HNCC Gains Equality Kitemark

HNCC has been awarded the EPIC kitemark (Equality and Parity in Cycling)

Some of you will have seen the article recently in Cycling Weekly introducing the EPIC kitemark. We contacted the team behind this very positive development and as a result have been awarded the Kitemark. This can be used in publicising all our events.

The key elements to our achieving this were:

  • Our equalisation of all our club awards and trophies between Men & Women
  • Our equalisation of all prize money between Men and Women in our events and the clear distinction of separate categories
  • Our Women’s Road Race – with recognition many clubs fail to run a Women’s race whilst still running a Men’s race
  • Also noted were our inclusiveness; our Madam Chair; the design and selection of a new club kit with strong Women representation in the focus group

Important stuff so big thanks to all Nomads for your help with all this entailed, and especially Nomad Emily Varley for bringing this to our attention.