Inter Club 30 – Event Details + Start Times

IC30 HNCC 2018 Start Sheet

Start Sheet for the Inter Club 30 on Sunday 24 June is attached.  This contains important information about the Event in addition to riders’ start times.

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“Old Skool 10” – 19 June 2018

Event Sec and Principal Time Keeper: Leanne Cutler
Assistant Time Keeper: Nigel Wilson
Prop: Julian Pegg
Reporter: Ryan Witchell

A warm, moist, but cloudy evening saw twenty-one riders take to the usual Briercliffe 10 course we all know and love for the annual ‘non-aero’ TT.  Oh, and one wind dodger, Ryan “The Moose” Witchell, who did not get the memo.

Conditions were good, with a medium WSW breeze helping riders from mile 3-7.  However it made the infamous Col du Shuttleworth that little bit harder [EDITOR: check house sign at top next time you pass – it is properly named “Col Emoreham”].  Fourteen riders took advantage of the conditions to “go evens” and post a sub-30 time, the best of them all being Adam Gross in a superb 24:36.  Special mention goes to Matt Lippard, who by all the accounts got lost twice, but still managed a 28:08.  Maybe the lack of aero attire messed with his navigation?  Fastest Nomad was Sam Hayes with 25:50, some 2:05 slower than his best TT bike effort, proving to us all that it’s all about the bike!

Last off was the [EDITOR: “ever so modest”] legend that is Ryan Witchell, a mighty powerhouse of a rider, tearing up the course with such panache and outright speed in a 21:43.  But since he was sporting full aero attire, this counted for nothing.

Special thanks to the timekeepers and props, and also Michael Webb, using the event to show off his new visual recording device.  See his gallery.

Hitchin Nomads (non-aero):

Women: Helen Riley – 38:01

Men: Adam Gross 24:36; Sam Hayes 25:50; Scott Horwood 26:12; Chris Batt 26:29; Manuel Manrique 27:07; Matt Lippard 28:08; Brian Ruggles 28:08; Mark Loosely 29:12; Nigel Tooke 29:14; David Summerell 32:39; Paul Wright 30:06; Chris Corney 30:47; Paul Riley 31:11; Stephen Oliver 31:35; David Heath 32:55

Private Time Trials

Ryan Witchell (HNCC – Aero) 21:43; Ian Woodcock (BRRT) 25:21; Mark Gray (BRRT) 27:45; Mick Case (BRRT) 27:29; Ric Palmer (TSE) 28:39; Chris Priestly (BRRT) 28:46;

Next event

Dave Gudgin 25 (4 of 4), Tuesday 26 June – 7pm

Dave Gudgin 25 Miles Time Trial – 12 June 2018

Event Sec: Leanne Cutler
Time Keepers: Frank Turner and Meli Fletcher
Props: David Heath and James McPherson
Reporter: Nigel Wilson

Promoted for and on behalf of Cycling Time Trials under its rules and regulations

Despite the North Easterly wind that has taken up residence on the Nomads TT courses for the 2018 season, a new Club record was established with the Leanne Cutler / Nick Hickman team setting an impressive mixed tandem 25 miles record of 1:08:10.

Some excellent solo times were also set with Sam Hayes the fastest Nomad on the night with a 1:02:53, closely followed by James McPherson.  Nigel Tooke’s current run of good form continues with a 1:07:37.  Fastest rider was Jason Stuart from CC Ashwell who posted a superb 58:22.

Commiserations to Paul Wright who completed an unwanted hat trick – 3rd p*ncture of the season at a Club Event.  Thank you to the Event Crew, especially to Meli Fletcher and Frank Turner for keeping us in good order and to Simon Doyle for his on-course words of encouragement.

