Briercliffe 10 TT – 10 July 2018

Frank Turner: Principal Time Keeper
Paul Riley: Assistant Time Keeper
Nick Hickman: Event Sec, Prop and Deputy Assistant Time Keeper
Reporter: Matt Lippard

So you’ve woken up this Wednesday 11 July, probably a little nervous, a bit anxious, palms sweaty.  You sit in anticipation, yearning to get the news of a top level event involving our sporting heroes.  Well the wait is over, relax and sit back.  It’s here; the write up of the Briercliffe 10 TT, 10 July 2018.

It was another fine evening in the rolling Bedfordshire countryside.  The rubber hit the tarmac for eighteen eager athletes taking on the sporting course.  Weather was a milder 20 degrees, and though there were a few gusts and 70% humidity, a 6mph south westerly wind was not too unkind to riders looking to post a fast time.

To the race then.  With only one rider going off course on their debut this week, the stats in that respect have also gone in the right direction.  First away was the beautiful sight of the Robinson / Hayes tandem, posting another top time of 25:07.  With five riders going under 25, the ride of the day probably found a home elsewhere though, with a really competitive field in the race behind Witchell, only 30 seconds separating 4 riders who went under 25 minutes.

Behind that the midfield was equally as competitive, and the whole field managed times under 31 minutes, with a real prospect of an entire Briercliffe 10 TT squad going better than “evens” a possible future achievement.

Once again Witchell was the fastest on show, with a time of 21.45 that was 11 seconds off his course best, the course record being 21:12 by Justin Layne of CC Ashwell.  Its almost become de rigeur to see the man at the head of the results, but it should by no means underplay his achievement. Ryan puts in times week in week out that require a huge amount of effort.  Is it only a matter of time before that record falls?

Few opportunities remain for those to don pointy hats and climb into ridiculous contortionist positions to beat an arbitrary number in time over the next couple of months on this course.

A last thing to remember for those that intend to ride, apparently you don’t need to shout “one hundred and seventeen” as you sweep past the finish, when everyone has numbers over one hundred on their backs. Just “seventeen” is fine.  Though I’m sure no one would be stupid enough to make that mistake.  On an unrelated note, the author rode at number seventeen.

The hands of time were again wielded by the gentleman that is Frank Turner, with special thanks to Nick Hickman who wore many caps assisting and propping with help from Paul Riley.


Hitchin Nomads Women

Catherine Jones 29:53

Hitchin Nomads Men

Ryan Witchell 21:45, Tom Weir 24:26, Andy Saunders 24:40, Mark Desborough 24:49, Steve Robinson / Sam Hayes (tandem) 25:07, Nigel Tooke 26:35, Matt Lippard 26:48, Paul Wright 28:19, Paul Fletcher 28:24, Chris Corney 29:13, Mark Loosely 29:48, David Summerell 29:52, Stephen Oliver 29:52, Steve Smith 30:48, David Heath 30:51

Private Time Trials

Lindz Barral (JCA-Equipe Velo) 24:18, Andy Wickham (BRCC) DNF (off course)



Briercliffe 10 TT – 3 July 2018

Event Sec, Sign On and Assistant Time Keeper: Leanne Cutler
Principal Time Keeper: Frank Turner
Prop: Julian Pegg
Reporter: Tom Weir

Promoted for an on behalf of Cycling Time Trials under its rules and regulations

Seeing as I have now (finally) finished my degree and am not starting work until September, I found myself being handed the results sheet with the comment, “you have nothing to do at the moment!”.  Other that ride my bike, this isn’t too far from the truth.  So here it is, my first ever evening 10 report.

Twelve riders decided (correctly) that they would prefer to endure unnecessary levels of self-inflicted pain instead of watching the first half of 22 men having a wrestling match on a football pitch.  Some good times were posted on the hot but gusty evening.  I can’t tell you what direction the wind was going in, as in my opinion it was a head wind the whole way around… maybe the editor can add that bit in [Editor: It was a North Easterly.  Your degree wasn’t in geography then?].  The average time of the night was a respectful 26 minutes and 52 seconds.  I don’t think anyone has ever used that to describe an evening 10, but maybe it will catch on!?

Fastest rider of the evening was Ryan Witchell who managed a time of 21:34, achieving a Course Best and getting ever closer to Justin Layne’s Course Record. He does have me to thank however as I volunteered to act as a carrot, knowing that my final exam season and subsequent partying would not have helped my form and that being caught was a real possibility (getting my excuses out there).

Stephen Hague completed his first ever Briercliffe 10 with a time of 28:43 (PB! 😉), meaning he didn’t follow the long standing tradition of getting lost on the first time round the sporting course.

