Group Rides – Update

We can now confirm our Club Runs will restart on Sunday 4th April. Whilst British Cycling has confirmed a maximum group size of 15 is permissible we do not believe immediately approving a HNCC group of that size is sensible or demonstrates much sensitivity as we all emerge from Lockdown. So we request that our Group size starts with 6 maximum – therefore the same as we managed last summer and early Autumn. As soon as we think sensible we’ll ease this rule and allow our Group rides to increase in size.

However we make one exception to this rule and that is if there is a member in the Square who does not have a group to ride with without making it a 7. In this circumstance we will be flexible, but only one extra rider per group. This balances the thing we cherish the most as a Club – that we are welcoming to all remembering what it was like when we all first started with a Club.

As has already been noted by some members it is probably quite sensible to ease riders back into Group riding skills with smaller groups too. 

Please can we also maintain clear group separation in the Town Square. We appreciate so many of us will be delighted to see fellow Nomads for the first time in months but we must remember we are representing our Club in such a gathering. 

Groups can decide their own routes and we will not post our suggested route and café stop at the moment. However please endeavour to not congregate ‘en masse’ at any outdoor café beyond our Groups of 6.

We hope this approach has your support. It’s been a long time and Sunday 4th April going to be a special day.

Keep safe everyone and look out for each other.  If you need us, talk to us, we’re listening.

HNCC Club Committee – March, 2021