Hitchin Nomads

Women: Catherine Jones 1:15:12

Men: Sam Hayes 1:02:53; James McPherson 1:03:23; Marc Diplock 1:03:29; Scott Horwood 1:05:17; Nigel Tooke 1:07:37; Brian Ruggles 1:09:40; Mani Manrique 1:09:45; Nigel Wilson 1:10:12; Steve Smith 1:17:11; David Summerell 1:20:03; Stephen Oliver 1:21:00; Christopher Wilson 1:23:55; Paul Wright DNF

Mixed Tandem: Leanne Cutler / Nick Hickman 1:08:10 (Club record)

Private Time Trials

Jason Stuart (CC Ashwell) 58:22; Lindz Barral (JCA-Equipe Velo) 1:02:35

Dave Gudgin Handicap Competition

Nigel Tooke, Scott Horwood and Marc Diplock have all completed the rides required to qualify.  If they ride the final event, their best 3 handicap results will count. 7 other riders will also qualify providing they ride the last event in the series on Tuesday 26 June.

The current positions are:

Catherine Jones 41:43; Marc Diplock 43:17; Scott Horwood 44:26; Nigel Tooke 45:23; Sam Hayes 46:19; Paul Wright 48:30; Stephen Oliver 48:46; Mark Loosley 49:30; Nigel Wilson 49:42; David Summerell 52:00.

As things stand, Catherine Jones wins the competition if she finishes the final event within 0:11:33 of Marc Diplock.  On this occasion she finished 0:11:43 behind him, so it could go to the wire!

Next Event

Tuesday 19th June sees the return of the annual “Old Skool”, non-aero competition on the regular Briercliffe 10 course.  Chris Brabrook won the event last year.  The report is here.

Leave your TT machines, deep-section wheels and pointy hats at home!  No precise rules are set on what consists “non-aero”, but in general terms whatever would be used in a road race or club run will get past the scrutineers.  If the weather is fair then the usual results analysis and debate on the unwritten regulations will be conducted in the garden of the White Horse pub in Southill afterwards.



Clive Five Time Trial – 5 June 2018

Event Sec and Principal Time Keeper: Leanne Cutler
Assistant Time Keepers: Frank Turner, Paul Riley
Prop: Michael Webb
Course Marshal: Julian Pegg
Reporter: Nick Hickman

Promoted for and on behalf of Cycling Time Trials under its rules and regulations

The first ever Nomads’  Club Time Trial was a five miles event, held on 15 August 1931. The course used is unknown but it was won by Norman Pearce at an average speed of 24.62 mph, giving a time of 12:12.  Roll forward nearly 87 years and that is still a very good time to beat at the new “Clive Five” event on 1U/5 …

The north easterly wind seemed favourable for this course.  A ten miler using the stretch up to G&M Growers would have been slow.  Ella Ruggles took one second off the women’s and junior’s course records she had set herself first time out.  Ryan Witchell beat his own men’s course record by five seconds.  He did however lose a small gel-based wager with his minute man Nick Hickman who held him off for 2.2 miles.  Steve Robinson and Simon Doyle set a baseline men’s tandem course record.  These records will stand until next season as this was the last of the two five miles events for 2018.

Hitchin Nomads

Women: Ella Ruggles (Junior) 15:43; Meline Fletcher 16:44

Men: Ryan Witchell 10:46; Steve Robinson & Simon Doyle (tandem) 12:03; Sam Hayes 12:11; Nick Hickman 12:48; Scott Horwood 12:48; Chris Brabrook 13:09; Matt Lippard 13:14; Nigel Tooke 13:12; Nigel Wilson 13:49; Paul Wright 13:52; Brian Ruggles 14:01; Chris Corney 14:10; Mike Moralee 15:29; David Heath 15:47; David Summerell 15:47; Chris Wilson off course

Private Time Trials

Lindz Barral (JCA-Equipe Velo) 12:10; Mick Case (BRRT) 13:03

Next Event

Dave Gudgin 25 (3 of 4) using 1U/25 course.  Tuesday 12 June, 19:00.



