a false start due to roadworks a fortnight ago, 10 Hitchin Nomads opened their accounts at the blue riband distance.

With one event cancelled this season the quickest aggregate times over riders’ best 2 races out of 3  (in both the handicap and scratch contests) sees the winner(s) take home the colossus of silverware that brings looks of dread to many a racing spouse. “It’s not going in the front room” and “Well I am not polishing it” are the perennial/Pavlovian reactions. To the victor the spoils and all that.  Currently Mrs Robinson is likely to be the subject of delicate negotiations as Mr Robinson took a series lead amongst the competing Nomads.

13. Dave Gudgin Memorial Trophy

The humungous Dave Gudgin Samovar (aka “the tea urn”)


Handicap results to follow. The beauty of the handicapping contest is that anyone is in with a shout of taking home a medal or trophy as ultimately you ride against yourself. The Zen of the Time Trial is there to behold.

Pushing off and signing on were Stephen Oliver and Steve Smith respectively. Snapping on the course, in a photograph sense, rather than Jack Russell sense, was Michael Webb (check out the Facebook page for images at some point soon). Time keeping were Frank Turner and Leanne Cutler. Cheering on riders were a retinue of Peggs. Thank you very much.

Regional fast man Justin Layne (CC Ashwell) was quickest on the night, with a sublime 55.36. Also ducking under the magic 60 minute mark were Jason Stuart (CC Ashwell) and Sam Hayes (Team Salesengine).  Well done guys, anything under the hour on that course is a storming ride.

Pictures – credit Michael Webb

James Cornell and Julian Pegg (on his road bike, chapeau!) took the 2nd and 3rd spots behind Steve Robinson. Julian did well to keep his legs turning following a great ride at the ECCA 25 on Sunday.

The next round is 13th June, 2017.

It is great to see representation from many local clubs. The Nomads Tuesday night TTs are open to all club members, whether they are experienced “testers” or newbies. Come and have a go. Next week it’s back to the shorter distance, 10 miler.


Nomad Rider Team Time (Scratch)
Justin Layne CCA 00:55:36
Jason Stuart CCA 00:58:54 @ 00:03:18
Sam Hayes TSE 00:59:30 @ 00:00:36
Simon Doyle TSE 01:01:44 @ 00:02:14
1 Steve Robinson HNCC 01:02:11 @ 00:00:27
Lindz Barral JCA EV 01:02:49 @ 00:00:38
2 James Cornell HNCC 01:03:18 @ 00:00:29
3 Julian Pegg HNCC 01:04:33 @ 00:01:15
4 Nick Hickman HNCC 01:05:04 @ 00:00:31
Mick Case BRRT 01:06:02 @ 00:00:58
5 Mark Desborough HNCC 01:06:27 @ 00:00:25
Jason Lee TMK 01:06:37 @ 00:00:10
6 Nigel Tooke HNCC 01:08:53 @ 00:02:16
7 Nigel Wilson HNCC 01:08:57 @ 00:00:04
Simon Young Unatt 01:11:42 @ 00:02:45
8 Paul Riley HNCC 01:12:32 @ 00:00:50
9 Chris Corney HNCC 01:12:44 @ 00:00:12
10 Mark Loosely HNCC 01:16:00 @ 00:03:16

Reporter – Simon Doyle

n.b. TMK – Team Milton Keynes, HNCC – Hitchin Nomads, TSE – Team Salesengine, CCA – CC Ashwell, JCA EV – JCA Equipe Velo.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream – Dave Gudgin 25 TT Report – 21 June 2016

In a wood just outside Shefford, on the evening of the longest day of the year, 17 riders gathered to contest the season’s last Dave Gudgin 25.

Warm temperatures free of the high humidity of previous days, were offset by a light wind, but not enough to trouble all but the most ethereal of fairies.

A brief period of confusion occurred when the organiser of our revels, Nick Hickman, found himself inexplicably in another part of the forest, but all was soon mended and we were off, timed by Frank Turner and Leanne Cutler.  The most fleet of foot and pedal was Ryan Witchell, who whilst not putting a girdle round the Earth in 40 minutes, was able to lap Old Warden three times in a magical 57:09.

The next to complete the course was Lindz Barral (1:02:01), nearly 5 minutes behind and narrowly ahead of Steve Robinson (1:02:06). A feature of this event is the rustic timed downing of half a pint in the second lap in memory of Clive Collins and to remind ourselves that we do this for fun. A slick 6.38 second performance by Nigel Wilson assured him of this trophy ahead on his way to a solid 1:09:52, easily beating Paul Riley (8.83/1:14:08) at both disciplines. John Traynor’s stumbling 27.72 hints at a need for further practice… (Ed – Jon should be good at this being a Duathlete type).

