Important Notice

Dear Nomads,

Hertfordshire has been moved to Tier 4

We’re afraid Group rides with more than 1 other are now no longer permissible.

In addition we cannot ride as Nomads into a non-Tier 4 zone and that for us means we should stay out of South Cambridgeshire. You may know where the precise border is but in essence it means we shouldn’t go east of Ashwell. That does still leave plenty of options in Herts, Bedfordshire and parts of Bucks.

Tough times continue, but we all know how important it is to us to still ride so enjoy and if it helps just think of that Nomads trip in September to the UCI World Champs in Flanders.

Riding with one other, either with a Household member or a friend, remains permissible and we can all be grateful for that. Please do not abuse the new guidance. It is not just how that would reflect on our HNCC fraternity but cyclists more generally.

Post your planned ride as it’s great to see others out and at least wave to friends as we pass each other.

Make sure you carry spares and some food as café stops will be harder to come by and of course if we see a fellow cyclist in trouble it’s always permissible to stop and help.

It’s a tough time, but our message to you is to keep riding.  Even if you are struggling to find the motivation to get out on your bike, you won’t regret it once you’ve got that first 30mins done. Do that ride, do that climb and roll back up your street feeling better.  It may even help your sleep patterns, reduce anxiety and relieve some tension in these stressful times.

Keep safe everyone and look out for each other.  If you need us, talk to us, we’re listening.

HNCC Club Committee – November, 2020