Dave Gudgin 25 Time Trial (2/4) – 29 May 2018

Reporter: Scott Horwood
Event Sec. & Time Keeper: Leanne Cutler
Prop: Steve Smith
Handicapping: Nigel Wilson

Back to the usual 1U/25 Dave Gudgin 25 miles course we all know, and love to hate.  The weather was nice and sunny and extremely hot for British weather …. oh, wait that was the day before.  Back to normal torrential rain all day, making yourself come up with the best excuse to stay at home next to a radiator to keep warm. Unfortunately for the tough ones the rain stopped in time to dry out slightly which meant we had to give it a go.

Special mention – Nigel Wilson was rather upset Paul Riley didn’t turn up, something about losing the Giro I believe. I didn’t know he was racing in it.

A depleted field of only seven riders took to the course hoping for PB’s or just to get around and get home sharpish.

A very strong northery wind helped push each rider back as soon as we got onto the long drag to the G&M Growers.  This easily zapped energy and will-power out of the riders when looking down at their computers and realising how slow a pace they were going at.  Also, on the same road was some unfortunate road kill to help distract us from our own predicament (poor Badger)

The rest of the route felt fast due to the strong tailwind.  All in all it was great fun!  Special thank you to all organisers and helpers as ever.  Thank you for doing a brilliant and flawless job.

Some great times tonight by all on a tough day out:

Nomads (Men) 

Marc Diplock 1:05:57; Scott Horwood 1:06:19; Nigel Tooke 1:10:26; Nigel Wilson 1:12:05; Paul Wright 1:14:36; Mark Loosely 1:21:34

Private Time Trials

Lindz Barral (JCA-Equipe Velo) – 1:04:49

Handicap Competition

The standings after two events in the four-event handicap competition are as follows.  These are the average times.  Members must complete three rides to qualify and the average of their three best results is used.  As indicated, some have ridden twice and others once so far.

Catherine Jones (1) 39:17; Marc Diplock (2) 42:59; Chris Corney (1) 43:05; Sam Hayes (1) 43:17; Steve Robinson (1) 43:28; Scott Horwood (2) 43:48; Simon Doyle (1) 44:11; Paul Riley (1) 44:38; Nigel Tooke (2) 44:56; Paul Wright (2) 48:30; Stephen Oliver (1) 48:51; Mark Loosley (2) 49:30; David Summerell (1) 49:41; Nigel Wilson (1) 50:38; Simon Young (1) 55:06; Helen Riley (1) 61:10 

Upcoming Club Events:

Sun 3rd Jun 08:00 Inter Club 15 1Z11.3 (Beds Road CC) [entry closes Friday]
Tue 5th Jun 19:00 Clive Five 1U/5 (new course)
Tue 12th Jun 19:00 Dave Gudgin 25 1U/25 (3 of 4)
Tue 19th Jun 19:00 Briercliffe 10 1U/10 (Non Aero)

‘Clive Collins 5 mile time trial result’ – 22 May 2018

This was the launch of the new 5 mile course, named in memory of Clive Collins. Clive was a top Nomad tester, hugely supportive of others, especially the novices, and an inspiration to many.

A sunny yet gusty evening greeted 19 riders with a temperature of 17 degrees C wind 14 mph from the north 18 riders secured the guaranteed PB’s promised with one rider unable to decline the lure of the fastest route to the Blackhorse pub thus off course and not in contention (penalised by having to write the report).

In addition to the 18 PB’s there was talk of a veteran ladies record (Meline Fletcher), fixed gear record (Meline Fletcher) and fastest folding bike (Nick Senechal) over the new course.


Nomads – Women

Name Time
Ella Ruggles 15:44
Meline Fletcher 17:23


Nomads – Men

Ryan Witchell 10:51
Sam Hayes 12:04
Steve Robinson 12:26
Simon Doyle 12:34
Brian Ruggles 13:07
Nigel Tooke 13:08
Scott Horwood 13:11
Paul Wright 13:40
Nigel Wilson 13:46
Chris Corney 13:52
Matt Lippard 13:54
Nick Senechal 14:10
Roger Bamberough 14:57
David Summerell 15:33
Mark Loosley Off Course

Private Time Trials

Lindz Barral JEV 12:13
Ric Palmer TSE 14:06

Fastest Nomad of the evening was Ryan Witchell with a blistering 10:51 and fastest private time trial was from Lindz Barral with a 12:13.