Whilst the night was free of mechanicals, (except the Crude Mechanicals in the Hare and Hounds), there were numerous adventures off course. Nick Senechal veered off onto Oberon’s causeway (the 30 course innit) until he realised he had done 25 miles but not finished, and Richard Cooke added his own variations, as did guest Julian Shepherd of the New Forest CC.

But these small matters faded into insignificance as those lucky enough to ride home turned their wheels towards Hitchin. The late evening sun shining over their shoulders turned the landscape to a magical golden world, or as Radu put it “the sun makes everything look more poetic” (Ed – except sun burn).

Times and riders.

  1. Ryan Witchell University of Bristol, 57:06
  2. Lindz Barral Equipe Velo, 1:02:01
  3. Steve Robinson HNCC/TSE, 1:02:06
  4. Peter Gell, BRRT, 1:02:51
  5. Mark Desborough HNCC, 1:03:41
  6. James Gomm HNCC/TSE, 1:04:23
  7. Nick Senechal HNCC, 1:04:46 (off course)
  8. Julian Shepherd New Forest CC, 1:06:46 (off course)
  9. David Ledgerton TSE, 1:08:26 (+ 35 Seconds Late start)
  10. John Gillham Tm Trident, 1:08:58
  11. Richard Cooke HNCC, 1:09:25 (off course)
  12. Nigel Wilson HNCC, 1:09:52
  13. Radu Chirvasuta HNCC, 1:12:29
  14. Dave Summerell HNCC, 1:12:34
  15. Paul Riley HNCC, 1:14:08
  16. Catherine Jones HNCC, 1:18:31

Jon Traynor HNCC, DNF

King of the Forest was Frank Turner, Titania was played by Leanne Cutler. And Simon Doyle was Puck. Well, we think that’s what he said.

As told to Nick Senechal.

Nomads place 4th in 2015 British Best All Rounder time trial competition

Hitchin Nomads have more cause for celebration with the triumvirate of John Watson, Nick Hickman and Julian Pegg stepping on the podium of the 2015 Cycling Time Trials, British Best All Rounder team competition.

The BBAR competition is the ‘Blue Riband’ of long distance time trialling with riders looking to place the fastest average speed from rides at 50 miles, 100 miles and over 12 hours. With Hickman setting the bar high in 2014, Club Captain Watson and new recruit Julian Pegg have formed a highly consistent team.

Watson, Hickman, Pegg post ECCA 12 hour TT and still standing.

John Watson’s times saw him record 1h 57m 52s for 50 miles, 4h 02m 36s for 100 miles and a staggering 260 miles for the 12 hour.

John Watson

Club Captain 2015, John Watson

Julian Pegg is one place behind John in the national rankings by virtue of 1h 54m 17s for the 50, 4h 05m 07s for 100 miles and 245 miles for the 12 hour.

Julian Pegg riding the 12 hour time trial

Julian Pegg riding the 12 hour time trial

Nick Hickman’s fine 12 hour TT performance of 243 miles helped to cement his and the team’s efforts, therefore adding to his 2h 01m 15s 50 mile time and 4h 19m 36s 100.

Nick Hickman

Nick Hickman

The team have a cumulative average speed for 1,098 miles of 23.46 mph. Super impressive.


Pictures courtesy Davey Jones.

Nomads’ Records tumble – Time Trialling 2015

As Roy Castle may have said, “It’s a Record Breaker”. We cannot quite rival the former jazzman’s trumpeting fanfare but a daaa-da-da-da-da-daaaaah down a rolled up newspaper shall suffice for a bumper harvest of club records being surpassed.

John Watson and Leanne Cutler have troubled the engravers and note takers with respective record-beating in the mens’ 50,100, 12 hour, Best All Rounder and the ladies’ 25, 50 (scratch and VTTA standard).

Watson figures with Nick Hickman and Julian Pegg in setting the team 12hr record (which also claimed 1st place on the day in the ECCA 12hr). The distance of 748 miles will be very hard to beat.

Records can be viewed on the records page.

Chapeau to all….too many to keep up with!

Nigel Wilson (Records Officer), Simon Doyle (Membership Sec).

Interclub 25 Mile Time Trial – 19 July 2015 – Report

Seven Nomads took to the start line for today’s (Sunday, 19 July 2015) CC Ashwell hosted, Interclub 25 mile time trial.

