Briercliffe 10 – 2 July 2019

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Tuesday’s “non-aero” 10 saw a strong field of riders, both HNCC and friends, taking on the club’s well-worn 10 course in good conditions with a light breeze providing some light resistance on Growers. Certainly the best conditions that your reporter has TT’d in recently. Those brave enough to take on the non-aero challenge subjected themselves to the arcane rules of “non-aero”, eschewing aero gizmos – disc wheels, deep sections, tri bars and pointy hats – in favour of more typical road bikes. There were some older machines in the mix, including your reporter’s own ‘70s TT machine that was last seen on Boxing Day, complete with a lowest gear of 57×17, which made the climb up from Shuttleworth very fun indeed… Some of our number also chose their more usual aero rigs, and the HNCC 3-up of messrs Hickman, Robinson & Hayes (sounds like a firm of solicitors…) looked super tight as they left the start line. Fastest rider of the day was a flying Nick Morgan, posting 23:39, while Catherine and Emily fought it out in the ladies’ competition; the corporal emerging victorious. And as for your reporter? Sadly his rear tub exploded on the final corner, and he had to deliberately crash, very slowly and under control, on the verge, as he couldn’t escape from his toe-clips. Veloflex Records ain’t cheap if they only last two races. Thanks to Webby for the lift back to start.