Briercliffe 10 – 16 April 2019

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Principal Time Keeper: Frank Turner
Assistant Time Keeper and Event Sec: Leanne Cutler
Apprentice Time Keeper: Paul Wright
Prop: Steve Smith
Reporter: Marc Diplock
Club TT Sec: Julian Pegg

It was a crisp evening on the traditional Briercliffe circuit (1U/10) with a gentle easterly wind.  Some of us were regretting bringing a tinted visor in the fading spring light. A 14-strong field of Nomads and Private Time Triallists signed on and prepared for competition.  A great effort by all participants and thanks to the volunteers for doing a sterling job once again. We are already looking forward to next week to burn off all those Easter eggs and hot cross buns!

Hitchin Nomads

Of the Nomads, Andy Saunders took top honours.  The 3rd spot on the Club podium looks like it could be hotly contested as the season progresses.  There were plenty of close results elsewhere in the ranking, which promises more good competition in future weeks.

Andy Saunders 24:55; Marc Diplock 25:36; Steve Robinson 26:18; Ross Thompson 26:18; Nigel Tooke 27:19; John Curtin 28:56; Olly Oxton 29:07; Mark Loosely 29:40; David Summerell 30:40

Private Time Trials

Team Salesengine turned up in force.  Steve Robinson (riding as 2nd claim Nomad) found himself in an orange and blue sandwich between Nick Hickman on a 72″ fixed gear and Sam Hayes using gears to good effect to pass both Robinson and Hickman.  Next week they plan to try and hold it all together as a 3-up team.  Representing Army Cycling was Luke Danckert, who did the fastest ride of the night once again despite getting held up by a gaggle of unkown riders half way round:

Luke Danckert (Army Cycling) 23:25; Sam Hayes (Team 24:32;  Rhys Evans (Beds Road CC) 25:59; Mick Case (Beds Road RT) 26:14; Nick Hickman (Team 27:33

Next Event

19:00 Tuesday 23rd April, using the standard 1U/10 Briercliffe 10 course.