2-up 25 Miles TTT – 10 March 2018

Event Secretary: Nick Hickman
Sign On: David Rossall
Principal Time Keeper: Leanne Cutler
Assistant Timekeeper: Mark Young
Props: Simon Young, Mike Moralee
Photography: Michael Webb (see folder here)

Conditions similar to the 2017 edition (but with wetter roads) awaited twenty-two 2-up teams and two solo riders for the annual Club event on the 1U/25 course, around Southill, Old Warden and nearby.  Once again a southerly wind gave a good push up to G&M Growers.

A large section of the café at Shuttleworth was commandeered afterwards for the Captain’s awards, with some Aero Bars of the chocolate variety being presented.

Full results below.  For comparison, last year’s report is here.

Irene Bamberough & Catherine Jones  Thelma & Louise 1:17:58
Meliné Fletcher & Lorraine Curtin  Pussy Cat Dolls 1:29:43
Sue Rapley & Helen Riley  Marvellous Minxes 1:38:37
Julian Pegg & John Watson Pegz & Captz 0:59:24
James Bainbridge & James McPherson Pink Fonz Steamtrain 1:02:26
Scott Horwood & Roger Taylor Peter Pan & Tinkerbell 1:06:33
Steven King & Tom Morris Sugar Crash Test Dummies 1:06:49
Andrew Hardy & Martin Scott Cycle Paths 1:08:19
Nick Hickman & Paul Wright Elite Cupcake 1:09:28
Paul Greenfield & Darren Timms Bert & Ernie 1:09:36
Manuel Manrique & John Martin Chuckle Bros. 1:09:50
Paul Riley & Nigel Wilson Big Test Icicles 1:12:14
Roger Bamberough & John Curtin The Wheel Deal 1:14:56
Ian Oxton & Jonathan Sewell Olly & Lolly 1:17:06
Harold Jones & Steven Oliver Rollin’ Thunder 1:26:18
Mark Desborough & Rob Fox [mechanical] Foxy Ladies 1:51:01
Chris Batt & Chris Goldenberg [off course] Battman & Robin DNF
Private Time Trials – Women
Jane Wilson (Histon & Impington BC) & Ingrid Matthews (HNCC) Don’t Get Chicked 1:15:18
Rachel O’Donnell (HNCC) & Michelle Reeves (Stevenage CC) Electric Elegance 1:17:12
Private Time Trials – Men
Mark Diplock (HNCC) & Steve Hughes (iCycle) Smokin’ Trees & Stokin’ Threes 1:05:38
George Olive (Stevenage CC) and Mark Vooght (Stevenage CC) Stevenage Ladies 1:05:52
Paul Chinery (unattached) and Mark Loosely(HNCC) Fast & Loose 1:15:39
Private Time Trials – Solos
Steve Robinson (HNCC) Han Solo 1:06:56
Andrew Herbert (unattached) Chewbacca 1:09:35

Next up is the Spring Hilly Event at 09:00 on the 17th March using two laps of the 6Z10 course from Whitwell.  Your TT Secretary has put a call out for pre-registration on the Club’s Face Book Group.  Riders can also make contact via email to timetrials@hitchinnomads.cc .


Briercliffe 10 mile time trial – 4 July 2017

This week’s must see review.

A rather muggy evening greeted a dozen riders in this week’s episode of the “Briercliffe 10”.  The set was dressed beautifully with the addition of a great big Airlander Airship, which Michael Webb had designs on “taking out” in some form of “Independence Day” (spot the link folks – what date is it – come on, keep up….) special effect spectacular.

He was discouraged, on the basis that although “it was big” it was also “far away”.

Conditions were a bit “sticky” on the Growers but relatively quick in the approach to Southill and through the village.  It could have been a very rapid night, but it was not quite to be.

First on stage was Roy Robinson (1st claim TSE), clocking his quickest Briercliffe time for 3 years.  The ensemble cast then performed with vim and vigour, sticking to their lines beautifully daaaaarling.  Chris Brabrook put in a tour de force performance to crack the 26 minute barrier with Tom Weir (1st claim University of Swansea) claiming the curtain call for the HNCC riders.  Of the troubadours, who brought such panache to proceedings, Lindz Barral edged out Mssrs Doyle and Weir for increasingly favourable reviews in The Stage followed by Shampoo at the Garrick.  (Paul Riley did mention something along the lines of going for a bimble to the White Horse).