There are six more evening 10’s this year, with four being on the regular Briercliffe course and the final two on the Roadworks 10. Hopefully the nice weather will continue and there will be flurries of PB’s.  Still chance to make a bid for the Briercliffe Shields (average of fastest three times, Club Shield and Women’s Shield).


Thanks to the organisers for putting on the event (Frank, Leanne and Julian).

Hitchin Nomads

Ryan Witchell 21:34: Nick Morgan 23.06; Thomas Weir 24:27; Nick Hickman 25:58; Nigel Tooke 26:43; Brian Ruggles 27:08; Paul Wright 28:47; Chris Corney 29:14; David Summerell 30:50; David Heath 31:36

Private Time Trials

Lindz Barral (JCA-Equipe Velo) 24:19; Stephen Hague (unattached) 28:43



Dave Gudgin 25 Miles TT – 26 June 2018

Event Sec: Leanne Cutler
Time Keepers: Frank Turner, Leanne Cutler, Simon Doyle
Prop: Paul Riley
Reporter: Steve Smith

Promoted for an on behalf of Cycling Time Trials under its rules and regulations

Despite the Football on the telly, >20C heat and many having ridden the Interclub 30 on Sunday, the final round of the Dave Gudgin 25 mile TT series attracted a field of 17 riders.

Looking at the times, with most riders recording an improvement over the previous round, conditions seemed to have been favourable with a light ESE wind giving slight help to and from Growers roundabout

In the Dave Gudgin Handicap competition congratulations to Catherine Jones who made a 40 second improvement to edge out Marc Diplock by 17 seconds average overall and 3rd placed Scott Horwood by 90 seconds.  Scratch competition standings to be advised.

13. Dave Gudgin Memorial Trophy

Catherine Jones wins the Dave Gudgin Memorial Trophy for 2018

Fastest on the night was guest Joe Gorman who posted a fine 57:28 to edge out fastest Nomad Nick Morgan (58:11) by 43 seconds and 3rd place Jason Stuart (58:24) by 56 seconds.  James McPherson (1:02:32) and Marc Diplock (1:03:52) rounded out the Nomads podium.  According to the Club’s Records Keeper Nigel Wilson, who knows about these things, Morgz’ time was the fastest on this course for 28 years.  Only Steve Cotton has gone faster as a Nomad.

Special mention to the winner of the best Wilson category who noted that riding a 25 incorporated into a hot, lumpy commute home was not the finest race strategy.

Your reporter resolves to get 3+ qualifying rides in the books in 2019!

Hitchin Nomads

Women: Catherine Jones 1:14:32

Men: Nick Morgan 58:11; James McPherson 1:02:32; Marc Diplock 1:03:52;
Scott Horwood 1:04:30; Chris Batt 1:06:43; Nigel Tooke 1:07:16;
Mani Manrique 1:07:49; Paul Wright 1:14:15; David Summerell 1:16:21;
Stephen Oliver 1:17:13; Steve Smith 1:17:37; Nigel Wilson 1:20:00;
Christopher Wilson 1:20:18

Private Time Trials

Joe Gorman (Stevenage CC) 57:28; Jason Stuart (CC Ashwell) 58:24; Lindz Barral (JCA-Equipe Velo) 1:02:07

Next Event

Briercliffe 10 on the classic 1U/10 course – Tuesday 3 July 19:00

Inter Club 30 – Event Details + Start Times

IC30 HNCC 2018 Start Sheet

Start Sheet for the Inter Club 30 on Sunday 24 June is attached.  This contains important information about the Event in addition to riders’ start times.

Promoted for and on behalf of Cycling Time Trials – Under its rules and regulations

“Old Skool 10” – 19 June 2018

Event Sec and Principal Time Keeper: Leanne Cutler
Assistant Time Keeper: Nigel Wilson
Prop: Julian Pegg
Reporter: Ryan Witchell

A warm, moist, but cloudy evening saw twenty-one riders take to the usual Briercliffe 10 course we all know and love for the annual ‘non-aero’ TT.  Oh, and one wind dodger, Ryan “The Moose” Witchell, who did not get the memo.

Conditions were good, with a medium WSW breeze helping riders from mile 3-7.  However it made the infamous Col du Shuttleworth that little bit harder [EDITOR: check house sign at top next time you pass – it is properly named “Col Emoreham”].  Fourteen riders took advantage of the conditions to “go evens” and post a sub-30 time, the best of them all being Adam Gross in a superb 24:36.  Special mention goes to Matt Lippard, who by all the accounts got lost twice, but still managed a 28:08.  Maybe the lack of aero attire messed with his navigation?  Fastest Nomad was Sam Hayes with 25:50, some 2:05 slower than his best TT bike effort, proving to us all that it’s all about the bike!