Many thanks from all of the riders to the officials and helpers.

Course: Clive Five 1U5

Timekeeper: Leanne Cutler

Assistant Timekeeper: Frank Turner

Event Secretary: Leanne Cutler

Prop: James Cornell

Marshall and general assistant: Michael Webb.

Reporter: Mark Loosley.


Dave Gudgin “22” Evening Time Trial Results (1/4) –  15 May 2018

Fifteen Nomads and three guest riders took part in Round One of the Dave Gudgin 25 series on a revised course of 22 miles (abridged due to roadworks in Shefford).

Signing on incorporated a novel and compulsory questionnaire about zoos as part of young Ethan’s homework, somewhat spoilt by Simon Doyle’s apparent penchant for euthanasia as set out on the work sheet.

Continuing with the animal theme and on a par with the old school boy favourite “the dog ate my homework” the best excuse of the evening came from Paul Riley “a dog on the course held me up”.  No, not an unkind and totally unwarranted reference to prop Steve Smith and neither was it a little Shih Tzu.  But it was a bloody nuisance.


Paul Riley’s nemesis.

(Ed. references to euthanasing animals  are not so silly now are they….  ….other prophesies relating to Shih Tsus and the like will be generated on demand on a pay as you pray basis n.b. prophets are never recognised in their own lands).

Conditions were a warm 19°C with a steady northerly breeze providing a faster run through Southill and past the airfield without too much of a headwind along Growers.

It was a particular pleasure to see Sue Clifford-Smith-Collins and Mark Collins offering support and encouragement on their trip back to the UK.

Well done to Sam Hayes for the fastest ride of the evening (and now course record holder) and to Katie Harbon (unattached) as the fastest woman rider.

Simon Young deserves a special mention for grinding his way around the course on a mountain bike (Ed. with a bad finger, didn’t you know).

A full gallery of images from the evening is available from Michael Webb’s excellent photography site.



Nomads – Women

Catherine Jones 1:06:50
Helen Riley 1:24:52

Nomads – Men

Sam Hayes 0:55:18
Marc Diplock 0:57:02
Steve Robinson 0:57:39
Simon Doyle 0:58:02
Scott Horwood 0:58:17
Nigel Tooke 0:59:43
Paul Wright 1:02:59
Paul Riley 1:04:24
Chris Corney 1:05:27
Mark Loosley 1:08:03
David Summerell 1:12:32
Simon Young 1:13:42
Steven Oliver 1:17:34

Dave Gudgin Handicap Competition

Club Members qualify for the handicap competition if they ride at least three of the four Event series.  Nigel Wilson set the handicaps based on prior performances in the Competion or rider age and gender for those making their debut.  If anyone wants any more detail on how their handicap was calculated then please contact Nigel.  The winner will be the person with the lowest average handicap time based on their fastest three rides.  Handicaps for this first event were adjusted to take into account the 22.2 miles course.  The Competition is usually run over a 25 miles course.

Catherine Jones 00:39:17
Marc Diplock 00:39:38
Nigel Tooke 00:40:46
Scott Horwood 00:40:53
Mark Loosley 00:42:21
Chris Corney 00:43:05
Sam Hayes 00:43:17
Steve Robinson 00:43:28
Paul Wright 00:43:53
Simon Doyle 00:44:11
Paul Riley 00:44:28
Stephen Oliver 00:48:51
David Summerell 00:49:41
Simon Young 00:55:06
Helen Riley 01:01:10

Guest riders (Private Time Trials)

Lindz Barral (JCA-Equipe Velo) 0:56:48
Katie Harbon (Woman) (no Club / Team) 1:05:02
Alex Lubbock (API Metrow) 1:09:48

Thanks as ever to the support crew without whom this event would not have taken place, namely Frank Turner (timekeeper), Leanne Cutler (event secretary and assistant timekeeper), Steve Smith (prop) and Mike Webb (shouty man and photographer).

Reporter – Nigel Tooke