Briercliffe 10 – 15 August 2017

Time Keeper: Frank Turner
Assistant Time Keeper: Steve Smith
Prop: Michael Webb
Sign On: Nick Hickman
Reporter: James Bainbridge

Tuesday evening saw the final edition of the 2017 evening 10 series, held on the popular (i.e. ‘less hilly’) 1U/10B ‘Roadworks 10’ course.  Turnout was good; likewise conditions – some of the best of the season so far, and consequently some superb times were posted by competitors, including a number of new PBs; your author pleased to include himself amongst those. HNCC’s Nick Morgan put in a storming ride on his road bike to record 23:49, which is believed to be the fastest ‘non-aero’ ride around the course, and Ryan Witchell of Team Sales Engine posted a superb 21:34. The fastest Nomad was Tom Weir.

Competition was followed by several rounds of high quality recovery drinks at the White Horse.

Hitchin Nomads Event:

Tom Weir 23:23; James Bainbridge 23:27; Andy Saunders 23:48; Nick Morgan 23:49; Steve Robinson 24:16; Nick Hickman 25:12; Chris Brabrook 25:19; Nigel Tooke 25:41; Nigel Hale 25:55; Nigel Wilson 26:06; Martin Scott 26:35; Leanne Cutler 26:37; Chris Corney 26:42; Paul Greenfield 26:49; Paul Riley 27:15; Peter Sharman 27:22; Mark Loosely 28:47; Stephen Oliver 30:06; Mark Desborough 33:50 (Including 9:30 late start)

Private Time Trials:

Ryan Witchell (Team Sales Engine) 21:34; Lindz Barral (JCA-Equipe Velo) 23:26; Peter Gell (Beds Road RT) 24:27


Briercliffe 10 Time Trial – 8 August 2017

Frank Turner: Time keeper
Paul Riley: Sign On, Prop, Assistant Time Keeper

Course: 1U/10B “Roadworks 10”

Hitchin Nomads

T Weir 24:39; A Saunders 24:50; J Bainbridge 25:43; N Tooke 26:42; L Cutler 27:04; N Wilson 27:12; N Hickman 28:45; C Brabrook 39:22

Private Time Trials

R Withchell (Team Sales Engine) 22:32; L Barral (JCA-Equipe Velo) 24:05


Inter Club 10 Time Trial – 5 August 2017

Event Organiser: Debbie Newall (Icknield Road Club)
Reporter: Nigel Wilson
Images: Chris Jones

Nomads’ team manager Chris Jones stood nervously on the touchline, or to be more accurate the pot-hole ridden roundabout, which his elite athletes would have to negotiate twice during the Inter Club 10 Event hosted by IRC.  The build-up had been stressful with Jones losing his Northern speed machines  Thomson and Cutler, and finally the big man Cornell, from his planned starting line-up ahead of the big day.

The weather matched his mood with dark clouds swirling round the Bedfordshire course.  Surely things couldn’t get any worse.  But they did.  First Mark Desborough took a wrong turn (to Brogborough) which delayed his start, and then the manager saw Nigel Tooke removed before half-time (by a shard of glass) which punctured his ambitions of a good performance.

However, the team turned it round magnificently for their manager.  New signing Sam Hayes displayed blistering pace with Chris Brabrook not far behind.  James McPherson, Steve Robinson, Nick Hickman and Mark Desborough also showed that Jones has built a team full of pace as they completed the course in under 25 minutes – even if Hickman was heard grumbling that he would have liked to have stayed on for the full 24 hours, rather than just 24 minutes.

However, the Inter Club 10 is a team event, and the performances of Roy Robinson, Stephen Oliver, Steve Smith and Nigel Wilson who all gave 100%, producing some of their quickest times of the year, have ensured that the manager can look forward optimistically to the final match of the season against Sharpenhoe Clappers.

Nomads’ Times

Sam Hayes 22:32; Chris Brabrook 23:28; James McPherson 24:05; Steve Robinson 24:20; Nick Hickman 24:44; Nigel Wilson 26:31; Roy Robinson 28:44; Steve Smith 29:41; Stephen Oliver 30:43; Mark Desborough 32:33 (includes 8 minute late start).

Full results for the entire field of riders, with points scores and an update on the league standings to follow.

Briercliffe 10 – 1 August 2017

Frank Turner: Time Keeper
Nick Hickman: Event Organiser, Sign On, Assistant Timekeeper
Paul Riley: Prop
Ross Thompson: Numbers
Mark Loosley: Reporter

On the last 19:00 start of the season on a near perfect evening, with 19 degrees C and a gentle 9 mph south westerly wind, 19 testers set out on the Briercliffe 1U/10 Course to beat the summer clocks.

Some great performances were given, with Tom Weir winning the Nomads event and CC Ashwell’s Justin Layne setting the fastest time of the evening.  Leanne Cutler achieved a new Personal Best for the Course (and Women’s Course Record?).  David Summerell went well on his return from injury.  St Neots CC’s Keith Barton put in an impressive time despite adding 0.8 of a mile to the course and passing his minute man twice!

