ECCA 10 Mile TT – E2/10

Saturday 19th March 2022 1400Hrs

The infamous E2 course once considered the fastest in the land is situated on the A11/A14 over near Newmarket. It is a flat fast duel carriageway, running practically northeast to southwest (ish). The ten mile course is likely to be the only variant available this year due to long protracted roadworks at Newmarket, where the 25, 50 and more pass.
The long promised 9 mph easterly manifested itself into a big 17 to 27 mph monster on Saturday morning although the skies were blue and temperatures made double figures.
Two other Nomads joined the fun, Nick Morgan and John Curtin, so there was a nice atmosphere at the start.
From the start at Six Mile bottom the outward leg was quick, I averaged well over 23 mph to the turn at Four Went Ways roundabout, no doubt assisted by the push from behind. I was mindful to keep some in the tank for the return battle. As soon as I hit the slip back onto the A11 I felt the full driving force against me, a disadvantage of being built like a sail, I admit.
Still, the bike was stable, I’d been tinkering with positions, raised the seat, brought the pads in, out, in a little bit etc, all week so was quite happy with the feel.
Crossed the line in 26:40, season Pb had slightly more power and better CdA so yet again happy.
John finished in 24:58 and Nick romped home in 20:05 and fourth place overall – Chapeau
Paul Wright - E2 19 March 2022
Photography: Davey Jones