Important Notice

Dear Nomads

It’s over a month now since we reinstated our Sunday Club Runs – limited to groups of 6, ideally taking different routes, to different café’s and ensuring we all respect the ‘social distancing’ rules when congregating pre-ride in the Town Square. Feedback has been very positive and we think these are working well. We therefore see no reason to change anything at this time.

We are not expecting any further easing of the maximum group size of 6 during September. There may be some changes in October coinciding with possible opening up of mass spectator sporting events, but as we all know every week currently brings us all a new ‘twist and turn’ in the Covid saga. So watch this space.

Please do though continue to try and accommodate any new Nomads looking to ride with our Groups as far as possible, splitting groups in half if needs be. We pride ourselves on being welcoming and huge credit to everyone that we’ve maintained this emphasis during these challenging times whilst still being exemplar on adherence to BC guidance. Thank you all so much.

For those now planning group routes – as autumn approaches be increasingly mindful of which roads and lanes drain better and are safer. Also be mindful that hilly routes will tend to fracture a Group a little more, and as well as sometimes dispiriting some riders can mean you may not be riding compact and tidy making things more difficult for vehicles passing. For these reasons HNCC has tended to favour routes heading North and North East during wetter months as roads generally a little better and a little flatter making Group riding easier and safer. Nonetheless for Groups and Group leaders to decide.

Club Committee, September 2020