Last off was the [EDITOR: “ever so modest”] legend that is Ryan Witchell, a mighty powerhouse of a rider, tearing up the course with such panache and outright speed in a 21:43.  But since he was sporting full aero attire, this counted for nothing.

Special thanks to the timekeepers and props, and also Michael Webb, using the event to show off his new visual recording device.  See his gallery.

Hitchin Nomads (non-aero):

Women: Helen Riley – 38:01

Men: Adam Gross 24:36; Sam Hayes 25:50; Scott Horwood 26:12; Chris Batt 26:29; Manuel Manrique 27:07; Matt Lippard 28:08; Brian Ruggles 28:08; Mark Loosely 29:12; Nigel Tooke 29:14; David Summerell 32:39; Paul Wright 30:06; Chris Corney 30:47; Paul Riley 31:11; Stephen Oliver 31:35; David Heath 32:55

Private Time Trials

Ryan Witchell (HNCC – Aero) 21:43; Ian Woodcock (BRRT) 25:21; Mark Gray (BRRT) 27:45; Mick Case (BRRT) 27:29; Ric Palmer (TSE) 28:39; Chris Priestly (BRRT) 28:46;

Next event

Dave Gudgin 25 (4 of 4), Tuesday 26 June – 7pm

Dave Gudgin 25 Miles Time Trial – 12 June 2018

Event Sec: Leanne Cutler
Time Keepers: Frank Turner and Meli Fletcher
Props: David Heath and James McPherson
Reporter: Nigel Wilson

Promoted for and on behalf of Cycling Time Trials under its rules and regulations

Despite the North Easterly wind that has taken up residence on the Nomads TT courses for the 2018 season, a new Club record was established with the Leanne Cutler / Nick Hickman team setting an impressive mixed tandem 25 miles record of 1:08:10.

Some excellent solo times were also set with Sam Hayes the fastest Nomad on the night with a 1:02:53, closely followed by James McPherson.  Nigel Tooke’s current run of good form continues with a 1:07:37.  Fastest rider was Jason Stuart from CC Ashwell who posted a superb 58:22.

Commiserations to Paul Wright who completed an unwanted hat trick – 3rd p*ncture of the season at a Club Event.  Thank you to the Event Crew, especially to Meli Fletcher and Frank Turner for keeping us in good order and to Simon Doyle for his on-course words of encouragement.

Hitchin Nomads

Women: Catherine Jones 1:15:12

Men: Sam Hayes 1:02:53; James McPherson 1:03:23; Marc Diplock 1:03:29; Scott Horwood 1:05:17; Nigel Tooke 1:07:37; Brian Ruggles 1:09:40; Mani Manrique 1:09:45; Nigel Wilson 1:10:12; Steve Smith 1:17:11; David Summerell 1:20:03; Stephen Oliver 1:21:00; Christopher Wilson 1:23:55; Paul Wright DNF

Mixed Tandem: Leanne Cutler / Nick Hickman 1:08:10 (Club record)

Private Time Trials

Jason Stuart (CC Ashwell) 58:22; Lindz Barral (JCA-Equipe Velo) 1:02:35

Dave Gudgin Handicap Competition

Nigel Tooke, Scott Horwood and Marc Diplock have all completed the rides required to qualify.  If they ride the final event, their best 3 handicap results will count. 7 other riders will also qualify providing they ride the last event in the series on Tuesday 26 June.

The current positions are:

Catherine Jones 41:43; Marc Diplock 43:17; Scott Horwood 44:26; Nigel Tooke 45:23; Sam Hayes 46:19; Paul Wright 48:30; Stephen Oliver 48:46; Mark Loosley 49:30; Nigel Wilson 49:42; David Summerell 52:00.

As things stand, Catherine Jones wins the competition if she finishes the final event within 0:11:33 of Marc Diplock.  On this occasion she finished 0:11:43 behind him, so it could go to the wire!

Next Event

Tuesday 19th June sees the return of the annual “Old Skool”, non-aero competition on the regular Briercliffe 10 course.  Chris Brabrook won the event last year.  The report is here.

Leave your TT machines, deep-section wheels and pointy hats at home!  No precise rules are set on what consists “non-aero”, but in general terms whatever would be used in a road race or club run will get past the scrutineers.  If the weather is fair then the usual results analysis and debate on the unwritten regulations will be conducted in the garden of the White Horse pub in Southill afterwards.