Hitchin Nomads Event

Tom Weir 24:14; Andy Saunders 24:33; Mark Desborough 25:30; Ross Thomson 26:17; Nigel Tooke 27:00; Nigel Wilson 27:44; Chris Corney 27:57; Leanne Cutler 28:03; Paul Riley 28:33; Mark Loosley 29:54; David Summerell 30:20; Steve Smith 30:49

Private Time Trials

Justine Layne (CC Ashwell) 22.18; Ryan Witchell (Team Sales Engine) 22:36; Jason Stuart (CC Ashwell) 23:21; Simon Doyle (Team Sales Engine) 24:23; Peter Gell (Beds Road Race Team) 25:19; Keith Barton (St Neots CC) 26:04; Lindz Barral (JCA-Equipe Velo) DNF

Post-race chat at the pub turned to quality of skin suits and with only 147 sleeps till Christmas, the letters with requests to Santa are being drafted as the nights draw in.   However, as talk progressed on to the forthcoming Club Event on the F1B/10 course (3 September) and potential visits to the former Anchor at Tempsford, there may be some questions asked as to who has been naughty or nice!

Congratulations to all riders and thank you to the Event Crew.  Next week sees an earlier start time of 18:30 for a return to the 1U/10B “Roadworks 10” course, with sign on at the Finish Line.

Briercliffe 10 – 25 July 2017

Leanne Cutler: Event Organiser, Sign On, Time Keeper
Simon Doyle (TSE): Assistant Time Keeper
Lindz Barral (JCA-Equipe Velo): Prop
Ross Thomson: Reporter

With a film crew circling their wagons in the field next to the start, a brief sighting of Nick Hickman walking like John Wayne, and a bowl of spaghetti awaiting me at home for my tea the cowboy theme was too much to ignore …

The evening was tense with the hot sun low in the sky and the wind dropping to a barely discernible waft over the plains of Southill.

A mixture of fresh-faced young guns, gnarled old-timers and the good, the bad and Paul Riley had lined up for the showdown.  Some respectable times were posted and there was only one casualty, in the bad lands way out west of the range.

Of the HNCC riders, Chris “Lawman” Brabrook receives a special tip of the 10 gallon hat for nipping under 26 mins on a road bike.  Tom “Billy the Kid” Weir was the evening’s sharp shooter, with Andy “Seldom Seen Man” Saunders hot on his heels.  Pete “the Sharmanator” on his new steed also put in a noteworthy time. 

A mysterious stranger, Paul “The Man With No Club” Bullen rode into town to demonstrate that he can ride a bike as well as sell them.  Ryan Witchell galloped round as fastest PTT and then re-mounted to lead the round up to gather in John Martin who had been bucked.  Great work. 

Big love to Deputy Cutler and her posse from over the county line (Clocks Doyle and Prop Barral) for enforcing the law.

Hitchin Cowboys
Tom Weir 24:26; Andy Saunders 24:37; Chris Brabrook 25:54; Ross Thomson 26:09; Peter Sharman 28:41; Derek Thom 28:50; Mark Loosely 29:35; Steve Smith 30:00; Paul Riley 30:30; John Martin DNF

Outlaws and Desperadoes
Ryan Witchell (TSE) 23:25; Sam Hayes (TSE) 23:33; Paul Bullen (unattached) 28:12; David Wentworth (TSE) 28:10; David Ledgerton (TSE) 29:21



Briercliffe 10 – 18 July 2017

Frank Turner: Time Keeper
Leanne Cutler: Event Organiser, Sign on and Assistant Time Keeper
Michael Webb: Prop
Nigel Tooke: Reporter

Nine Nomads and three guest riders took part in the Nelson Mandela Day Briercliffe 10 event.

Conditions were a warm 22°C with a steady easterly breeze providing a tougher than usual challenge going through Southill but an easier run past Shuttleworth and a steady blast along Growers.

It’s not easy to ascertain if Nelson Mandela was a big cycling fan but the following quotes suggest he may have been, interspersed with what was overheard on the evening (perhaps).

“After climbing a great hill, one only finds that there are many more hills to climb.” – NM

“I’ve cracked Vinegar Hill – and the Galibier.  Vinegar Hill was harder” – Nigel Wilson

“Lead from the back – and let others believe they are in front” – NM

“Lead from the back – and let others believe they are in front” – Steve Smith

“It enables me to go to bed with an enriching feeling in my soul and the belief that I am changing myself” – NM

“I’m knackered” – Michael Webb

Well done to the fastest Nomad Mark Desborough with a short 25 and to Lindz Barral who produced the quickest ride of the evening just nipping under 24 minutes.

Hitchin Nomads Event:

Mark Desborough 25.10; Nigel Tooke 26.33; Nigel Wilson 27.08; John Martin 27.47; Manuel Manrique 27.55; Chris Corney 28.04; Mark Loosley 29.51; Steve Smith 30.43; Stephen Oliver 32.02

Private Time Trials:

Lindz Barral (JEV) 23.58; Mick Case (BRCC) 25.51; Chris Wilson (BRCC)  29.47


Committee Meeting Minutes 26 June 2017

In an effort to be open and transparent regarding Committee business, decisions and actions, the draft minutes of the 26 June 2017 Committee Meeting are attached:

Committee Meeting Minutes 26 June 2017

Note: The minutes of Committee meetings must be ratified by the Committee and then signed as being a true and accurate record, which procedure is enacted at the next Committee meeting, on 24 July. The minutes of the most recent meeting therefore are provided here for general information only, may be subject to amendment, and should not be read as being a final document.