Dave Gudgin 25 – 25 June 2019

Promoted for and on behalf of Cycling Time Trials under its rules and regulations.

Event Sec and Principal Time Keeper: Leanne Cutler
Prop: Paul Riley
Reporter: Nick Hickman (TSE)

This was the fourth and final event in the Dave Gudgin series for 2019.  The third event was cancelled two weeks ago so the final series result is the average of each rider’s best two performances on handicap, rather than three.

Hitchin Nomads Competition

Mark Desborough was fastest on scratch.  Brian Ruggles and Nigel Tooke took the 2nd and 3rd steps on the podium with just 8 seconds between them.

N.B.  handicaps for Mark Desborough and John Curtin are not available at the time of writing and will be added in later.

Dave Gudgin 2019 – Event Four

Overall Series Results

Only qualifying riders, who took part in at least two events, are listed.

For the overall competition Paul Abraham was the winner this year and so will need to clear a big space on his mantlepiece to accommodate the huge samovar trophy.  Steve Smith’s DNF at the final event spoiled any chance of his causing an upset to the bookmakers and taking the series win. He came a strong second though, having especially targeted this competition. Brian Ruggles improved at each event and so gained the third place medal.

Dave Gudgin 2019 – Complete Series Results

Next Event

19:00 Tuesday 2nd July.  Briercliffe 10.  This will incorporate a non-aero competition that was cancelled last week due to adverse weather.  By tradition if it is a warm evening the results for this event are shared afterwards over a hop-based recovery drink in the garden of the White Horse pub in Southill.