The F14/25 Guilden Morden circuit features two laps of the undulating roads to the north and east of Guilden Morden. With the early morning rain and dew easing off ahead of the 9 o’clock start, riders were tantalised by the prospect of favourable conditions. The meteorological reality was somewhat different, the wind picked up in places and  meant that many competitors were chewing the bars as they turned at the A1198 to  begin the return element of the circuits.

James Spence was the first rider off and put a big dent in to his current Personal Best (PB) for the 25 mile distance. Following 10 minutes or so later was Simon Doyle. Doyle improved on his course best, which he set in 2013, by 18 seconds.

Conditions probably got a bit stiffer for the later starters, but this did not hamper Nigel Wilson (PB) and Steve Smith (who also Course PB’ed). Mark Desborough also smashed out a Course-PB.

John Watson, off the back of yesterday’s impressive sub-2 hour 50-miler, hovered around the magical hour mark. Nigel Tooke shook off the effects of a pre-match nose-bleed to record a solid ‘9’.

Nomads’ times(h.m.s)

Simon Doyle 59.28
John Watson 1.01.17
Mark Desborough 1.03.14
James Spence 1.04.10
Nigel Wilson 1.07.44
Nigel Tooke 1.09.36
Steve Smith 1.13.57

Nick Senechal DNS.

The event was won by the ever-impressive Simon Norman of Beds Road CC with a time of 53.56.

Congratulations to all those who improved and helped capture some points in the Interclub series.

Thanks go to James McKenzie, Jeremy Prodger and the team at CC Ashwell for hosting.

Time Trial Report – Non-aero 10 – 16 June 2015

A balmy Summer’s evening greeted 22 riders in what is becoming the a popular addition to the ever-increasing Nomads calendar of events.

The Non-aero time trial is an attempt to encourage any rider to come and try their skills and fitness, and the challenging Briercliffe 10 course, without having to resort to using a time-trial bike and aerodynamic kit. Inspired by our club mate Clive Collins, the event has become a social occasion too, with many riders and supporters taking time for a pint in the White Horse, Southill after the ride.

It was great to see some new members take to the course and see many of them wonder what the hell had happened to their bodies at the finish line.

With Steve Smith on the clocks and Simon Doyle setting the field, Andrew Herbert and Mike Webb took turns to push riders off. Leanne Cutler was Assistant Time Keeper.

The evergreen Frank Turner took to the road as #1 and put in a great time that would probably shame 99% of the UK population, let alone someone of a certain age.

Freddie Bulmer put in a cracking performance to demonstrate his increasing strength and class from the road-race discipline. If he’d have spent less money on tattoos he could have bought a Time Trial bike for use next season. Nigel Hale was the best of the rest. Roadie Dave Pickles/Rickel/Biddell/Fiddle/Rickels put in a good show to hold of the one-man juggernaut that is James Cornell, and Nick Morgan also rode strongly to demonstrate that he can actually get round a TT course without confusing his left and right turns.

Former Nomad (and multiple record holder) Steve Cotton graced us with his presence. Check the records to see what a top rider Steve is.

Other points to note:

  • Andrew Herbert broke the club record for most punctures in the space of an hour.
  • Michael Webb nearly decapitated Simon Doyle with a bike pump/exploding inner-tube combination. It was like the Hurt Locker but with ironic cheering.
  • Paul Riley won the ‘Paul Riley riding a fixed gear for people called Paul Riley Award 2015’.
  • Of the Nomads and chums who rode Raid des Alpes, 2014 (Doyle, Burr, Traynor, Wilson) there was hardly any time to split three of them. More training Nigel.
  • Jason Dynes did a horizontal track stand whilst attempting to clip-in to ride back to his car, and yes we did all see it. Is this a family thing? Elastoplast are doing well from you guys


# Name Time
1 F Bulmer 00:24:36
2 N Hale 00:25:46
3 D Rickels 00:26:19
4 J Cornell 00:26:47
5 N Morgan 00:26:52
6 J Traynor 00:27:42
7 E Lee-Jones 00:28:07
8 J Dynes 00:28:08
9 J King 00:28:20
10 N Hickman 00:28:30
11 N Wilson 00:29:23
12 C Corney 00:29:24
13 D Summerell 00:29:39
14 P Riley 00:30:20
15 F Turner 00:36:38

Private Time Trials

N Fraser 00:24:59
S Cotton 00:26:44
S Doyle 00:27:11
J Thorpe 00:27:40
M Burr 00:27:54
C Brabrook 00:28:07
K Carne 00:29:39