Briercliffe 10 – 17 July 2018

Club Briercliffe Shield

Event Secretary, Sign On and Assistant Timekeeper – Leanne Cutler
Principal Timekeeper – Frank Turner
Props – Julian Pegg and Radu Chirvasuta
General Assistant, Entertainer – Ethan Dynes
Reporter – Brian Ruggles

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This evening was the eighth running of the Briercliffe 10 on the classic 1U/10 course in 2018.  There was a field of 19 riders and 18 bicycles.  Yes, there was a tandem entry from Messrs.  Robinson and Hayes, and yet again this didn’t lead to foul weather as was the case all last season.  There were no women or juniors looking to beat the clock this time.  They are all tapering for the Inter Club 25 on Sunday it is hoped.

It was another warm evening with temperatures of 22°C and a south-westerly breeze of around 8 miles an hour, although some riders said that it was in their face the whole ride and they did not receive any benefit from it.  However other riders had other problems – ranging from learner drivers getting in the way, saddles which were incorrectly angled or even an ant taking a free ride within a TT helmet.

Special mention of one rider who did not provide any excuses and even undertook propping duties for riders prior to his being called up to the start line.  Radu Chirvasuta has only been with Hitchin Nomads for a few years, but in that time he has mucked in, rode hard and been a real asset to the club.  However his profession is taking him up to Yorkshire, so our loss is their gain.  But before he departed to pastures new, he only went and beat his personal best on this course.

This evening’s result sheet indicates that all of the riders, apart from one, Mr Riley, made it around the course in under 30 minutes.  Mr Riley must have been suffering from what initially looked like gravel rash, but turned out to have come about after an altercation with a door.  This must have been the reason why it had added 3 seconds to his time to take him just above the magical evens.  Fastest ride of the evening went to Ryan Witchell as usual, stopping the clock at 21:56.  Seeing as I am the reporter on this evening’s event, I feel that I can indulge myself by basking in the glory of having pipped Manuel Manrique across the finish line again.  By 1 second this time.  Ahh, the taste of small victories is so good …


Hitchin Nomads Men

Ryan Witchell 21:56, Sam Hayes & Steve Robinson (tandem) 24:03; Andy Saunders 24:22, Nick Hickman 25:24, Nicholas Senechal 25:52, Chris Batt  26:07, Nigel Tooke 26:15, Brian Ruggles 26:32, Manuel Manrique 26:33, Matt Lippard 27:17, Paul Cooper 27:23, Paul Wright 28.20, Radu Chirvasuta 28:24, Paul Fletcher 28:28, Steve Smith 29:31, Olly Oxton 29:47, Paul Riley 30:03

Private Time Trials

Lindz Barral (JCA-Equipe Velo) 24:05; Mick Case (BRRT) 26:08

Next Event

Briercliffe 10 on the same course (1U/10).  Tuesday 24 July 19:00.   A call for entries via a poll on the Club’s Facebook Group will  be made on Thursday 19 July.