Hitchin Nomads Cycling Club has been the focal point of cycling in the town since 1931. The club has a membership of around 100 cyclists and family members and there is an ever growing series of events which the club runs or takes part in.

The club is entirely run by volunteers and is self-funding.

Competitive activities including time trials, road races and cyclo-cross. The club’s members also take part in long distance point-to-point or sportive rides as well as simply riding for fun. There is an off-road mountain biking contingent and there are also a series of targeted training and coaching activities.

Membership is open to everyone.

You can meet up with us in Hitchin Market Square most Sundays from 0900h as part of our weekly club run. Or you will find us near Southill on Tuesday nights from 1830h onwards between April and late August. Check the events pages and the news sections for “what’s on” information. Failing that, drop any of the club contacts an email to find out more.

Application forms and membership information are also available to download.


  1. Hi
    I am currently driving to Tring CC each Sunday morning to join their club rides etc but would prefer a more local club. Are you taking new members and if so when do you cycle and what levels cycle at what times etc please?

  2. Hi. I am a member of Valley Striders CC in Leeds and a keen road cyclist. One of my kids lives in Hitchin and his partner Georgie is a newbie cyclist. I am trying to encourage her to join a local club but she is a little hesitant given her limited experience. She is more than capable of riding at the social end of the club spectrum and owns a decent quality road bike. She has no experience of group riding.

    I note you have club rides on a Sunday. Do you accommodate newbie cyclists perhaps with a mentor system or gentle social/cafe stop rides? Hope you don’t mind me enquiring but as someone who has taken great pleasure from club riding, I’m keen to encourage Georgie to embrace the same.

    • Hi Alan, we do accommodate newbie cyclists in a “Social” riding group that often goes out Sunday mornings. It doesn’t always run as most riders have moved up into other groups. It is best to check who is around by emailing the committee ahead of a ride. A good level of fitness is still recommended as although steadier in pace the ride will still likely be about 40 miles with a coffee stop in the middle somewhere. If that sounds daunting then perhaps just suggest getting in touch for some tips or to get in touch and find a club member to ride with at an easier pace until confidence has grown.

      Thanks for your message,

  3. Can I join this Sunday!? I’m new to the area and keen to get involved in a community club like this.
    Many thanks

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