Reimbursement of Expenses

Policy approved by HNCC Committee on 9th January 2017 and covers expenses incurred from 1st January 2017 onwards.


The activities of Hitchin Nomads CC are organized by unpaid volunteers (typically Club members, and occasionally their family or friends). While it is expected that organizers’ time is provided “gratis”, with no payment being offered it is accepted that reasonable “out of pockets expenses” should be reimbursed on request. It is up to members to decide for themselves whether or not to make such requests. This principle was agreed by the Club Committee on 12th December 2017 and this policy seeks to detail how the principle is to be applied in practice.


Such expenses might include, but are not limited to:

    • Organizer’s travel to events and meetings where they are formally representing the Club (travel by car, bike, public transport; parking, etc.)
  • Stationery (inc. postage costs)
  • Venue hire (e.g. village halls for event HQs, approved social gatherings)
  • Equipment purchase (race numbers, event signage, etc.)

Wherever possible, expenditure should be invoiced directly to the Club, thus avoiding the need for personal expenditure. Any large or unusual expenditure (whether incurred personally by organisers or directly by the Club) should be pre-approved by the Club Treasurer and, where he / she feels it necessary, also by the Club Committee.

Personal expenditure can be reclaimed on request to the Club Treasurer, who is authorised by the Club to approve such requests and arrange payment. Items for reimbursement should include date of expenditure, description and cost (unit cost / total cost). Receipts or paid invoices should be made available wherever possible, although it is recognised that this is not always appropriate. Claims should be made only after the cost has been incurred. In most circumstances there will be no pre-payment. Unless very small in volume, claims should not be back dated more than three months.

Such expenditure should be contributing to the organisation of the Club or its events and does not include any costs associated with taking part in a competitive, training or social event. Only additional costs of organisation over and above those naturally incurred in taking part should be claimed.

For example, a marshal of an InterClub Time Trial event who is pushing off early riders may claim for driving out to the event but not if they are also riding as “last man”.

Rather than attempt to legislate for every possible situation, Members are trusted to exercise common sense and integrity, and to seek guidance from the Club Treasurer if they are unsure.

Mileage rates can be claimed in accordance with current HMRC Approved Rates, which at the time of writing of this policy are:

  • Cars and vans 45p per mile
  • Motor cycles 24p per mile
  • Bicycles 20p per mile