Muddy Monsters CANCELLED – 3 March 2018

Given the current weather conditions, the forecast and in view of the risks associated with travel to the event, the condition of the course and the effect of cold and possibly wet weather on young people participating, a decision has been made to cancel the Muddy Monsters Event on Butts Close in Hitchin on Saturday 3rd March.

Nick Senechal, Hitchin Nomads Cycling Club


Club Awards for 2017

The Club Awards (trophies, medals and certificates) were made at the Annual Prize Lunch on Sunday 14th January 2018.  Madam Chairman Meliné Fletcher acted as Mistress of Ceremonies. Longstanding Club member Richard Bland made an opening address, sharing some of his experiences with the Club over many years and his thoughts on its recent development. Captain John Watson and TT Sec Nick Hickman handed out the Awards, with Chris Batt on photographic duties. The allocation of Awards was prepared by Nigel Wilson and the Committee. Roger Bamberough arranged the engraving and purchase of new trophies and medals. The complete list of winners is attached:

HNCC Awards 2017

Dave Gudgin 25 mile TT series handicaps for 2016

Reporter: Nigel Wilson

There are 4 events in the Dave Gudgin 25 Time Trial series and anyone who completes 3 of them is automatically entered for the handicap competition. This was won by Nigel Hale in 2015.  The dates are 10th May, 24th May, 7th June and 21st June.  All Tuesdays, starting at 19:00.   The course is 1U/25, the same as was used for the Club 2-up and Medium Gear events earlier in the season.

Each rider is given a “handicap time” that will be deducted from their finishing time to give a handicap result. The average of the best 3 handicap results is then taken to determine the series winner.  The trophy is huge!

Contrary to popular opinion, one’s handicap is not based on the number of pints of bitter that have been bought for Nigel Wilson over the past 12 months.  The handicaps are actually based on best performance in the event over the past 2 years. For anyone who hasn’t competed before, the handicap is based on age and gender.

Here are this year’s handicaps.  Members should contact Nigel if they would like more detail around the handicap allocated. If anyone else wants to enter then Nigel will provide a handicap.

DATE PB Forename Surname Handicap
26/05/2015 00:59:15 Gavin Ashfield 00:13:18
No time Roger Bamberough 00:22:56
No time Chris Brabrook 00:19:36
26/05/2015 01:12:46 Mark Collins 00:25:55
09/06/2015 01:07:32 James Cornell 00:21:02
09/06/2015 01:13:02 Chris Corney 00:26:10
30/06/2015 01:10:57 Leanne Cutler 00:24:14
30/06/2015 01:04:24 Mark Desborough 00:18:07
10/06/2014 01:04:06 James Gomm 00:17:50
30/06/2015 00:58:45 Nigel Hale 00:12:50
01/07/2014 01:03:23 Nick Hickman 00:17:10
No time Catherine Jones 00:26:35
30/06/2015 01:09:52 John King 00:23:07
30/06/2015 01:17:54 Mark Loosley 00:30:43
No time James McPherson 00:21:08
No time Nick Morgan 00:19:36
30/06/2015 01:19:38 Stephen Oliver 00:32:20
30/06/2015 01:04:30 Julian Pegg 00:18:12
01/07/2014 01:07:03 David Rickels 00:20:35
30/06/2015 01:09:03 Paul Riley 00:22:27
10/06/2014 01:05:04 Nick Senechal 00:18:44
10/06/2014 01:16:47 Steve Smith 00:29:40
01/07/2014 01:05:44 James Spence 00:19:22
10/06/2014 01:11:47 David Summerell 00:25:00
30/06/2015 01:07:51 Nigel Tooke 00:21:20
30/06/2015 01:05:01 Jon Traynor 00:18:41
10/06/2014 01:06:02 John Watson 00:19:38
30/06/2015 01:07:58 Nigel Wilson 00:21:27

Committee Meeting Minutes 10 February 2016

In an effort to be open and transparent regarding Committee business, decisions and actions, the draft minutes of the recent Committee Meeting are attached:

Committee Meeting Minutes 10 February 2016


The minutes of Committee meetings must be ratified by the Committee and then signed as being a true and accurate record, which procedure is enacted at the next Committee meeting. The minutes of the most recent meeting therefore are provided here for general information only, may be subject to amendment, and should not be read as being a final document.

Time Trials Calendar 2016

Reporter: Nick Hickman

A provisional calendar is now available showing Club, Interclub and Open events: HNCC TTs 2016 Calendar .  All are subject to approvals by the local CTT district and notifications to relevant police authorities.

Date for the BRCC Interclub 15 event will be added when it has been provided.

Nomads Line

The schedule is much the same as in recent years with a few minor modifications:

  • The first two and last two Tuesday evening 10s will use the popular 1U/10B “Roadworks” course that was introduced last season.  This will also be an option for any other events should circumstances require.
  • A Club 100 championship is reintroduced, with the ECCA Open event on E2/100 being nominated.
  • The late summer Saturday series has been truncated to three events on the Briercliffe 10 course.


Hitchin Nomads Cyclo-Cross Race, 1st November 2015 – Important Information

When is it?

Hitchin Nomads CC will be hosting the sixth round of the 2015-16 Central Cyclo-Cross League fixtures on Sunday November 1st 2015 at Standalone Farm, Letchworth.

What is it?

Cyclo-Cross is an off-road bike race around a marked out course, generally on grass which can get very muddy! Adult laps last approximately 7-10 mins and there are normally at least two points in a lap when riders need to dismount and run over low barriers. Children’s laps are approximately 3-5 mins on shorter courses with no hurdles or barriers.

