The Roadmap

Dear fellow Nomads,

You may have seen the BC guidance earlier this week indicating that Group rides of up to 15 are permissible from the 29th March. We were a little surprised by this and had expected Groups to be limited to 6 initially – much has had been the case July-Oct 2020. We are also conscious of how it might look to members of the public if we immediately gather in much larger groups from the end of this month. Our Club reputation is most important to us regardless of specific rules. We therefore will wait a week or two more and see the further details BC intend to publish on the 22nd March before confirming our approach to Club runs after the 29th March. We are likely to adopt an initially cautious approach.

We hope this is ok with all our members. Not long now though. It will be quite a celebration and release when we get to ride in groups with friends again and we hope a comfort to our members that a group ride will be waiting for you when you are ready.

Club Committee