Club Kit

UPDATE: The Kit is currently under review. See the Facebook Nomads Group Announccement:

The Nomads kit is manufactured by Spanish company Inverse. The clothing is of a very high quality which is not surprising as Inverse supply several continental professional teams. We have negotiated good rates on all items.  A few items such as jerseys and shorts are held in stock.

To keep the costs of our kit low and very good value we have to bulk order. There will be two bulk orders per year, 31st January and 30th June.   If you need kit then you should submit your requests to the Club Kit Administrator (Catherine Jones), a week before we put in the order.  You will need to pay at this time.  Our Club Treasurer can advise on how to do this.

These bulk orders should take 4-6 weeks for delivery.    The Kit Coordinator will let everyone know when orders have arrived and liaise with you regarding collection.

Inverse Sizing guide