To cap things off, Michael Webb almost “did a Cutler” to a couple of bikes at the finish line.  Note to riders, do not lie expensive bikes sunny-side down in the long grass. The props department will have a hissy-fit.  Simon Doyle was then “informed” that he had volunteered to write up this nonsense.  So, in essence, if you want a sensible write up don’t leave it to me or Simon Young to do.

HNCC Luvvies
Thomas Weir 24.43
Julian Pegg 25.38
Chris Brabrook 25.45
Nigel Tooke 26.42
Chris Corney, 27.55
Manuel Manrique, 28.49
Paul Riley, 29.03
Derek Thom, 29.18
Roy Robinson 29.45

Private Auditions
Lindz Barral JEV 24.16
Simon Doyle, TSE 24.41
Mick Case, BRCC 26.21

Credits (cue music to Crossroads)

Executive Producer/Miss Dianne, Leanne Cutler
Equity generation, Ethan Dynes
Dolly Grip/Stunt Monkey/Benny Michael Webb
Script Editor/Brad Pitt body-double Simon Doyle
Frank, Himself.
Guest Star, Nick Hickman (still not managed to find his house and has been riding his bike for 327 hours now).

JEV = JCA Equipe Velo
TSE = Team Sales Engine
BRCC = Beds Road CC
USw = University of Swansea

Spring Hilly – 4 March 2017

Promoted for and on behalf of Cycling Time Trials – Under its rules and regulations

Event Organiser, Signage and Reporter: Nick Hickman
Time Keeper: Frank Turner
Assistant Time Keeper and Prop: Nigel Wilson
Number Spotter: Mark Desborough
Photographer: David Rossall

In a radical break from the tradition of recent years, the conditions for the 2017 Spring Hilly were actually spring-like.  A good size field of 17 riders took to the 6Z10 course from near Codicote, completing two laps.  An event de-brief was held in Vanstone Park Garden Centre Café afterwards.  The Club Captain will be pleased to hear that no cake at all was consumed.


Top Nomads were Ingrid Matthews and Steve Robinson, with Team Sales Engine’s Sam Hayes fastest on the day.

Women: Ingrid Matthews 56:08 (27:46 1st lap); Leanne Cutler 57:40 (28:29) ; Catherine Jones 58:58 (29:18)


Ingrid Matthews

Men: Steve Robinson 48:41 (24:35); James McPherson 50:51 (25:13); James Bainbridge 51:18 (25:20); Ross Thomson 51:49 (25:43); Scott Horwood 54:00 (27:12); David Rickels 55:09 (27:27); Nick Hickman 55:20 (26:54); Martin Scott 57:26 (28:22); Roger Taylor 58:15 (28:25); Darren Timms 59:28 (29:54); David Summerell 1:00:43 (29:48); Roger Bamberough 1:03:50 (31:22); Nick Senechal DNF (25:30)


Steve Robinson

Private Time Trial: Sam Hayes (TSE) 48:01 (23:52)

The next Club Event is the 2-up Team Time Trial at 09:00 on Saturday 11 March using the 1U/25 “Dave Gudgin” course from Southill.

Committee Meeting Minutes 9 January 2017

In an effort to be open and transparent regarding Committee business, decisions and actions, the minutes of the 9 January 2017 Committee Meeting are attached:


Note: The minutes of meeting were ratified by the Committee and then signed as being a true and accurate record, which procedure was enacted at the 20 February 2017 Committee meeting

Victoria CC 3-up TTT – 27 August 2016

Reporter: Nick Hickman
Photography: Davey Jones

Nomads Nick Hickman, Freddy Bulmer and Nick Senechal rose well ahead of sunrise to ride the Victoria CC 3-up 10.2 miles Team Time Trial near Audley End.  Senechal came off the bench as a reserve Nick – replacing Nick Morgan who had an unexpected real life matter to deal with.

