Important Notice

Dear Nomads

Club Runs: Your Club Committee earlier this week considered the position regarding reinstating Sunday Club Runs. Unfortunately we had to conclude no HNCC organised Club Runs will take place in July. We will reconsider the position on the 27th July at the next Committee meeting.

BC has not changed its guidance and the 2-metre distancing and maximum group size of 6 riders remains. We had already concluded that does not make for a safe Club Run and furthermore could well invalidate our 3rd party insurance. We also spent time considering the practicalities if the rule changed to 1-metre and 6 riders. Even this though would be difficult to coordinate ensuring Groups stayed apart and that riders turning up in the Square knew what Group they were going with. It would also make it quite difficult to be as welcoming as we usually are to any ‘newbies’ and that’s something we pride ourselves on. So if we can’t do that effectively we felt better to wait until the rules make it more practical.

Apologies. We are all very disappointed, but hope you will understand.

Club TTs – We have also concluded that no Briercliffe TTs will be run in July. However we may still be able to run those scheduled for the 4th and 11th August assuming CTT guidance on Club events makes these permissible and such an activity has become a little more ‘normalised’ in the current environment. Jimmy Mac and myself have committed to these as organisers, but the Committee will have to wait until 27/7 to review and conclude. There will be very specific rules we’ll need riders to abide by and if we can run these events we’ll communicate these closer to the time. These will be open to HNCC members only, so please make sure your membership is up to date if you wish to ride.

Yours in fellowship,

Club Committee, June 2020