Briercliffe 11.2 13-07-2021

A small field enjoyed bright, sunny conditions, and perfect temperatures for riding. A few did comment on the wind which seemed to blow in every direction at various times, though not too strongly I think (easy to say for the organiser who drove there in his car!). Almost half the field managed sub-30-minute rides which was impressive, with some eager competition as several riders caught their minute-men resulting in 3 riders crossing the finishing line almost together at one point – a nightmare for a novice time-keeper (like me). Fortunately, Rachel O’Donnell and the ever-present Frank Turner were on hand too and all fell into place. Thanks to both of them and to Paul Abraham for their able assistance tonight.Times as follows:

TT Bikes

  1. James McPherson 28.14 (14.17)
  2. John Curtin 29.13 (14.40)
  3. Paul O’Sullivan 29.56 (14.39)
  4. Steven Oliver 34.38 (split 17.10)

Road Bikes

  1. Ade Gower 29.54 (14.52)
  2. David Rickels 30.35 (15.16)
  3. Michael Levet 31.02 (15.19)
  4. David Rossall 34.30 (split 16.59)
  5. David Summerell 35.19 (17.22)

Well done all. Enjoyable evening.