Club Time Trial Courses

Regular Testers may notice that from the start of the 2021 season some of our Time Trial courses have gone. This is because they ran through Old Warden village high street and this has had a 20mph speed limit imposed on it. Whilst it is not strictly illegal to ride a human-powered bicycle above the speed limit, in the spirit of social responsibility, the Club took the decision to reroute our affected courses.

Club “11” (1U/11) – Introduced in 2021

This is a two-lap anti-clockwise circuit designed to avoid the speed restrictions put in place in Old Warden village. It actually comes out at just over 11 miles. So here, you ride 10 and get one free.

Alternative Club 11

A “there and back” route for the times when the regular 11 circuit cannot be used.


The go-to 25-mile Club TT course.


Spring Hilly / Autumn Hilly (6Z/10)

This is an 18.4 mile course covering 2 laps of a 9.2 miles circuit around Whitwell and St. Paul’s Walden. It’s a good marker for form at the start of the season and interesting to see if one can beat one’s time come the Autumn after a season of testing.


“Clive Five”

1U/5 is a five mile TT sprint course.

Clive Five TT Course

Clive Five Elevation Profile

Charlton Hill Climb (6Y/H)

6Y/H is short and steep! 121 feet (37 m) of climbing in under 0.3 miles (0.5km). Plotaroute says the steepest section is just over 11% but it feels steeper.

Charlton Hill Climb