A number of races take place throughout the day from 10am until 3pm. Males and females are split into various age categories but often race on the course at the same time.   Ages range from Under 10s (racing for 10 minutes in total), to over 50s (racing for 40 minutes in total) to senior men (racing for 1 hour in total).

Racers are allocated individual race numbers and laps are timed. The winner is the first rider to complete the most laps within the time allowed and there is prize money for the lead riders in each category.

Where is it?

The racing will take place at Standalone Farm in Letchworth. Letchworth Garden City Heritage Foundation owns the venue and they will manage parking and run the Greenway Café.

How do I join in?

Children’s races are a mixture of boys and girls using both Cyclo-Cross bikes and Mountain bikes. Adults tend to use mainly Cyclo-Cross bikes but Mountain Bikes are allowed.

There is a Novice race category for adults.   This allows anyone to try ‘Cross out for the first time in a friendly, less pressured race format.

Race entry and other details can be found at the links below.

Entry is available on the day but it is cheaper and easier of you register online. Online entry closes at 11.55pm on the Tuesday before the race. Holders of British Cycling membership will need to take their licence along on the day. Non-membership holders will need to buy a £3 day licence on the day.

If you have any queries please contact event organiser:
Simon Young ( Tel: 07584 674009

Important Reminder to Club Time Triallists

From Time Trial Secretary, Nick Hickman

With the Nomads’ TT events in now full swing, I would like to remind members of specific regulations set by CTT (the governing body in the UK for time trialling) concerning event safety.  Mostly it is all common sense, and if we keep in mind that “safety – not your performance – is the first priority”, then we are unlikely to go wrong.

Please be aware that concerns about the behaviour of cyclists have been raised from within one of the communities that our regular Tuesday evening events pass through.  In particular immediately after the “Dave Gudgin 25” on 26 May I was approached by one of the Old Warden Parish Councillors who reported that he had seen some potentially ill-judged overtaking manoeuvres around the traction engines that were steaming through the village at the same time as our event.  The Councillor is himself a keen cyclist who has stated that he “would like residents to support cycling and embrace it as part of the spectacle of life in our village”.   The feedback I have received from many of the riders indicates that they overtook safely with no fuss and indeed some felt that there had been some poor behaviour from one motorist.  However, the fact that the Councillor took the time and trouble to report this to me makes me anxious that we are careful to stay safe and not alienate the community towards our Club and to cycling in general.

The Club’s position is that it wishes for all road users (whether on a bicycle, on foot or using another mode of transport) to go about their business safely, legally and with due courtesy and respect to other users.  There has been no strong evidence of any misbehaviour by event officials, club riders or guests.  We have every right to compete, are regulated by CTT and have specific police permissions.

Below is a summary from the CTT regulations regarding conduct which must be adhered to by those competing (full set of rules and regulations available on the CTT website at ):

  1. Observance of Regulations & Behaviour

(a)           Competitors, officials, helpers or members of affiliated clubs shall not act or behave in a manner such as to give offence to the public interest or such as to bring the sport into disrepute.
(b)           The onus of ensuring the observance of Regulations governing the promotion and conduct of events shall be upon the promoting body. Any member of an affiliated club procuring or assisting in procuring a breach of the Company’s Rules and Regulations shall be deemed to have committed a breach of such Rules and Regulations, and shall be liable to disciplinary action.
(c)            When a rider is suspended from competition he may not compete in any event held under the jurisdiction of the Company during the period of suspension.

  1. Observance of the Law

All competitors in, or in the vicinity of the event, must observe the law of the land relating to road use. In particular, but without prejudice to the general principles of this Regulation, competitors must:

(a)           not ride in a manner that is unsafe either to themselves or to other road users
(b)           ride on the left-hand side of the road except for safe overtaking and when making right hand turns
(c)           conform to all traffic signs, signals and direction indicators
(d)           in making any turn before, during or after the event, ensure that it is safe to do so.

Event officials must not seek to regulate or interfere with other traffic.

Note: Where there has been an accident as a result of a competitor’s contravention of (a) above the competitor shall normally be subjected to a minimum effective period of suspension of six competitive months for a first offence and twelve months for a second offence.

  1. Reporting Accidents

If a competitor or an event official is involved in an accident in or in the vicinity of an event which either/or:

(a)           results in personal injury
(b)           involves a third party
(c)            is reported to the police

he must report the circumstances to the Event Secretary as soon as possible. The Event Secretary shall ensure that a full report is submitted to the National Secretary and the appropriate District Secretary within fourteen days of the accident. The District Secretary shall notify the National Secretary of the District Committee’s findings when its investigations into the accident have been concluded.

When a competitor is involved in an accident with a stationary vehicle, the appropriate District Committee MUST hold an investigation in accordance with Cycling Time Trials Rule 2(a) as a matter of urgency.

All accidents involving serious injury or death MUST be reported to the National Secretary immediately it is practical to do so.

I would like to be clear to all competitors that if anyone is found to not be conducting themselves in a suitable manner, especially through the villages and towards the local residents, then I will have no hesitation in disqualifying that competitor and refusing their future entry to Club events. Please also bear in mind that although in the heat of the moment it may seem tempting to overtake that slow moving car going through a village, or take a risk at a junction, anyone who is involved in an accident (which does not necessarily have to involve a third party) and found to be liable will automatically receive a 6 month suspension by the CTT from all competition.  This includes Club events, Interclub events and Open events. We have been in the fortunate position as to not have anyone suspended for many years, and personally I would like to keep it that way, so that we can all continue to participate in the sport that we love.

I look forward to a continued well attended and successful season with lots of personal bests achieved and perhaps some course records broken. The emphasis of the Club events is to push ourselves hard and form friendly rivalries with those at a similar ability, but most importantly to stay safe and have fun.