The team matched the Club’s previous attempt on this course to the second, with a 23:30 leaving them missing out on 1st place by just three seconds.  Three seconds.  Could each team member have pushed just a fraction harder each time they took a turn on the front?  This question must remain unanswered until the four event series commences again next season. Three seconds …


Bulmer and Hickman enjoyed it so much they rode the solo event afterwards, coming in with 25:15 and 25:35 respectively.  Senechal, the far more experienced team time triallist  made his excuses and took an early bath (something about a prior commitment to take his boys to watch twenty two grown men kick an inflated bladder around a field for 90 minutes).

The event was organised by Christine Yareham who put on another superb event with her team of marshals and helpers at the HQ, the Victoria CC Club House in Ugley.  Large volumes of coffee and bread pudding were consumed in the sunshine at this historic location which has a handful of similar Club Houses (Shaftesbury CC, Eagle RC, etc.) close by.  The Nomads team owes Christine a big debt of gratitude for sorting out its last minute reserve and giving us such a warm welcome.

The series has 3-up, 2-up, solo and tandem events and is highly recommended.

ECCA E2/12hr – 16 August 2016

A gallery of images from the ECCA E2/12hr event (courtesy Club members and Davey Jones).  More to be added …





A Midsummer Night’s Dream – Dave Gudgin 25 TT Report – 21 June 2016

In a wood just outside Shefford, on the evening of the longest day of the year, 17 riders gathered to contest the season’s last Dave Gudgin 25.

Warm temperatures free of the high humidity of previous days, were offset by a light wind, but not enough to trouble all but the most ethereal of fairies.

A brief period of confusion occurred when the organiser of our revels, Nick Hickman, found himself inexplicably in another part of the forest, but all was soon mended and we were off, timed by Frank Turner and Leanne Cutler.  The most fleet of foot and pedal was Ryan Witchell, who whilst not putting a girdle round the Earth in 40 minutes, was able to lap Old Warden three times in a magical 57:09.

The next to complete the course was Lindz Barral (1:02:01), nearly 5 minutes behind and narrowly ahead of Steve Robinson (1:02:06). A feature of this event is the rustic timed downing of half a pint in the second lap in memory of Clive Collins and to remind ourselves that we do this for fun. A slick 6.38 second performance by Nigel Wilson assured him of this trophy ahead on his way to a solid 1:09:52, easily beating Paul Riley (8.83/1:14:08) at both disciplines. John Traynor’s stumbling 27.72 hints at a need for further practice… (Ed – Jon should be good at this being a Duathlete type).

Whilst the night was free of mechanicals, (except the Crude Mechanicals in the Hare and Hounds), there were numerous adventures off course. Nick Senechal veered off onto Oberon’s causeway (the 30 course innit) until he realised he had done 25 miles but not finished, and Richard Cooke added his own variations, as did guest Julian Shepherd of the New Forest CC.

But these small matters faded into insignificance as those lucky enough to ride home turned their wheels towards Hitchin. The late evening sun shining over their shoulders turned the landscape to a magical golden world, or as Radu put it “the sun makes everything look more poetic” (Ed – except sun burn).

Times and riders.

  1. Ryan Witchell University of Bristol, 57:06
  2. Lindz Barral Equipe Velo, 1:02:01
  3. Steve Robinson HNCC/TSE, 1:02:06
  4. Peter Gell, BRRT, 1:02:51
  5. Mark Desborough HNCC, 1:03:41
  6. James Gomm HNCC/TSE, 1:04:23
  7. Nick Senechal HNCC, 1:04:46 (off course)
  8. Julian Shepherd New Forest CC, 1:06:46 (off course)
  9. David Ledgerton TSE, 1:08:26 (+ 35 Seconds Late start)
  10. John Gillham Tm Trident, 1:08:58
  11. Richard Cooke HNCC, 1:09:25 (off course)
  12. Nigel Wilson HNCC, 1:09:52
  13. Radu Chirvasuta HNCC, 1:12:29
  14. Dave Summerell HNCC, 1:12:34
  15. Paul Riley HNCC, 1:14:08
  16. Catherine Jones HNCC, 1:18:31

Jon Traynor HNCC, DNF

King of the Forest was Frank Turner, Titania was played by Leanne Cutler. And Simon Doyle was Puck. Well, we think that’s what he said.

As told to Nick Senechal.