Briercliffe 10 – 16 July 2019

Promoted for and on behalf of Cycling Time Trials – Under its rules and regulations.

Event Sec, Principal Time Keeper and Reporter: Leanne Cutler
Assistant Time Keeper: Frank Turner
Commissaire: Ethan Dynes
Prop: Paul Riley
Club TT Sec: Julian Pegg

Another bumper field of 25 riders (including 3 women, 1 substitute and 1 last minute signing) lined the road to take on the Briecliffe 10 TT. We welcomed back the King of Timekeepers, Mr Frank Turner, to check if his ‘stand in’ had been doing an OK job. ‘Passed’ was the verdict I believe.

The early evening was muggy and relatively still (but enough for a ‘fluffy push’ up the Growers) which made the riding enjoyable (arm chair punditry … should have tried harder).

The TSE train was again evident except the carriages were not coupled and the engines were chuffing independently this week. Quickest of the HNCC riders (and evening) was Mr Nick Morgan (purely on merit and nothing to do with the pink gin I am currently sipping) who stopped the watches at 22:28 – 5 sec quicker than last week. Quickest Private TT rider was Mr Jason Stuart (TSE) who recorded a 23:51. So near, yet so far was Mr Nick Hickman with a 25:01 and with an improvement of 8 seconds over his time the previous week must surely mean he will break into the solo barrier of a 24 (pink gin in 2 weeks wink wink) whilst ‘The Mouse’ is 1 second away from a 23 (could be just the tonic???). Many thanks to Mr Paul Riley (Prop) and Ethan (Commissaire – or finger counter down) for their help in running tonight’s TT.

Hitchin Nomads Competition

Men: Nick Morgan 22:28; Tom Weir 24:00; Andy Saunders 24:06;  Paul Abraham 24:55; Mark Desborough 25:24; Steve Robinson 26:13; Andrew Hardy 26:18; James Bainbridge 26:37; Brian Ruggles 26:40; Nigel Tooke 26:52; Steve Smith 28:39; Martin Scott 28:46; Mark Loosley; 29:43 Stephen Oliver; 29:50 Dave Summerell 30:20

Women: Catherine Jones 28:32; Emily Varley 29:07

Private Time Trials

Jason Stuart (TSE) 23:51; Adam Swan (Contour Cycles RT) 24:26; Keith Barton (TSE) 24:44; Sam Hayes (TSE) 24:50; Nick Hickman (TSE) 25:01; Mick Case (BRRT) 25:25; Lillie Swan (W – CCA) 27:07; Simon Doyle (TSE) 27:11

Next Events

Sunday 21st July 09:00 – Inter Club 25 on F14/25 (Guilden Morden) hosted  by CC Ashwell.  Your Club needs you!  The Nomads are currently in second place after two events in the competition and need a big mixed team (i.e. Men and Women) to maintain or improve the position.  TT Machines are not required – there will  be plenty of riders on road bikes, many of whom will score points for their Club.  Registration is on the BRCC site and closes 18:00 Thursday 18th July:

Tuesday 23rd July 19:00 – Briercliffe 10 on the “classic” 1U10 course.  To be organised by Nick Hickman (TSE) who will post a call for entries in the Club’s Facebook Group on Thursday 18th July.