CX Central League 2019 – R3

Central League Velobants in MK, round 3 CX in the city. Race report – a smashing day out (quite literally; I am absolutely covered in blood and bruises now). The course was good – had some nasty little climbs, some jumps, some stairs and some terrifying camber and muddy corners. Glad the weather stayed dry.

Little Cornells tore round the course; Toby came 8th in his category, Florence came 11th in her category. Get them started early, who needs school!

Next up was Ella who absolutely smashed it – 5th of the affiliated girls racing in the U16. What a legend.

Then came the men, Nick Senechal took great pleasure in smashing Brian Ruggles around the track even though he turned up late! Nick was 95th and Brian was 105th. Solid effort considering the field – 141 men in total!

Then the women – the biggest turn out for any cyclocross event ever! 163 women! I started at the back because I hadn’t signed up online… Helen Wyman also started at the back and even said goodluck to me! I climbed up 100 places to finish 63rd. It was awesome. Will definitely do again.

Shout out to Helen Ruggles who made some AMAZING cupcakes. 10/10 Will eat again. Also all the other supporters who turned out including Team trident!

Lots of love Emily x